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Paul “Poolie” DiGiovanni of Boys Like Girls

blgmainOn June 20th at 8pm, Boys Like Girls will premiere their new video for “Thunder” on MTV’s new show FNMTV.  Hot off of their tour supporting Avril Lavigne and gearing up for their summer co-headlining tour with Good Charlotte, its hard to imagine where the band found the time to make a new video, but they managed to sneak away for two sleepless days to get it done.

Guitarist Paul DiGiovanni gave us a call to discuss the premiere of the video, their Massachusetts roots, and their upcoming tour!

Interviewed by: Stacie Caddick-Dowty | June 2008

You’re about to debut your video for Thunder on MTV’s “FNMTV” Friday night at 8pm, Can you tell us a little bit about the video and the partnership with the show to debut it?

We recorded this video maybe a month ago in Los Angeles.  We went down there for two full days, no sleeping no resting and we did the whole video.  We did it exactly as we wanted it; we’d been planning it for a while.  It’s really awesome and really fun.  The concept is that we’re having one more night out with all our friends and doing all kinds of crazy stuff before we start touring.  As far as the show, we figured what better time to premiere the video that on this brand new show.  We’re really excited!

So the concept of FNMTV is pretty much back to classic MTV, showing video premiers in their entirety and featuring live performances, but now the viewers get to give immediate feedback via the digital world and their comments and submitted videos will be showcased that following week each time the video is played on MTV, allowing the viewers to take control.  It’ll be interesting.  How do you think your new video will be received?

I’m really hoping it’s going to be good.  The way we broke out in the beginning was we recorded a few songs before we were known at all, before we really even had a name.  Then we threw them up online and just waited for some feedback.  It was really great, it just sort of took off and we were all really surprised.  Through word of mouth is sort of how it blew up, it got pretty big for having no press and no anything at all for the first year.  So that’s how we got our legs in the beginning, and that’s how we got to where we are today.  The whole beginning was just kids who were just awesome, who told their friends and through word of mouth it just went crazy from there.  Hopefully it’ll be the same thing.  I feel like this signifies that.  I really hope it’ll be good.

Boys Like Girls - Paul

Paul Live – Photo by Mary

What do you think the highlights from FNMTV will be?  We saw Snoop Dog giving Pete and Ashley some parenting advice!

Oh man, Snoop Dog just coming off his sabbatical!  Hopefully we’ll all just have a good time, you know?

You’re debut album has been out for since August of 2006, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  Have you started work on a new album yet and what can we expect, and when?

About a year ago we started recording at my mother’s house and writing and writing.  We started demoing three complete songs that are ready to go.  We’re just going to keep hammering them out.  Martin and I are just going to keep writing and working through everything to have it as ready as it can be till we can get into the studio in a few months from now.  We’re not definite on timeframe that we’ll go into the studio.  We’re on this summer tour, and then in the fall we’ll see what happens.
Our site has something in common with BLG!

Oh yeah?  What’s that?!

We’re based out of Massachusetts!  You’ve paid homage to the state in videos in the past, how important is it to you to have that local tie in?

It’s awesome because we are all very proud of where we grew up.  This is our favorite place to be!  Whenever we get time off from touring we just love being around home and being in Boston.  In the Heroine video we were really excited to film in Boston.  Some really historic places, some scenic places, out near Logan with the planes flying overhead, we did a bit at Fenway down on Lansdowne Street and all that.  It’s a cool feeling to showcase where you grew up in one of your music videos.


You’re getting ready to go out on The Soundtrack Of Your Summer tour with Good Charlotte, Metro Station, and The Maine after being on a long tour with Avril Lavigne.  What’s the one thing you miss the most while out on tour?

Definitely, definitely, family and friends!  That, first of all, that’s a given!  It’s tough being away that long.  You’re keeping in contact and trying not to feel like you are missing out on stuff at home.  Secondly, your own bed to sleep in and your own shower to shower in everyday!  Either you can’t find a shower or it’s really disgusting. Love the lifestyle.

Speaking of “The Soundtrack Of Your Summer” tour… no Boston date?  No hometown show?

We’ll we’re playing some Mass shows but nothing IN the city.  Tsongas Arena is one of our favorite places.

Oh, you are playing Tsongas?

Yup!  Up in Lowell, which is awesome.  We played there at the KISS Jingle Ball, which we loved and we can’t wait to play there again!  We’re doing Lupo’s too, which is pretty close to Boston… so…that’ll be great.

This tour is a co-headlining tour, so will fans see a big difference in the set from the Avril tour?

Not a huge difference.  I mean we only have one album out right now.  We are definitely going to have a way bigger show on stage with some new transitions.  We’re going to spice it up a lot, probably going to throw a new song in there and possibly a new cover.  We’re going to do everything we can to make it as crazy and fun as possible because this is the “Soundtrack of OUR Summer” tour, and it’s going to be everything we want it to be.  Really.

Boys Like Girls

Bryan Live – Photo by Mary

One of your very first tours was with one of our favorite artists, Butch Walker.

Ahhh… ours too!

What did you learn from that tour?

I think at that time that was the biggest tour we had ever been on.  He is such a seasoned veteran in Rock & Roll and in general, his songwriting and everything he’s done is just incredible!  He kind of just showed up the ropes.  A lot of the tours we had been on before that were people our age and kids just blindly going into this.  We all had a great time.  He just showed us a lot of stuff.  He’s just a really cool guy, he took us under his wing.  He’s just great!

In just a short two years you’ve played small clubs, big arenas and festivals.  Which remains your favorite and why?

Oh that’s such a tough one!  I’d say at this point right now club shows.  We just did a month and a half with Avril, it was awesome, we were in love with the huge arenas.  But, sometimes when you are on a tour for that long you start to feel disconnected with venues that huge because you are much more disconnected from the fans than you are at a club show or a really small show.  On this Avril tour we did a few one off shows at 1000 seaters, 900 seaters even some 800 seaters just to do something on our days off when we had nothing to do.  Those are just so rejuvenating! You’re sweating like crazy and it’s totally loud and just jam packed shoulder to shoulder with kids jumping up and down going crazy.  That was just such a refreshing feeling.

I hear that a lot actually.  Band love to go back and do a couple small club tours or club shows and just get that connection with their audience back.

Right.  Now if you had asked me that last fall when we were doing our club tour, I’d have said arenas!  It’s just whatever is new and fresh that you haven’t done in a while.

Boys Like Girls

Martin Live – Photo by Mary


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