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Jaret Reddick of Bowling For Soup

October 25, 2006 by  
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bfsmainpicWhen Bowling For Soup (Jaret Reddick on lead vocals, Chris Burney on guitar, Erik Chandler on bass, and Gary Wiseman on drums) first got together many years ago, it wasn’t about writing life-changing music and becoming the greatest band in the universe, it was about having fun and drinking all the free beer that came their way.  I guess it’s true, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Here we are over ten years later and Bowling For Soup is still cranking out fun tunes and cashing in on free beer in clubs from coast to coast. Their latest album The Great Burrito Extortion Case drops on November 7th and the band is having as much fun now as they ever have.  Pleasing the masses with their catchy riffs and sing-a-long lyrics the first single High School Never Ends is already creating quite a buzz, and really, can you think of a band with better song titles? I didn’t think you could.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | October 2006

The new album title The Great Burrito Extortion Case was not your first choice.  How did you decide to stick with it?

It was just so Random and great…We couldn’t top that one.

You wrote some of the new album with one of our favorite musicians/producers, Butch Walker; who you’ve also worked with on past albums.  Can you give us some insight on what his involvement was and how it is to work with him?  How he contributed?

We wrote two songs together this go round and recorded them with him. The song WHEN WE DIE made the album and will most likely be the second single.

The first single, High School Never Ends, is eating up radio airwaves as we speak.  You really have mastered the art of writing a song that takes up residence in a fan’s head and refuses to leave.  Is this something that you take into consideration when you’re writing-the catchy factor?  Or does that just come naturally for you?

I think its just the way I write. I obviously like hooks and melodies and simple chord changes. It’s just my thing I guess.

Can you share some of the other song titles on the new album and tell us about a few of your favorite tracks?

Epiphany – this song starts off the record and sets the SING A LONG tone
I’m Gay – A song about how music is supposed to be “happy” and “fun”
Val Kilmer – a song about how life doesn’t always turn out like we plan

Your bio says that you never really set out to “start a band and be real musicians” but several albums later here you are.  What drives you these days; it can’t still be the free beer!

Actually, that part is still nice…and it’s still fun.  You can’t beat the feeling of playing in front of people singing your songs.  It’s about the best thing in the world.

Chris was/is involved in the new Monday Night Football theme song/band.  How did this evolve and is Chris a football fan?  If so, what team does he root for?

He’s a huge sports fan. It was a dream come true for him. We were all very proud and he had a blast. He likes the Cowboys, but is just a true fan of the sport…


Pre-order the album now!

Do you still put crazy requests on your rider?  Can you give us some examples of some of your latest greats?

Oh yes…
Right now it’s a nude pic of Liz Hurley or a Slipknot poster.

BFS gets labeled as so many different styles of music and really appeals to a wide range of ages from young kids to those of us in our thirties and beyond, which is a pretty wide range when it comes to music.  What do you attribute that widespread range to?

I just feel like people relate to the lyrics and like the simplicity of it. It’s just good fun for all.

I’ve seen you guys live and you’re amazingly tight as a band.  Do you have any rules you stick to while you’re on tour to ensure this or is it just a result of having been together so long and knowing each other that well?

Definitely the latter, we know what each other are going to say before we say it…

I think that the press is sometimes pretty hard on you guys. (This is pretty funny considering your success and longevity in an industry that mass produces “disposable pop stars”).  Does it ever bug you when you read reviews calling you campy or gimmicky?  What is your reaction to that?

Reviews don’t bother me at all. If you listen and give it a chance you will like it. We are what we are and we don’t make excuses for that.

Can you give us a preview of the video for High School Never Ends or is it still top secret?

It’s a video about us going to our Class Reunion and getting revenge on bullies from our school days. It’s really funny. It has flashbacks to when we were kids and the kids look great!!! (You can now watch this video on the bands MySpace page here.)

Any parting messages to your diehards?

Be yourself…Never Give up!


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