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damone_headBoston based band Damone blazed on to the scene with their debut release From The Attic in 2003. A few years later Damone find themselves hot on the heels of their newly released EP, wrapping up a tour opening for Butch Walker, getting ready to hit the road with Less Than Jake, opening a show for Bon Jovi in Boston, and finishing up their sophomore album. I guess you could say it’s all Damone, all the time. With all this going on we figured there was no chance in hell that Damone would find the time to do an interview with us. We were wrong! Drummer Dustin and bassist Vasquez were cool enough to answer our questions. The rest of the band is rounded out by Noelle on lead vocals and guitar, and Mike on lead guitar. Their live show is insane and not to be missed check them out when the Less Than Jake tour hits your town.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | January 2006

Originally Damone was  “Noelle The band” with just Noelle as a member, correct? How did the original members come together as a band?

Yeah, it was still a band, but named “Noelle” after, obviously, Noelle. The original drummer had a small recording studio in his parent’s house, and he got her to come over a lot to record vocals and guitar for a bunch of songs a friend of his was working on. So originally it was more of a spare time recording project. Eventually, it started sounding so good, they decided to put a band together. So they found a local dude to play guitar, and got Vazquez to play bass.
What are the differences between the debut CD and the upcoming second CD?

I guess the new one is a lot more diverse in style, alot more straight rock, where the debut is a lot more pop punk. We recorded over 30 new songs in the process of trying to create a new style for ourselves, and pared it down to the best 12. The new record is much more suited to the musical influences of the band as a whole, really rooted in straight, American guitar rock.
Which songs would you have liked to seen released as singles from your debut record (We love the debut!!!)?

We always thought “Up to You” would have been great. We still play that one live sometimes.

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You just finished up a tour with Butch Walker and you totally rocked the stage every night. It seems that the Butch crowd grabbed on tight to your music, do you agree? And how was the tour overall? Stand out moments?

Yeah, that was a really great match for us! He was a real pleasure to work with every night, and really made sure that he told his fans to give us a chance. Every show was awesome, but the best had to be in Atlanta, Butch’s home town. Everyone there was so cool.

Butch came out to do a cover of Lita Ford’s KISS ME DEADLY every night at the end of your set, how did that come about?

We had been goofing around with that song for a while, and Butch. being the old hair-metal head that he is, found out about it and asked us if we would like him to come on stage and sing with us in Boston. We said yeah, and he enjoyed it so much he kept doing it night after night.

What has been your most enjoyable tour to date?

To be totally honest, it was the Butch Walker tour, because it was our first tour in 2 years, and we just feel so much better as a band now, playing all the new songs and stuff, and not having to worry about ex-members ripping off this time around!

You recently opened for Bon Jovi in Boston – no pressure or anything! Out Here All Night is a definitive rock anthem so it was awesome to see it played the the perfect venue filled capacity! Was that the biggest crowd you’ve ever played to? And how was the experience?

Believe it or not, we have played to some bigger crowds! We opened for Def Leppard a few years back at Steeler Stadium in Pittsburg, and when we toured with Sum 41 in Japan a while back, we played places about that size each night. But I have to say, Bon Jovi’s audience really got into our new stuff and really gave us a chance, which was awesome. Normally at those huge shows, a lot of people just aren’t paying attention.

Damone and Fans

Laura & Vasquez

Spooky & Noelle

Will any of the songs from the EP that is out now appear on the new record?

Yes, the first 2 songs, “Out Here All Night”, and “What We Came Here For” will be on the new one.

Who was responsible for the songwriting on the EP and upcoming new album?

For the first time, all 4 of us collaborated on each song, sharing musical and lyrical duties, except for the last song on the EP “Time and Time Again”, Noelle did that whole song herself.

Tell us about the new record and when might we get a sneak peak?

It’s really awesome, we recorded the whole thing on the fly over the course of a year and a half at Noelle’s apartment, so it was produced, written, and engineered by the band. We did it exactly the way we wanted to, and feel very fortunate that Island/Def Jam decided to pick it up. It should come out in Spring 2006.

What’s your favorite place to play in the New England area?

Probably the Middle East. Good food!

What do you think the top three albums released in 2005 are (any genre):

– The Darkness “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back”
-Neil Diamond “12 Songs”
-Avenged Sevenfold “City of Evil”

Parting thoughts?

Just wanted to let all guitarists out there to go to our contest site —— and enter a chance to be in our new video and win some cool new gear! Thanks!

For more information on Damone visit their website.

Their EP can be purchased here.

Visit Damone on MySpace and tell them we sent ya!

Damone is currently gearing up to hit the road with Less Than Jake. GO CHECK THEM OUT!

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