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Hip Kitty

November 27, 2006 by  
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hkThe Band:

Jen Halverson: Lead Vocals
Mike Goncalves: Guitar
Arick Seal: Drums
Matt Anderson: Bass

How long have you been together:

Almost 5 years.

Where is the name Hip Kitty derived from?

We wanted something that said girl lead singer and people wouldn’t easily forget. It’s loud, fun and totally fitting of our sound.

What is your Website/MySpace Profile: and www.myspace/hipkitty

Tell us about Hip Kitty:


Sound best described as:

Mainstream, High energy rock.

Where can fans hear more Hip Kitty?

Buy our new Hip Kitty LIVE album. It’s available on both websites. And of course check us out on our tour!


Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, KISS, and so many others! We really are inspired by those band that have had longevity. They’ve obviously done something right to stay around for so long! Hip Kitty is here to stay baby!


Hip Kitty!

You are currently touring for an extended period of time, what can you tell people who have never seen you to make them come and check out your show?

It’s a party!! If you’re ready for a carefree fun time that’s what we’re all about on stage. We like to make the audience just as much a part of the show as us!

I always like to ask this of female fronted bands – what do you find the advantages and disadvantages to be?

Advantage….sex sells! it’s a double edge though….disadvantage…..I can sometimes get stereotyped as the dumb blond. But watch out looks can be deceiving!! I’m in control baby!

Best Gig:

I think we all have different favorite shows. I’m personally very proud of the fact that we are recognized as a favorite group that represents Walt Disney World. The mouse is pretty big ya know! Playing with acts like Tesla, Hinder, Saliva, and Default have been very cool also.

Worst Gig:

Well, anytime we get to perform is a good gig…hehe you know I’m full of crap don’t ya! The worst gig was one in which the promoter well….didn’t! none of our fans from the area knew we would be there. We packed up and went home. Safe to say we never used that guy again!

Dream tour:

To be headlining a tour of our own across the country would be the ultimate. Bon Jovi could come along and play too I guess.

What sets you band apart from other bands of today?

I think the fact that we are high energy and embracing life with our music. We’re not for playing up the depressing side of things or influencing people to do stupid things. I want our fans to come to our show ready to party and celebrate whats good in life. Relax and let go of the worlds problems. When the music starts I always say we’re in this together for the night. One family!

When you write, what comes first, the lyrics or the music?
Usually the music sets the tone for what the song will be about.

What are your thoughts on the current music industry?:

CRAZY! Sometimes good…. sometimes not so..the age of music is obviously changing….. we know that with the invention of Internet. The good points being the accessibility of music and the fact that the artist is now able to be more self sufficent. Thus, more control.

Funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on the road?

Please, I’m on the road with 3 boys – you want 1? How about a book? Once I made the mistake of telling Mike that he couldn’t embrass me while we were hanging at a mall until show time. How stupid!! He proceeded to pull his pants down and walk through the stores with his hairy ass crack for everyones viewing pleasure! I never made that mistake again!

MySpace-blessing or curse?:

I would say a blessing. I love it because it keeps us connected to the fans. I’ve gotten top meet some great people!

What does the future hold for Hip Kitty What is your ultimate goal?

We are going to take over the world!!!! Really we want to have some great hits on the radio and a long successful touring career. God willing!!

Message to your fans:

We wouldn’t be here without you!! You are our family. We thank you for letting us be a part of your world through music.

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