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Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory

September 23, 2006 by  
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newfoundgloryNew Found Glory (Jordan Pundik on vocals, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klein on guitar, Cyrus Bolooki on drums, and Ian Grushka on bass) have been pleasing their fans for years and with their newly released fifth album “Coming Home” they aren’t about to disappoint anybody now.  The new songs maintain their New Found Glory signature sound while exuding a bit more of a punch emotionally.  One thing is for certain, these songs definitely tell a story, stories that we can all relate to.  The first single “It’s Not Your Fault” has been teasing fans for awhile now.  It’s definitely a highlight among the new tracks but just a taste of what “Coming Home” has to offer.  This album is by far the bands favorite to date and they have every reason to stand behind it. Working with industry royalty Thom Panunzio they were able to record this new album in a way that was different than any before.  The songs range from relationship tales of love and hope to positive melodies of dealing with losing someone you love.  Oh and for those of you crazy diehard fans, never fear – there are plenty of sing-a-long choruses that you can help them out with during their live show.

It’s hard to believe that New Found Glory has been together since 1997, when they were just teenagers. This is one of the things that set them apart from the fleeting bands of today.  They grew up together as a band and at the same time their fans grew up with them.  The songs they write shoot straight to the heart, passion, and livelihood of their fans. Having been together for as long as they have and as young as they were is the cement that keeps them together as a band, as brothers, as family.  “Coming Home” is just the latest brick in the road that New Found Glory is single-’band’edly paving for their own musical legacy.

Getting ready to head out on tour to support “Coming Home”, drummer Cyrus Bolooki took some time to chat with TWRY about the album, the band, and all things NFG.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | September 2006
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