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Switchblade Suicide

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ssmainHow long has the band been together?

The idea for the band started 2 years ago. There’s no sadder sight than Geoff and Dennis in a cold basement by themselves. They were writing our first songs which then led to the final lineup ~ and we’ve been together for a year.

How’d you all meet? Eyes meeting across a crowded room?

Our kindred rocks spirits sought each other out in what can only be described as a mystical quest. Seriously, Dennis and Geoff worked together at a liquor store and so did Brian and Geoff at a wonderful day job. We found Matt through an ad we posted on craigslist. Check it out…

Wanted: Drummer for Real Rock Band
Guitarist and singer in late 20’s forming real rock band in the style of Guns ‘n’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Skid Row, Twisted Sister (minus the makeup). Blues based sleazy rock. This is not modern pop punk/rock, indie rock etc. If you don’t know or love any of the bands above this is not for you.  We have been writing for a couple months and have a disc’s worth of material. We are looking for a drummer in the style of Steven Adler (minus the drug addiction), AJ Pero, etc… and a bassist in the style of Blackie Lawless, Rudy Sarzo, John Paul Jones (you don’t have to be John Paul “fucking” Jones).  We are looking to practice twice a week and play out 3+ nights a month between Worcester and Boston. Heart and drive are just as important as skill. We are serious and we want to get this moving. If all works out we would like to be playing out by September and recording by the end of the year. Help us end this pop hell and usher in a new generation of rock and roll. If you’ve got “Flash and Balls,” we want to here from you.

Let’s start with the basics. For people who are hearing about Switchblade Suicide for the first time, let’s give them a little background on the band, what should they know about you?

Geoff and JJ have a strange fascination for midgets while Dennis is terrified of them (no offense to the little people of the world.) Matt however, is indifferent to them. We are just four guys who were lucky enough to grow up listening to 4 decades of rock and roll. Everyday, we do the 9-5 grind and music is the chance to escape from it all. Our primary goal is to bring hard rock to a deprived generation.

Let’s talk about the name of the band, where did it come from and what does it mean to you?

Stories suck. They don’t mean shit. It’s really just a combination of the two most frequently-used words in 80’s rock songs. You can find the words “switchblade” or “suicide” in songs by any of the hard rock bands from the 80’s.

You’re currently working on a demo, can you tell us a little about that?  How many songs will it be?

It’s a 3-song demo and the final evolution of these songs. The demo will be out early in the new year and you’ll be able to get it online, itunes, cd baby and at our shows. Or if you’re hot, we’ll just give you one… or five. We’re easy like that. Being in the studio makes playing live seem like a cakewalk. It’s extremely important to find engineers/producers who share your vision and love of the music. Recording is like microwaving a steak. It never comes out the way you want it to.


Is there any fighting when it comes down to the writing and recording process?  Do you generally agree on things during the writing process or how do things go down?

Of course we fight! Nothing good comes without a little head butting. Arguing is part of the process. Without it, the final result would be too one-sided. Our four different musical backgrounds makes our sound ours. We always keep each other in check so that no one influence becomes more dominant. Simply put, no fighting = suck music.

Can you walk us through a couple of your favorite songs and tell us about them musically and lyrically?

“One Shot” came out of sheer frustration of not having any written lyrics. “Stop Your Bitchin” is the culmination of every bad relationship we’ve ever had. These days, you hear a lot of sad, self-loathing songs and instead, we decided on writing a song that was a unilateral “F*ck You!” The idea for “Live Fast, Die Young” came off a t-shirt worn by Slash in an early promotional picture. The shirt was based on a 1958 film about the taboos of a 50’s delinquent girl with themes of broken home etc. We wanted to write a song representing issues and attitudes of youth in 2008.

You cite a lot of rock legends as your influences (GnR, Aero, Led Zep, Crue) and all of them are in the vein of dirty, gritty, straight up rock and roll.Is that how you would describe your sound? If not…how would you describe it?

We’re definitely an evolution of all those influences, plus we bring our own musical tastes and backgrounds. JJ brings some aspects of punk, Matt has a more aggressive drumming style, more like what you’d find in metal, Geoff somehow channels a Southern rock feel even though he’s from New England, and Dennis is our melodic screamer. It’s a diverse mix and is pretty explosive when you put us all together.

What would you say to critics who feel like that kind of music is dead and gone? Is rock music dead?

Fuck NO. Shitty versions of rock do die and should. The purest form never truly goes away.


What are your backgrounds as far as music goes? How long have you been playing? Did any of you have any formal training? Self-taught?

We are all self-taught with the exception of Matt, who took drumming lessons from a gay guy named Lance in Wakefield, MA.

Where do you want to see the band in a year from now?

Geoff would like to see himself inside Cameron Diaz. The rest of us would be happy with a major label tour. When it comes down to it, we want to be the next biggest hard rock band out there. Sounds ridiculous, but if your going to try, you might as well go balls out.

What do you think sets you apart from other bands of today and your thoughts on the current state of rock music?

An emphasis on quality in everything from our recording to our songwriting to our stage presence and appreciation of our audience. And our dedication to bringing back true rock.

Favorite curse word?

Can we say these for real? OK… “F*ck” gets the vote from three of us. “C*nt” from one of us. Now ladies, don’t go hatin’ on us, the “C word” can refer to men, too!

Where can people sample your music?

On our CD (songs will hit our myspace page first) or at one of our live shows. Soon they’ll get to hear us on WAAF’s Bay State Rock. We “won” airplay for being chosen “Best Up and Comers” at the 2007 Worcester Music Awards.

Upcoming gigs?

We play Ralph’s Diner in Worcester a lot. It’s like a second home, and so is the Lucky Dog Music Hall. We’re out at Dodge Street Bar & Grille and Bar pretty often, thanks to our friends, Demons Alley. Our next show is a benefit at the Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester on Jan 26th 2008. Come out if you can!

Tell our readers why they should come check you out live?

Because you get to see a straight-up rock band live, where anything can happen before it gets prepackaged and forced down your throat.

Parting words to your people:

As Henry John Heinz once said in 1876, “To do a common thing, uncommonly well, brings success.” And remember, “Every time you jerk off an angel gets its wings.”


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