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Billy Carri

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bcmainFor starters, can you give us a brief biography on yourself and your career?

Brief..hmmm I was born, Daddy played fiddle momma sang bass…no wait. Basically it’s the same as everyone else. My dad played guitar and I thought he was the coolest guy ever. Then I saw KISS and realized Dad wasn’t the coolest guy ever! I’ve been playing since I was VERY young, got signed to a small indie in 2001 (I don’t recommend it) and just recently released my first solo disk called “The Guy In The Glass”.

For people who haven’t heard any of your music, how would you describe it, and can you compare it to any other bands?

I HATE this question! Basically it’s rock n roll, 3 chord simple rock. If you like power pop/hard pop a mix of 80s/90s and today..then check it out. If you like prog rock or grunge.. you’ll hate it.

What made you decide on a solo project?

Honestly I’m an egomaniac! HA! I just felt that I had a lot to say on my own and it wouldn’t be fair to the guys to be in a “band” situation that I dictated everything. I’ve been there done it, why split it four ways when it shouldn’t be.

You just released a new CD The Guy In The Glass, can you take us through a few of your favorite songs on the disc and tell us how they came together musically/lyrically?

I think my favorites would have to be Sleep, Goodbye Yesterday and Hello To Goodbye. All of my songs pretty much come together the same way, I wake up REALLY early or stay up REALLY late because I can’t sleep and I pick up my acoustic or sit down at the piano and pretty much just pour whatever is on my mind onto a sheet of paper. Then I bring it into rehearsal and go “here learn this” and the guys go “Oh god he’s depressed again”.


Billy Carri – The Guy In The Glass/Click image to purchase your copy now!

What is your overall feeling about the new cd?

I like it.. I’m very proud of it. If I said anything else people wouldn’t buy it! Of course there are things I’d like to have done differently now that its FINISHED! That’s just the way I ALWAYS am. As an artist I’m NEVER going to be completely happy with what I’ve done.

How would you describe the music scene in Cincinnati?

It sucks. I tour as much as I can to get away from it. If you’re in a touring band and you’re reading this..unless you’re a cover band do NOT book a show here.

What are your goals for the next few years? Ideally where do you want to see Billy Carri?

Personally I’d like to record another disk or two, get on a few more good tours and get my recording studio back up and running full time. I’m a workaholic, I’m the Gene Simmons (without the facelift and bad wig) of Cincy. I NEVER stop working. I’m always writing or answering mail or making calls etc. I’d LOVE to get back into producing bands or writing for other people. If I could get to the level that Butch Walker was at back in 2004 or 2005 I’d be stoked. I don’t want to be as big as he is now because then the demand on your time is just ridiculous. I’d rather make a comfortable living doing what I love to do than be mega rich and never have “me” time.

Favorite bands to share the stage with currently… and bands you’d love to tour with in the future?

I LOVE doing shows with FORMER from Nashville, also Generation Down from Nashville as well. We’ve done some touring with Cinder Road who I LOVE going out with, those guys are my buds and its just always such a great time when we get together. Things are going great for them right now and I’m so happy to see that. We also like touring with Project Jones, my drinkin partners! They’re another great band. Personally I’d like to tour with Bowling For Soup, Butch Walker, Mitch Allan, Fuel… any of those type bands because I’m a FAN of those bands… so umm guys.. call a brotha huh! Oh and if Waltham ever tours..I want that tour!!! Hell I’ll tech if I have to!

What influences you most (bands/people/things)?

Life and Love, plain and simple.


What made you first decide to become a musician, how were you inspired, where did it all begin?

I don’t think I “decided” to become a musician, I think it just happened. Like I said my father played and I used to go see his band so I grew up thinking that’s how it was. I thought every kid’s dad played and that’s just how the world worked. Little did I know that most of the parents thought my dad was crazy… and he was.

What’s the general songwriting process for you? How does it start and where does it end?

Typically I’ll be awake at some ungodly hour and just start putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper. There’s no real “process”. I don’t go into a special room like Nikki Sixx does and go “ok this is my writing room”. I just write when it hits me and I don’t write when it doesn’t. I don’t like to sit down and go “Ok I gotta write a song now” I don’t do the pressure writing thing, they sound fake. What I write is from the heart whether or not YOU the listener like it or not is really just an after thought. I write how I feel and to get rid of my personal issues. Sometimes it connects with people, sometimes not.

What sets you apart from other musical acts out there?

I’m honest. Its not pro tools or an Ipod playing through the song because we can’t do the harmonies or over dubbed 30 different guitar parts. It’s REAL. I’m not going to mention names but some bands we’ve played with.. ugh.. half their set is bullshit. They plug in the ipod and fake the backing vocals, piss off phony boy. With us if you hear us playing and the vocal harmonies are dead on, it’s us. If you hear us and it sounds like shit, guess what, it’s US. We were just locked in a hotel room bathroom with a “visitor” a lil too long the night before .. nevermind long story. But yeah, I think the fact that we’re honest and VERY approachable sets us apart. Some of my friends say “Billy you should be available not accessible” and you know what they’re probably right. I probably do spend too much time talking to fans and playing Dr. Ruth to their problems lol but that’s just how I am.

Thoughts on the current music scene?

Can’t STAND the music scene right now. I see all these bands who sell millions of cds and their cds are slick and sound HUGE with great harmony etc. Then I see them live and they completely suck and the singer can’t sing to save his life, but wow they look cool with their hot topic clothing and toilet bowl swirly hair dos. It’s like I’m back in the 80’s only with less talent and make up. Did that sound bitter?

Best gig?

Every Gig!

Worst gig?

Every Gig! There’s always bad and good in every show. I’m not one to complain too much about it affter its over, then you have to start looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Don’t dwell on the mistakes of the last one… SHANE! HA! Just kiddin fro ya know we love ya!


Upcoming shows?

All the shows stay up to date on the myspace. I’d say check my website but the webmaster is a massive slack ass and hasn’t updated it in forever. He sucks and is about to be fired from handling the site, anyone out there wanna take over? HA!

Message to the fans:

Just want to honestly say thank you. I know everyone always says that and if you’re reading this then you’re probably thinking.. “oh yeah whatever, you sound like everyone else” but those of you that know me can attest to this, I truly do appreciate every email, every person that attends a show, everyone that buys merch, all the street team (you guys RULE without ya life would be WAY harder). I really do love that people take time out of their busy lives and spend their hard earned money to come and see me act like a goofball onstage for an hour. I could never pay you back enough so I hope the songs are worth it….

Billy Carri Website
Billy Carri on MySpace

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