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Aaron Marsh of Copeland

December 5, 2006 by  
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copaCurrently finishing up their current tour with The Appleseed Cast, Owen, and Acute, Copeland (Aaron Marsh on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Bryan Laurenson on guitar, James Likeness on bass, and Jonathan Bucklew on drums) just released their third full length album “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”.  The band, recently picked up by Columbia Records, unleashed everything they had into this new album from the unique rumblings of a vibraphone to the inviting sound of strings, they left no stone unturned.  Wanting to keep the organic feel of the music, they left in the fret noise and the natural sounds encountered in the recording process.

The outcome?  An album they call “the biggest step that Copeland has ever taken in any one direction.” Going into it, they knew they would face the fact that some fans would like it, and some wouldn’t, but they didn’t feel pressured to stick to any sort of formula.  They wanted to stay true to their creative progression. They went into it with blazing guns and recorded an album that they are quite proud of. Self described as lush it’s not just the band standing behind this album, fans and critics alike are eating it up and asking for more.

Vocalist and chief songwriter Aaron Marsh sat down with TWRY to talk about their new label, their new album, and the nonstop rollercoaster of life on the road… Read more