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Mike Ruocco of Cinder Road

March 19, 2007 by  
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crmainWith a new name, a new bassist, a new guitarist, and a new record deal, the only thing that stayed the same with this band is their passion for delivering a solid rock n roll roller coaster ride for anyone willing to throw their hands up and join the ride.

Cinder Road (Mike Ruocco on vocals/guitar, Chris Shucosky on guitar/vocals, Pat Patrick on guitar/vocals, Nat Doegen on bass/vocals, and Mac Calvaresi on drums/vocals) are currently out on the Daughtry tour opening the show to sold out crowds from coast to coast. Boasting a stage presence that rivals the best of the best, this band needs to be unleashed. Remember when rock shows were actually ROCK shows? Cinder Road has brought the energy of the arena rock show back. Hallelujah!

Their debut album, SuperHuman, on EMI/Union Records, is set to be released in June. The album, produced by Marti Fredrickson, is this young band’s one way ticket to rock and roll stardom. These guys are rockstars and they don’t even know it yet. There is not one miss on this album covering all the bases from ballad to bad-ass rocker. A little something for everyone, depending on your mood. The songwriting and musicianship shine through but truly nothing speaks louder than their live performance. They deliver the goods, and if I were you, I’d place your order now.

Before their show in Boston, another sold out venue, frontman Mike Ruocco took a few moments to sit down with me and talk about the new album, the new line-up, and a day in the life of Cinder Road.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | March 2007
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Joey McIntyre

March 12, 2007 by  
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joeymac1When you think of New Kids On The Block, it’s hard to get past the visions of screaming mobs of fans and sugary pop goodness, but what happens when the madness fades? For some child stars, it’s tough to handle, but for others, it’s merely the beginning of a long, bright, career. After shedding his boyband cocoon Joey McIntyre was free to fly, and fly he fact, he’s still soaring high. He’s jumped right from teen heartthrob to releasing solo albums, to Broadway star, to television actor, to reality show favorite. I guess you could say he likes to try new things, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly be next!

He’s gearing up to hit the road promoting his fifth solo album “Talk To Me”.  This album is a compilation of old classics that he enjoyed throughout his life.  He’s recreated them and recorded them in his own unique way.  The songs span from “Come Dance With Me” to “The Way You Look Tonight”.  Joey was kind enough to take some time to talk to TWRY about the past, the future, and all things Joey Mac.

Even with all of that success and talent under his belt, it’s hard not to fall back into a screaming teen when talking to him. Let’s face it, he may have grown up, but we never said we did!!

Interviewed by: Stacie Caddick-Dowty | March 2007
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The Crayons

March 5, 2007 by  
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crayonsWhere did the name The Crayons come from?

I was looking for a name that was kind of ridiculous and meant nothing. One night in a Boston pub after a few ciders (quite a few!!), I thought The
Crayons!! Grown men calling themselves the crayons? Perfect!
How long has the band been together?

Well, there never was a band. It is really just my solo project with a revolving cast of friends helping out. I have had some great bands become crayons in the past. The Churchills, Hero Pattern, and Readymade Breakup to name a few. I have had so many great players involved, it was really a thrill to have Mike Eisenstein from Letters to Cleo and John Sands from Aimee Mann’s band become Crayons, a lot of musician’s have shown The Crayons love!!

How would you summarize the band biography?

We eat, we drink, we rock, we sleep, repeat as needed!
Sound like?:

Everything and nothing! Indie rock/ power pop!
Musical influences?:

Sooooo many!!! Here are some big ones:
The Posies, Sensefield, The Churchills, Queen, The Smiths, David Sylvian, Miracle Legion, Winter Hours, Throwing Muses & My mom’s collection of 70’s
power pop 45’s!


Ultimate goal as a band?

My goal is to keep trying to write good songs and get as many people to hear them as possible.
What is the writing process like?

I’m not very good at sitting down and writing. I usually feel a song coming and i try and catch it. Most of my “keepers” come really fast. One thing  that always freaks me out is….once i finish a song it feels like that was the last one. I wonder if you can run out?!!
Where can fans hear some Crayons music?

On Myspace of course! You can also get cd’s through:
or at our shows!

We have been getting nice radio support up here in Albany lately. So thanks to 102.7 weqx and 104.9 the edge!!!
What sets your band apart?

That’s a hard question for me to answer. I just write how I write and hope each song has it’s own thing. I have heard people refer to a “crayons chord” so that at least tells me there is some kind of crayons sound.


The Crayons – “Live and Blurry”

Best gig:

Well I suppose I would have to say the cd release party for “What color are you?” It was at The Loop Lounge in Passaic, NJ. The Churchills and Hero Pattern were also on the bill and!!!!!  The Churchills were also playing as The Crayons that night.  How can you beat that?!!!
Worst gig:

I remember this show in Baltimore – i think?  It was a place called Cafe Tattoo. We were the opening band on the bill and the only non speed metal band. I was feeling quite inadequate that day.
Upcoming gigs/what’s next?

We will be back at the aforementioned loop lounge on april 20th -we are not playing all that much because we are recording a new cd. Once again, Ron and Bart of the churchills are producing. Everything is going really well. We will have some great guests playing on it too! I am hoping for an early summer release. There are some other cool things ahead for the band and the new songs -so stay tuned!
Any last words for the fans:

I’d really like to thank everyone who has supported my music over the years.  Stop by a show or drop me a message and say hello.  Look out for the new cd!  And rock on!!!

Contact The Crayons:

Coming soon- and