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Forrest Kline of Hellogoodbye

November 16, 2007 by  
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hgmainWhen Forrest Kline started what would go on to become Hellogoodbye, his main goal was entertaining his friends.  With the help of Jesse Kurvink who went to school with Kline the two created several pop inspired synthesized recordings that soon took on a life of their own.  Before they knew it, they were signing to Drive-Thru Records who helped them release their first full length album “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” in 2006.

Since then, the band (Forrest Kline on vocals, guitar, Jesse Kurvink on keyboards and backing vocals, Marcus Cole on bass and Chris Profeta and drums) has been touring endlessly bringing their brand of fun to their people.  They are currently out on the MySpace music tour.  Frontman and band founder Forrest Kline took some time before one of their recent shows to talk to TWRY staffer Ellen about the band, Halloween, and life on the road.

I’ve heard your first EP was released for free. What’s the story behind that?

We put it on the Internet. You could download it. I guess it was Drive Thru’s idea. We were kind of supposed to just do that, and then really quickly do a full length after. It was supposed to be like a teaser for the full length, but then we just ended up touring on it forever.

Do you feel that benefited you by starting off that way?

Yeah! I mean, it was great. It was when we hadn’t really toured much at all and nobody knew who we were. We put it out for free and I think we were sort of one of the first bands to put out a free EP. A few bands I think were doing it but I think in the beginning, some people had downloaded it just because. But now a lot of people are doing it, so people might not bother downloading it just because it’s free. But maybe for some people it was their first time hearing and since it was free they downloaded it just because.

Immediately following the release of that EP, you were on tour with some of my favorite bands (like The All-American Rejects and The Academy Is…) on different tours. It seemed like the touring never stopped. You were so new on the circuit; did you ever feel burnt out from being on the road for so long?

Yeah, all the time! *laughs* It’s cool, and its a lot of fun, I’ve been trying to enjoy it, but we all just want to go home.

What are some of your favorite parts of being on tour?

On this tour I’ve been kind of just enjoying going outside, getting off the bus and just seeing whatever’s out there, going and walking around and getting some fresh air.


The zombies of Hellogoodbye

What do you miss the most when you are on tour so much?

Basically just not being home and having the comfort of just being able to do whatever you want at any time. Being able to eat things that you like, and having the comfort of being at the place that you consider to be home. When you’re on tour, there’s just kind of this lack of freedom. Noone’s making you do anything, its just that you don’t have a lot of options so its kind of like *sigh*.

Since were still on touring, who would be your dream band to play with, and where would you want to visit on that tour?

This is a tricky question, because a lot of the people that we would pick would be a terrible show for us to actually play because it wouldn’t fit very well.

You’ve been on the Myspace Music Tour for a bit now, how has this tour been so far?

It’s been cool! I’ve been liking playing with these bands, they’re cool.

How is it different from past tours you’ve been on?

They have these MySpace terminals where kids can go on their MySpaces at the show… if you can’t wait 3 hours… or your hip top isn’t good enough.

Halloween just passed, did you celebrate the festivities at your shows?

Yes! We dressed up as “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”. I had candy at the merch table, but a girl walked up and grabbed one of the plastic pumpkins and puked in it!

After all of this touring, your full length CD was released this August. How did you find time to write and record this whole cd while practically on tour the whole time?

We went home for, like, 3 months… kind of. The only thing is that we toured in the middle of it. We went home for a month and worked on it, and then we went out on tour, and then we came back for another month. The first month was basically writing, and then the second month was recording it. It would have been nice to not to have broken it up like that. After this tour we’re supposed to go home, and just hang out at home for six months. We just have a big block.


Hellogoodbye – there is love in this band

How do you keep the creative juices flowing when you have that break in the middle of the writing/recording process?

You get home and you haven’t been able to do anything for so long that you kind of back step, but there’s a certain time when you have to make that happen, so its harder. I haven’t really sat down and done it so I don’t really know. When we went home, I had ideas layed out so it wasn’t hard.

You’re the primary songwriter, correct? How do the songs come together?

Yeah, usually it’s me and a computer.

The band just seems like fun all around! Do you portray that in your live shows also?

I don’t know! If we’re in a good mood I guess.

The blog on your official website is a lot of fun. Who’s idea was it to keep a running blog in the news section on the homepage of your website?

When I look at a bands website, and their newspage is just like “news” I don’t like it. Its like, stupid? I don’t know. I kind of hate news. I hate when you just read and its like “oh yeah, we did this. August 12th, this and that. Seventeen dollars.” Its like, who cares?

What has been the response to it?

There’s like probably seventeen or eighteen comments on the last blog. So, I guess its going pretty good.

It’s been a while since you released a full length DVD. Plans for another anytime soon?

No, there’s no plan. The first thing we want to do is just write music. But I have thought about it. I’d like to do another DVD, but just more organized. I hate it when bands have the DVDs that are just like “ohh, tour footage! Sweet!” with some random tour videos. Again, its like who cares? I want to make a script.

What do you think sets you apart from other bands out there today?

We get olive oil and vinegar with baguettes on our rider!

What can we expect to be coming up next for you guys?

We are doing this tour, then we’re going to England, and then we’re gonna go write some songs.

Any last words?

I can’t marry you. Its not you, it’s me.


Hellogoodbye Official Webpage

Hellogoodbye on MySpace

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