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Ben Romans of The Click Five on The One Love

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click5bandAlthough some of us may not always remember, there are things in life that transcend music. However, this doesn’t mean that those things can not be supported hand in hand with music and the people that make it. The One Love personifies this idea. Started by Ben Romans of The Click Five and his business partners Cassie Petrey and Jade, The One Love is an project that reaches out to various charitable organizations based on the musicians, artists, producers, and fans that take part. Essentially, the more that people participate, the more that the charities involved benefit. It’s a win win all around, creating a community that everyone can be proud to be a part of.

One may wonder, with a successful band under his belt, how does Ben find the time to dedicate to this project, but it’s not about finding the time, it’s about making the time. That is the common theme throughout, we all have the power to help within us, what we do with it, is in our own hands. With the new year fast approaching, what better time to make that decision than now!

Ben recently took some time during this busy holiday season to talk to TWRY Staffer Stacie about The One Love and of course The Click Five!

Interviewed by: Stacie Caddick-Dowty | December 2007

Ben, we are talking to you today regarding a new community you are part founder in.  It’s called “The One Love” and it’s about bringing back relationships, and helping those in need.  Will you elaborate on this for us?

It’s a great opportunity for our bloggers to write about what their passions.  Everyone got into this (music) for one reason or another, and I think the hardcore fans wouldn’t mind reading about it, meanwhile getting involved with charity at the same time.

Now anyone who has already checked the website out knows that this started as the result of a “late night conversation” can you tell us what sparked this marvelous idea and what transpired to make this a reality?

Cassie and Jade and I were out after a show in Nottingham, England, and they recommended that I start blogging… and at the time I was unsure of it, but we all realized that artists can have a good amount to say, a lot more than what marketing and the media can give credit for, so the idea was planted.  Later on, after wanting to somehow start a charity with the band perhaps, that idea fused with the idea of a blogging site, and bam, the idea turned into a reality… thanks to the web wizard skills of Cassie and Jade.

Tell us a little bit about your partners Jade and Cassie…

We met way back when the band was starting to tour, and they helped the band in many ways trying to get the stuff out.  As I said, they SPECIALIZE in new media amongst other bizzare and amazing ideas, so we tried to put our heads together to create something unique, artist friendly, and passionate.

So each time a blog is clicked on, and viewed we are donating to a charity?

You got it… this makes it easy for people to get involved just by checking out what bloggers have to say.


Do you have a select list of charities that a blogger chooses from? Or does the blogger add any charity he or she wishes?

We have left the choices up to the blogger, as some charities may be close to them for one reason or another.

You’ve got Chap Stique from the Family Force 5, Tyler Hilton and others. How did these and other bloggers get involved?

Friends.  Friends through friends, and so forth and so on.  It’s a great little community.

What does one have to do to join your blogging community?  Is it open to anyone?

Contact us!  We’re interested in new bloggers, and will slowly add as we move forward.

Do you plan to get more sponsors or other donations?  What are your long term goals?

Perhaps yes.  As this is new for all of us, we only hope that it can grow into something special.  In the long term, possibilities could be fantastic, as a group of artists together could mean events, concerts, fundraisers, etc… and a whole lot of fun doing it!

On January 21st at the Bitter End in NYC, you have “The One Love” ready to rock the city.  Tell us about this upcoming show and tell us what this concert adds to your mission?

We’re looking forward to this show.  We will pick one of the charities from our site to donate to.  What’s great about this show in a musical sense, is that we’re going to have a Nashville style songwriter’s round with artists that you wouldn’t quite expect to play in that type of setting. It is focused on the song, and focused on the different artist coming together to make a unique night of music… which is another premise of The One Love, bringing together different
musicians/genres.  If you’re in NYC, come check it out!


You also have some upcoming shows with your band The Click Five with Damone in Boston at the end of January.  How did you and Damone get together?  Your fan bases aren’t exactly alike….  Was this on purpose to get people together?

The Click Five is very much looking forward to this show, as Biil’s Bar is the first venue that we EVER played… ANND Damone ROCKS!  Mike Woods is a friend of mind, and a fantastic songwriter/producer. Though our fan bases may be different, both bands share a love for crazy hooks in songs and musicianship.  I love the idea of throwing people off a little, but at the same time making folks realize that there are similar undercurrents… it wasn’t put together necessarily to get different people together, but it definitely was done on purpose to put on a hell of a show with two Boston bands!

At the recent Boston Music Awards you snagged Outstanding Pop Act, and were nominated in two other categories: Song of the Year (Jenny), and National Male Vocalist of the Year (Kyle Patrick)…You also performed. Tell us about your experience.

More than anything, it was just great to be back in Boston, we had be gone for months, and see our friends and music community.

Speaking of Kyle, how has he helped the band grow?

It’s a simple as this.  Kyle’s very passionate, very musical, and a kind person.  He shares many similar interests with the band personally and musically. We’re psyched to have him on board.

What can we expect in ‘08 from The Click Five?

We plan on returning to Asia for an awesome tour.  Meanwhile… we plan to figure out some sort of way to make some things happen on American soil… so stay posted.

Thank you Ben for speaking with us today and Good luck in ‘08 with the Click and with this great community!!

Thank you, and happy new year to you!


The One Love Official Website

The Click Five Official Website

The Click Five on MySpace

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