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The Coming Weak

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Where did the name The Coming Weak come from?

Nathan – It’s a strange story actually.  It’s a play on words of sorts.  See, all the songs we write about, are about life, family, friends and everyone battling.  This is our way to come out of it.  We use our experiences to write and get away from it all.  And the name reflects that moving on.

How long has the band been together?

Johnathan – John and I have been best friends since we were freshmen in high school and played in several different bands together.  In 1998 we met Nathan and the three of us were in an awful pop-punk band.  So the three of us have known each other forever.
Nathan – Jeff was in FL in school.
Johnathan – Yeah, in the beginning it was just Nathan and I, really. I posted an ad on Cragslist for a guitar player, and when I went to see if my ad had posted, I saw an ad that Jeff had put up. He was, as Nathan said, in Florida at the time but moving back. I replied, we started talking via AIM, and when he moved up we got together. We then met Tim through a mutual acquaintance, and John joined on a month or so later.

Who are the composers and lyricists of the group?

Tim -Nathan primarily does the work, about 95% of it.  Of the five songs we’re playing tonight he wrote four of them, and John did the other.  Usually what happens is that someone will bring a theme or riff to the table, and then everyone adds to it. We’re a unit in that everyone builds on an idea and makes it more.  These songs are alive… they breathe!  Next month they could be different – they are always changing.

Who would you compare yourselves to? I found this list on your MySpace in a “If you like these guys, you’ll love us” type suggestion:  Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Cartel, Brand New, New Found Glory, Monty Are I, Saves the Day, Saosin and Anberlin.

Johnathan – Yeah they are definitely influences, and we might remotely resemble ALL of those bands at times, but not any one in particular.  We have elements from all of them.
Nathan – I used to play underground hip hop, so I think I bring something completely different to the table.
Johnathan – Sure, you can compare and classify us with those bands, but we don’t want to sound like any one them. We have our own unique sound.

Thoughts on the current music industry?

Nathan – I listen to old Johnny Cash.  I like music is conscious lyrics.  New bands to me all sound similar and robotic… over produced.
Johnathan – Yeah, a lot of the bands out right now sound similar.  I can think of five bands off the top of my head that, if you played me a song off one of their albums, I couldn’t tell you which band it was.  I have friends out on tour and I’ll check out the bands that they are touring with.  I don’t care if they only have four MySpace friends, I’ll give them a listen.  But, to be honest not many sound…distinct.
Nathan – We have a distinct sound, I think.
Jeff – I was talking to my friend Paul who worked for Victory Records.  Avenues for recording are much easier now.  Anyone can record and put out an EP, labels are less necessary now for merchandise, tours, etc…
Nathan – And we love MySpace!  It’s really the best outlet right now – for us and every other band out there.  It’s the best thing to happen to music in the past couple of years, I think!


If you could choose ANY band/performer to tour with, who would it be and why?

Tim – Not to sound unoriginal, but I’d say The Beatles.
Nathan – I would say Monty Are I. We’re already friends, and I think touring with friends is just so awesome.
Jeff – Saves The Day.
John – Bad Religion. They’re my favorite, they’ve been around a while, and I’m sure they could teach us a lot!
Johnathan – Probably The Clash. Wait! Can I change my answer to the Descendents?  (Nathan reveals his Joe Strummer t-shirt beneath his hoodie)
John – Dude, combine them both. The Clashcendents!

What is your ultimate goal as a band?

Nathan – To not have to work that day job.  To tour and play music and do what we love.
Tim – Definitely. As long as I can pay my bills playing music, that’s fine with me!
Johnathan – I have a fortune taped to my mirror and I see it every morning when I wake up.  It says “Doing what you love is success, loving what you do is happiness.”

What is playing in your MP3’s/CD players right now?

Nathan – Saves the Day, Jolie Holland
Tim – Cartel, Anberlin
John – Mae
Jonathan – Rory, Mermaid Avenue, Anberlin
Jeff – Hey Mercedes, Comeback Kid

Describe each other in one word…

TIM in one word –

Jonathan: The light of my life
John: electric,
Nathan: Classic
Jeff: Nice

NATHAN in one word –

Johnathan: Nathan is a pain in the ass (laughs), he has raw talent
John: creative
Tim: extreme
Jeff: enlightening

JOHN in one word –

Johnathan: He’s my hetero-life mate!
Nathan says: he’s just a musical genius
Jeff: funny
Tim: intelligent

JOHNATHAN in one word–

John: It’s kind of hard to beat hetero life mate so I’ll just say ditto!
Nathan: Brilliant!
Jeff: solid
Tim: he is gracious

JEFF in one word –

Tim: Jeff is the brains of the operation!
Nathan: he’s the backbone of the band, we didn’t want to have this band without Jeff!
Tim: wise
Johnathan: he’s sage like


What sets your band apart?

Nathan – We’re just better!  No don’t say that.

You can say that…

Nathan – Ok, we’re unique!  Heck if Jesus were alive he’d buy our album!  No don’t print that.

You can say what ever you want! What’s next for The Coming Weak?

Tim – More gigs, networking, recording…
Johnathan – Hopefully touring and following our business plan.

Any last words for the fans and soon to be fans?

Nathan – Come see us, and tell your friends.  We want our fans to be our friends – part of our family. That’s most important to us.  Check the music and trust us – if you love it, we’ll love you for it!

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