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Just Surrender

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How did you come up with the band name?

It actually came by accident lol we were all talking about the name ‘Surrender’ so we told our friend John about it. We told him we wanted the name to be just ‘Surrender’ and he was like “Just Surrender, that’s awesome!” So it kind of stuck.

How did the band form?

We were all friends in high school.

How long has the band been together?

Technically we have been a band since Halloween 2001 but we didn’t really take it seriously until like 2004 when most of us were done with high school (Jay almost missed his graduation ceremony!)

Any major influences?

We all have our own influences I suppose, but I do give credit to our friends in Matchbook Romance (R.I.P.). They no doubt inspired us in a big way in the beginning just being from the area and doing it on a national level.

Your new CD, “We’re In Like Sin” was released earlier this year. First of all, where did such a creative title come from?

Well Dan actually came up with it, it was a lyric in one of the songs and we thought it summed the album up. It’s cool to be bad. That’s what I get from it anyways.

The song “So Close So Alive” is one of my favorites from that CD. Can you walk me through it, lyrically and musically?

Lyrically I can’t but musically I can. We wanted a slower, more powerful, ballad-esque song that the album needed. We all put our heads together and So Close, So Alive came out. It was actually a relatively quick song to write but ended up being a favorite of mine. Funny how it works out I guess.




Who writes the lyrics for the band, and can you walk me through the creative process?

Jay and Dan share the lyrically load. When it comes to writing in our band, we all write. Someone has an idea for a part, or a song, and comes to the table with their ‘vision’ for it. Then it’s really a matter of working together to piece it all together.

You recorded a cover of the song “SexyBack” for a compilation not too long ago. How did this project come about? It must have been a ton of fun recording it, no?

We had a great time doing this, there was really no pressure. We went into it with the idea to just have fun with it and see what comes out. The whole process was really laid back and I think it translates when you listen to the song. Overall we are all very happy with what came out!

What sets Just Surrender apart from other bands out there today?

Come see us live and find out!

Currently you are on tour with Quietdrive and My American Heart. How is that tour going so far?

This tour was amazing (We are home now). Every show was great though, we made a ton of new friends as well as hanging out with some old ones! Don’t Cry Just Dance ’04!!

How has the crowd response been?

It’s been great, people were singing along at every show. Can’t really ask for too much more.




After this tour, you go overseas to play a few shows with Yellowcard. Is this your first time overseas, and if so, what are your feelings about playing these shows?

We had the most amazing time overseas! Going into it there was a lot of anticipation/apprehension just because of the fact that we were…um going to JAPAN! With Yellowcard no less! All of the shows were amazing, it was a dream come true. If you would have told me, or anyone else in the band when this band started that we were going to be going to Japan I would have laughed in your face.

Who would be your dream band to play with?

Green Day or Saves the Day

You currently have a link on your MySpace where fans can pick your set for a hometown show next month. That’s such a great idea! Where did it come from?

We just wanted to give our fans a chance to pick the songs they want to hear. Afterall that’s why we play shows right?

What is your ultimate goal as a band?

To be bigger than the Beatles – shoot for the stars I guess, right?

What would you tell people who want to play music in a band just like yourselves?

Keep at it! It isn’t the easiest thing in the world, its hard work but is, overall, very rewarding. You’re not missing anything by not going to college!


Catch Never Surrender out on tour, you can find their full list of tour dates on their MySpace page.

Just Surrender on MySpace
Just Surrender Official Website

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One Response to “Just Surrender”
  1. Chloex3 says:

    Can I just say, Just Surrender has got to be one of my ALL TIME favorite bands ?! Amazing… Not much more to say.. I listen to them literally everytime I turn on my ipod ! It’s always on shuffle, and I just go to artists and listen to all their songs [i have all CDs on it]
    Keep up the good work guys !!! \m/

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