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Journey – Mansfield, MA

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August  2008
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
Photos by:  Mary Ouellette

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Chris Wallace of The White Tie Affair

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twtaCurrently trekking coast to coast on tour with Kill Hannah, The Medic Droid and InnerParty System, The White Tie Affair are enjoying every step of the way.  The band (Chris Wallace on vocals, Sean-P on guitar and programming, Ryan Cook on bass, Ryan Hollywood on keys and vocals and Tim McLaughlin on drums) released their album “Walk this Way” in April of this year and have been introducing themselves to willing crowds ever since, building a fanbase that can’t seem to get enough.  With a sound described as Maroon 5 on crack, their catchy songs and energy level are infectious, one song is the start of a full on additiction.

Self diagnosed as having musical A.D.D., it’s this affliction that adds to the band’s dynamic.  With sounds ranging from pop to dance to rock their album encompasses it all and offers up a little bit for even the most finicky music fan.  With each member having their own collection of influences and favorites, the album is a recipe for a full on down home dance party.  The programming mixed with the melodic flair and harmonies of the band offers up something very unique to the senses, so put on your dancing shoes and a smile, and check these guys out.

Interviewed by: Ellen Leonard | August 2008

Let’s start at the beginning. How did the band name come about? I’m sure you get asked this a lot but I swear I’m genuinely curious!

You really want to know? It’s kind of messed up, actually. I was listening to a lot of pop music, like Prince and Panic at the Disco type stuff, and I was thinking I wanted a band name that was going to stand out, but something that’s real formal sounding and something that would give me an excuse to wear dress clothes and stuff like that. Basically, I typed in a bunch of key words on Google, and eventually came up with The White Tie Affair a couple of pages in. It actually only took like twenty minutes. The headline was like “White Tie Affair, the most formal of all events” and I liked that, it has a nice ring to it. You know what’s weird? A lot of kids actually don’t realize that it’s a formal event, and they think it’s like an affair, adultery or something.
Well I instantly thought of a formal event, if it makes you feel any better! I figured you’d be sharp dressed and all!

Then you’re like nah they don’t dress up at all! We do dress up a little bit every once in a while, but we try not to go too over the top with it, because that just gets expensive.
That’s actually a good segue into my next question! My friend just saw you in Connecticut, and I am a huge Justin Timberlake fan, you guys do a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned” live, which I might recall you not wearing a shirt during, I saw this on Youtube. Where did the idea to cover this song come from?

A lot of people make fun of us and call us a pop band, calling us Justin Timberlake rip offs. So we’re like “oh yeah? We can do Justin Timberlake probably better than he can!” We used to cover a Michael Jackson song, “Billie Jean”. We just like to do upbeat and dancing songs, stuff that people know and they can get into. We like to cover songs that we like, I guess. I’d actually like to flip the script and cover a metal song next or something, one that everybody knows so they can all sing along. And also, with “Lovestoned”, I can beatbox, and so can our guitar player Sean, so we incorporate a lot of beat boxing into that song, so it’s like we’re trying to showcase a different talent that we have I guess. I don’t know how my shirt got off! I don’t know what happened with that! You know what? I think someone before the show dared me to wear no shirt underneath my hoodie! Then eventually, I was so close to the crowd, everybody kind of unzipped it. Then eventually it just came off.
Blame it on the crowd! *laughter*

*laughter* That led to a lot of fondling and things like that, it was really weird for me but whatever.
You mean you don’t get fondled often on stage?

You know what, usually my shirts on, and people don’t want to stick their hands down my pants.
That’s a bit much!

That’s what I’m sayin! It’s like “alright, I’m not a ho!”
But you’re pimpin’ your music!

That’s true. Very true. I am. I am shameless in promoting us. Even if people didn’t like my music, I try to make them like me. After shows I ask people what they thought of our band and they’ll be like “eh it was alright!”, I’ll start a conversation with them, and usually by the end of it they’ll buy a CD or take a sticker and say thanks for talking to me. I think it could go both ways, I don’t know. I think it’s fun!


Your debut album, “Walk This Way” was released a few months back and the cover has a picture of a woman’s legs wearing classic high top Chucks. Who’s idea was it to make the cover this way, and what inspired the name?

That was Sean and I. We wanted an iconic picture for our cover. We wanted something sexy, but not too sexy. We also really like shoes. So basically the idea for the cover was, we wanted any guy to look at it and go “Wow those are some sexy legs, I’d like to see the rest of that picture” then for the girls it was like “Look at those cool shoes!” I think it works both ways. You know that Rolling Stones cover where it’s like the zipper? We wanted something like that. The name of the CD is a lyric in one of our songs called “Scene Change”. The song says “Wear these clothes, walk this way, do what they say”, kind of like following everyone.  I feel like our music is something a little bit different and more of an adventure. We’re kind of saying walk this way instead of following what everybody else is doing. It’s also a great song by Aerosmith! It’s a catchy name. When you see us live, I do have scarves on my microphone too, so…

You’re like well I have nothing more to say about that!
Nah! Hinder has bras all over their mic stand!

You know what?! For the first time the other day, there were three pairs of panties thrown on stage in New York! I was like holy shit is that really panties being thrown on stage? And it was! I felt like Tom Jones for a second!
What was the recording process like?

We recorded it in LA with Matt Mahaffey, he did the Hellogoodbye record and Forever The Sickest Kid’s record. We had like a month to do it, so it was nice to have a lot of time. We actually stayed out there. Sean and I wrote “Candle” and “The Way Down” while we were recording. It was very inspirational, the recording process. We thought we had the album done, and then we started working on new stuff that we felt so better and decided to go with those. Sean and I write all the songs. We were there recording the majority of the time, it wasn’t the whole band, it was mostly just us. The rest of the band came in for the last couple of weeks. The first two weeks was just us doing preproduction and getting things squared away.
Your music is like a cross between Panic at the Disco and Metro Station. Do either of those bands influence your music at all? Who are some of your other musical influences?

I listen to a lot of Prince, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Guns N Roses, which is the curveball for that one I guess. But those are like my biggest influences. If you put all those up in one, I’d honestly say that is more of a realistic persona of The White Tie Affair.
If you had to describe your music to someone who has never heard it before, what would you say?

Maroon 5 on crack! Or maybe cocaine. Or any other drug that really hops you up. Or even a case of Red Bull!


The White Tie Affair – Walk This Way

You’re wrapping up a tour soon with Kill Hannah. What has it been like touring with them? Who would be your dream band to play with?

Dream band would be Guns N Roses reunited. The tour has been great! It’s actually the longest tour we’ve ever been on. It’s six weeks long total, and it’s been trying I guess because we now know that we can tour together for
six weeks and not kill each other, which is a big task I think! Especially with a lot of males on tour together. We really get along well, it’s cool. Kill Hannah’s really nice. They’re like veterans, they’ve been in it for a long time! Any question you’ve got, or any experience you think you’ve gone through, they’ve been through it twenty times over. The Medic Droid guys are really good friends of ours, we’ve been on tour with them before. Actually, last night, they tarred and feathered our van! They put honey all over it, then I think it’s powdered sugar, and then threw feathers all over it! It’s literally tarred and feathered! That shit is not coming off any time soon! It’s even on the door handles and shit, when I open them there’s still honey on them.
Tell me about some crazy experiences you’ve had on tour?

For me personally, we were playing two shows with Cyndi Lauper and the B-52s, as part of the True Colors tour. It’s a big gay rights tour. At the second show, I look over to my right while we’re playing on stage, and there’s Cyndi Lauper and Rosie O’Donnell watching our set! I thought that was cool! How often do you look to the right and Rosie O’Donnell is watching you and bobbing her head to your music! They watched our entire set! It made me feel weird and uncomfortable, but it was awesome. That was probably the coolest moment.
How about your fans, have they done anything to wow you? How about freak you out?

A couple of fans have made signs, it’s like a dose of what bands like The Backstreet Boys get. They’ve made us things like cakes before, which was really cool. I love it when the fans are just singing along and
are really into it, and they’re trying to get the rest of the crowd into it. As far as weird, like I said earlier, when the fans grabbed me in several areas of my body… But I don’t know, in the heat of the moment, you might do the same thing, so, I don’t know!
Heyyy! What’s your favorite thing about being on tour other then the obvious reasons? Tell me something below the surface.

Being on tour is like a free vacation, really! We stop at all the scenic outlooks. Everything that we have time to stop and see, we do like the space needle, we saw that the other day in Seattle. I’d say doing a lot of the touristy type things is probably my favorite thing so far. The obvious reasons are playing in front of people and thousands of fans, but right now it’s like all these places are new to me. I love hearing people’s accents! Especially when you go to like, New Jersey. I love how they say coffee! “You guys want some cawffeeee?” *laughter*


The video for “Mr. Right” has some pretty bizarre party going on! Can you tell me a little bit about the video and the concept?

What we did is we actually had a party. Most of those people are friends, and friends of friends. I have a friend who works for MTV so he rounded up a bunch of women and had a party. We filmed us playing the song a hundred times!  That’s pretty much what it was, us having a good time with everybody. We just wanted something crazy and risqué, and it ended up being even more risqué then I thought it would be. A lot of people say
it’s like Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” mixed with Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” Video.
It reminds me of Panic at the Disco, with the masquerade masks.

Oh yeah!  I’ll go with that! The reason we had the masks was because the girls weren’t that pretty. *laughter* we had the girls and we were like “oh this isn’t going to work out, put a mask on her!” *laughter* I’m just joking!
Completely joking! We don’t discriminate at all! The video just ended up being how it was. The budget was really small, it was barely anything, we just kind of had good people to help put it together. It was definitely fun.
Now let’s talk about your latest video, “Candle”. Tell me a little bit about the concept for that one?

It was actually the next morning! It was supposed to be a continuation after the party. Basically, the sun was coming up, and we just kept filming for the next video. I got in the car and drove down the hill. It
was really weird to drive and sing at the same time! I managed, I didn’t run into anything. I’m a really good driver. The girl in the car with me was a friend of my friend Sean’s. She’s actually a backup dancer for Beyonce!  She was on the Grammy’s and I was like “Oh my god that’s Heather!” We’re all friends. It’s really cool going through large experiences. A lot of these experiences are new for the other people so it’s good to make friends and go through these things together. The video was the first time I ever shot a video and lip-synched or anything like that. It was really awesome.
The videos on your YouTube channel are hilarious! Who’s idea what it to start those? What has been the response to them?

I think it’s been good! We like to have fun no matter what. We’ve been on some shitty tours, where there’s like two people there. Instead of being all depressed about it, we just have fun. Most of the time we’re fucking off and have nothing to do. We’re just bored, so we figured we might as well film it! Especially Sean, our guitar player, he’s a big prankster! He’s got A.D.D. worse than all of us. Most of the videos are him just doing crazy shit. I think there’s a couple of videos where he pulls his pants down and tries to hitchhike on the side of the highway, which is pretty amazing. The idea behind it was to just show the fans a different side of us. And sometimes our back side!
What are your thoughts on the current music industry?

It’s better than it’s ever been. The internet allows people like us to get discovered and not have to play a million shows to do it. Someone like Soulja Boy can put out a song on MySpace, and become world famous because of it. I think those are like the highlights, but it also creates a melting pot of music, kind of make things fast in shorter amounts of time. It’s so great. I’m for downloading music, even though I’m in the music industry, but I love the fact that if you have an iPod, you can listen to George Michael one second, then listen to Panic at the Disco another second. I love how technology has totally thrown a curve ball at the music industry that they have to recover from. It keeps everyone on their toes.
What is your ultimate goal as a band?

Just to have longevity, to keep producing albums that evolve with the fans. I’d like to say that ten years from now I’m still touring and playing music. It’s like right now I’m kind of living the dream. I could not have imagined how it would be two years ago, how it is now. I’d just love to keep doing what I’m doing.
What can we expect from The White Tie Affair in the near future?

You can expect us to be touring for the next year probably, to be a guest on a popular MTV reality show; I think it’s like the number one show on cable right now. Audrina from The Hills works at Epic Records, so she actually threw a party for us. You might expect to see us on that channel sometime soon. It should be cool, if not, that’s cool too. Actually, you know what’s fucked up? We were watching The Hills the other day, not that we all sit around and watch The Hills, and Audrina was asked what her favorite music is, and she goes “oh I listen to Alkaline Trio, Hyper
Crush, and this new band The White Tie Affair, they’re really good!” and I was like “whatttttt?! I totally name dropped that!” It felt good deep inside.
Any last words for the fans?

Don’t be afraid to come say hi to me at shows! I wonder around most of the time looking for people to talk to! Please entertain me!


The Radio Knights

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trsmainWhere did the band name come from?

I’ll never forget the moment that it came about. Greg and I were riding the train into Boston after a night in our hometown of Hingham, MA. At the time, we were called ‘Faster Faster,’ but we discovered that the name had already been taken by a techno artist in Northern California. We had been tossing replacement names around for weeks, mostly joke ones like ‘Tile’ and ‘Adult Superstore’. Greg told me that he was listening to Cannonball Adderley, a sax player during the 50s and 60s, and he had a record named ‘Radio Nights.’ He suggested we add a ‘the’ and a ‘k’ to the mix, and become The Radio Knights. I called up the rest of the band immediately to tell them Greg’s epiphany, and the rest is history!

How did the band come together?

Greg and I have been playing music together for close to ten years, since our days in grade school jazz band. We had another band before the Knights, and we made a pact way back when that we’d always rock together. Around the time our old band disbanded, we headed off to school at Berklee College of Music and didn’t miss a beat. Nicholai, our guitarist, was one of the first people that I met at school, in the practice rooms underneath our dorms. To round things out, Brian was in my first semester english class!

How long has the band actually been together?

We started playing out in late 2005, and we’ve been going at it ever since.

What sets The Radio Knights apart from other bands out there? Any influences that you think come through in your music?

A lot of people tend to pigeonhole us… they hear that we play pop music and have a pianist who sings lead, and instantly think Elton John and Billy Joel. Yes, the piano is the center of many of our songs, but we each bring our own influences into their performances. When I first started writing, I listened to a lot of U2, Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls. Nicholai is an avid Dave Matthews fan, Greg loves 60s-70s rock and roll and Brian loves Dream Theater! It sounds like it woudn’t work out at the drawing board, but each of our favorite artists are held under the umbrella of ‘pop’ music, and the result is what I like to call ‘mini-epics.’ Our influences shine through, but they create something totally different when they run together in our songs.


The Radio Knights


You released your debut EP, “Happen”, this past March. How does it feel to have it out there?

It feels amazing. ‘Happen’ took over a year to record and produce, even though it’s only an EP! It took countless rehearsals, late night studio tracking, mixing sessions and pizza runs to turn it into something we could hold, but we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Where can fans buy this EP?

It’s available online at iTunes and CD Baby, and countless other online media outlets. We also always have copies at shows, naturally!

Who writes the lyrics for the band? Are they based on personal experiences?

Most of the songs are my own, and I write both the music and lyrics. Songwriting is my outlet, my voice and my loudest tounge, and I always try to draw upon things that I know and have experienced when writing a new composition. As most songwriters are, I am fascinated by love and it’s many shades, therefore most of my material expounds on the varieties of it one can feel in their lives. I have always said that my songs are 75% true, so I can detach myself from it enough to perform it and convey the emotions effectively without getting caught up in it… even though it’s fun to cross the line every once in a while.

You are about to start a small tour down the East Coast. How will this be different from previous shows you’ve played? Are tensions high?

I can imagine that the tour will be unlike anything we’ve ever done before, just based on how we usually play just three or four shows a month. All of us get a high from performing – it’s what we do, it’s what drew us into this lifestyle in the first place – and to imagine getting that four, five, six nights in a row… oh boy, things are gonna to take place!

You have videos you post on YouTube called “vlogs”, which pretty much capture the essence of the band as a whole and show your journey together as a band. Can you tell me a little bit more about them? Whose idea was it to start these “vlogs”?

Around a year ago, we were trying to think of ways to branch out to our fans so they can get a better feel for what the Knights are all about. I had always loved filming and editing, in High School I would shoot videos with my friend for our school’s weekly broadcasts. It was only natural for me to pick up the camera again! It started out just Greg and I getting the jist of ‘vlogging,’ but now anything can happen in a Radio Knights vlog!


Check out The Radio Knigts Vlogs on YouTube


Who would be the ultimate band to play with for you?

For me personally, to play with U2 would be the ultimate life experience for me. They have inspired me not only in music, but in life, and to share a stage with them would be a dream come true.

What is your ultimate goal as a band?

To move people as much as we are able to make them move.

Describe your music in two words?


What are your thoughts on the music industry as a whole?

We’re excited! This is the most tumultuous and groundbreaking era this industry has ever known, and to be taking part – feeling the fire with all of our friends, families and fellow bands – it’s awesome. Some people say that it’s spiraling out of control, but I beg to differ. What we’re seeing now is a music revolution: there are thousands of new avenues, opportunities and areas to get into. It’s a brave new world, but it’s always going to be worth exploring.

What’s next for The Radio Knights?

After the tour, we’ll get right back to work playing more shows around New England (most likely planning another tour, as well!). We are always willing to play for new faces in new places, and we will be combing the coast looking for them. We also have a lot of new songs in tow, and would love to try them out live and see where our next studio venture will take us!

Do you have any last words?

Send your signal out!

Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick

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Journey/Heart/Cheap Trick
August 21, 2008
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

Some say that music is the real fountain of youth. The packed crowd that made the trek to catch Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA must be true believers. To find out that three of the most influential rock bands from our generation would be touring together on one bill was like opening up a candy bar and finding Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, A true world of pure imagination where everyone was a winner.

Opening the show but far from an opening act was Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick has been together since the first year of my existence, for those of you keeping track, that’s over 30 years. For a band to sustain that long is impressive, for a band to be around that long and to still rock the house, is just plain amazing, but that’s exactly what Cheap Trick did. Playing their hits from the past four generations their set was outstanding from start to finish. Guitarist Rick Nielson made the most of their short set and played as many guitars as one man possibly could while Robin Zander took off his cowboy hat only long enough to blow out the finishing notes of their hugely successful ballad “The Flame”. All four band members seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage and at this point they pretty much own it so why shouldn’t they be having a blast. The only disappointing factor was that they didn’t get to play long enough.

Next on the agenda was Heart. The sisters Wilson never disappoint and tonight was no different. Ann Wilson still has one of the most amazing voices in rock and roll, it’s timeless. The band worked their way through a star-studded set list from Barracuda to Crazy on You to Magic Man and threw in a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Going to California. Ann and Nancy Wilson will forever be praised for paving the way for women in rock and roll and after all these years they could still battle with the best of them, true legends.

For most of the crowd, the night belonged to Journey. Journey has become one of those bands whose songs have become part of our livelihood, living on in pop culture all around us, and constantly taking us back to those places in our past with the sound of one note. For a band that boasts such prolific vocals, one would think that a constant rotation of lead singers would hurt their fanbase, but such is not the case. Journey has the innate ability of finding amazing frontmen in the most unique ways, the latest being no exception to the rule. Arnel Pineda was found on YouTube of all places, bellowing his favorite Journey songs for all the world to see as part of a Journey tribute band, and see they did. When the members of Journey found themselves looking for a worthy spokesperson yet again, Pineda seemed to be the perfect fit. The fans agree. Screaming fans were knocking each other down for a chance to high five the Filipino ball of fire when he made his introduction to the stage. He engaged the crowd like a pro making eye contact, slapping hands and even serenading a lady or two, all that practicing in the mirror sure paid off tenfold.

Pineda has definitely done his share of studying the moves, mannerisms, and sound of former front man Steve Perry. He hit all the notes with ease which is no easy feat, especially when you’re jumping off of drum risers. The only thing bigger than his voice was his level of energy, racing from one side of the stage to the other and spinning and jumping all the way.  The fans were loving it and had definitely not stopped believin’. For someone who had to fill such large shoes, Pineda performed seamlessly and seemed to be enjoying himself almost as much as those in the audience.

Backing up Pineda and the foundation of the band were founding guitarist Neal Schon, Ross Valory on bass, Jonathan Cain on keys and Deen Castronovo bashing the skins. Neal Schon and his patented guitar solo grimace were tack sharp and Jonathan Cain looked ageless at the piano. Valory and Castonovo were nothing but smiles proving that this band is still having fun after all these years.

The band played a healthy mix of old hits (Separate Ways, Open Arms, Send Her My Love, Don’t Stop Believin) mixed with a few new songs (Never Walk Away, After All These Years) from their latest studio album Revelation, their first with Pineda at the helm, released in June of this year. Often times at concerts for bands who have been rocking the house for years and years the fans seem to wane during newer material, such was not the case. The crowd loved the new songs as much as the old, which had to be rewarding for Pineda.

There are few guarantees in life but I think one thing we can all agree on is that Journey is one of those bands that has a song for each and every one of us, so roll down your windows, turn it up, and sing as loud as you can – you never know who may be listening.


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Danny Stevens of The Audition

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theaudition2Danny Stevens, Ryan O’Connor, Seth Johnson,  Joe Lussa and Timmy Klepek, collectively known as The Audition have been rocking out the tunes on their sophomore album Champion all over the country on this years Warped Tour.  An instant fan-favorite, these pop-punksters have found the perfect addictive blend of rock meets pop, with catchy choruses, booty shakin’ beats, and lyrically a bit more maturity since their debut release over three years ago.

In Part III of our Warped Tour exclusive, lead singer and songwriter Danny Stevens sits down with TWRY staffer Stacie to fill her in on their latest album, rumors about the bands demise, and of course, all the hijinx that come along with Warped Tour.

Interviewed by: Stacie Caddick-Dowty | August 2008

Your album “Champion” was released in January…your first album in three years.  I have to start off by asking, why three years between albums?

Basically we just kept getting really good tours that we couldn’t turn down.  We were going to write a record in September of ’06 when we got our first UK tour.  Then we were going to work on it in February of ’07 and we got the Jack’s Mannequin tour.  Then they wanted us to do it in November of ‘07 and we ended up doing the Boys Like Girls tour. So we were like ‘oh we have other game plans right now.’ Because it was all newer fans and we felt that was more important than putting out a new record at that point.

One of the reviews I read on, is quoted to say “it was as catchy as the herpes your dorm’s slut has”.

That’s good!  I like that!

I thought you’d enjoy that.  How do you feel about reviews, be them professional or amateur?

I don’t really read reviews.  The only review I read was the Alternative Press review… because it was really good.  They gave us a 4.5 out of 5, which is unheard of!  So I read that.  Got happy about that, but that was really the only one I read.

So you don’t make a habit of reading reviews.

No, cause people have jobs to review for websites and magazines and stuff.  If they get assigned your band, and they don’t like your type of music… lets say they are into The Locusts, or harder bands like that… then they are going to give you a shitty review.  SO I try to stay away.  We listen to our fans, and people that like our band.  Not those who hate on us just because they don’t like our type of music.

Take me through a couple of your favorite tracks off the last album, what the songs represent and what inspired them?

The record is about me as a person just living life and about different things that I’ve gone through.  About this one guy going through different aspects of life.  There is falling in love.  There is heartbreak.  Pushing someone away and then regretting it.  There are songs about sex and scandalous things like that.  I wanted to write a record that reflected all areas of life and human emotion, instead of just writing ‘she broke my heart’.  I don’t think I wrote a song on the record like that, but I just wanted to put a different spin on the songs.


How do you feel about being compared to other artists out there, such as Fall Out Boy?

It’s cool man!  If you want to compare us to the biggest band out there right now.  So be it.  If it gets people’s attention?  Whatever.

You’ve toured with some amazing bands, tell us some of the greatest/hardest lessons you’ve learned on the road, and who you learned them from.

Staying sane!  Andrew McMahon taught me that!  He is one of my best friends and I look up to him immensely.  He’s been doing this since he was 17 and touring.  Watching him and seeing how he deals with things has taught me how to deal with people and press and things like that… even stage managers.  He treats everybody so well, and with such respect that it’s something that I admire and look up to.

Seems you’ve had a bit of a black cloud over your heads, with a bit of vehicle troubles… tell us what is going on, and how Warped Tour is working out for you now.

Well… It’s raining!  We’ll we couldn’t afford our bus, so Seth and I did two and a half weeks in a mini van doing acoustic shows at Warped Tour which was actually pretty awesome.  Then our van broke down, but we got the van fixed and we’re back out, the show’s have been great!  We’re doing really well on merch, which is always a plus on the Warped Tour cause it’s the only way you get paid.  The kids have really been coming out, and hanging out… it’s been great!

Why do you feel it’s important to video blog and such from the road?  Is it for your benefit or the fans?

I think it’s really for both.  I think it’s going to be cool when I done with all this twenty years down the road to look back and see all these things that I did.  With the times right now, with the MySpaces and the Facebook websites, it’s almost like you have to or else people get bored.  People want to know what is going on ALL the time, and I think MySpace is a big attributor to that. You can find anybody in the world with the click of a button.  It’s been proved to work with bands like All Time Low, where you constantly give the people what they want.  Fans feel like the KNOW the band now, even if they don’t.  They feel like they are friends with the band just from watching videos.  I remember when I was younger and I loved New Found Glory, I would always watch all the videos that they would post.  I thought it was the coolest thing.  I felt a connection with certain band members.  I definitely think it helps out with people coming to your shows, cause they feel like they know you, and they feel like they are a part of something!

Speaking of the fans… some conversation is going on regarding a rumor of a breakup.  Would you like to respond to that rumor?

With us?  Hell no!  Definitely not!

Pranks seem to be a big part of life on the road.  Take us through one of your favorite pranks!

We haven’t done any in a while.  The best thing we ever did was with a band called Aiden, they are Goth-Punk you know with the black and the eye makeup, and they hate God.  When we were on tour with them, they had a black van and a black trailer.  We took white shoe polish and wrote the Jesus Fish and “God Squad” and “We *heart* Jesus” and “Jesus Saves”.  Then we got a gallon tub of Vaseline and vaselined the entire van, the handles and the entire trailer.  I think they said it took them six hours to get the thing clean, and a month later they were like “we’re still finding Vaseline!”


The Audition – Champion

Danny I hear you love Jason Mraz?

I love Jason Mraz!

Do you have his latest album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things”?

Heck yeah!

Which of his albums is your favorite and what do you love about him?

I really really like Mr A-Z.  I think this new one is my favorite because it’s just so fucking good.  It’s weird because the other dudes in the band weren’t big Jason Mraz fans and they started listening to that while I was driving.  So they be listening and be like “Damn, this is really good!” then went back and started listening to the other stuff.  But, I think Mr. A-Z is my favorite because it’s so eclectic, and he has so many different styles.  He’s got a salsa song, he’s got strait pop songs, and he’s got a ballad!

He’s an amazing wordsmith!

He really is.

Do you have any special plans while you are on Warped to rub shoulders with anyone in particular?  Or is there any particular band you are excited to see perform?

I’ve been hanging out with Matt from Relient K a lot.  All Time Low are like our best buddies.  Say Anything… it’s easy to hang out with people on this tour, because every one is all together, all the time, all day long, everyday!  It’s not like I’m going to say “Hey I’m going to see what this one is up to…” because I don’t know them, or want to be their friend.

In closing we’re making a summer mixtape from the bands on Warped.  We’d like you to nominate a song, from any other band but your own, to go into the mix.

Ummmm… I’m going to have to say The Avett Brothers either the Ballad of Love and Hate or Salina.


The Audition – Warm Me Up

The Audition on MySpace
The official website of The Audition


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skfrontSlipknot – Mayhem Festival
August 16, 2008
Hartford, CT

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by:  Antonio Marino Jr.

It’s not everyday that a concert starts with a clown pushing a fellow band mate onto the stage in a wheelchair. Then again few things about Slipknot can be used to compare them to other bands. Sure, other bands have worn masks and make-up and because of that it would be easy to discount Slipknot as just another shock-rock act. What sets Slipknot apart is that unlike their masked predecessors you never get the idea that the “act” is done tongue in cheek. There’s a sense of expecting the unexpected at a Slipknot show. There is no script. So anything can happen. In fact, when Shawn (Clown) wheels Sid on to the stage it’s not a gag. Sid has two broken feet – injuries suffered the first night of the Mayhem Festival/Tour.

With Sid in place behind his turntable, guitarists Mick Thomson and Jim Root usher in the chaos with the opening notes of “Surfacing” and then tear through “The Blister Exists” and “Get This”, all in rapid fire succession. For the next hour the 9 Iowans evenly tap into their 3 studio releases. Stopping, only long enough, to let front man Corey Taylor catch his breath and inform the crowd that Sid isn’t the only wounded member of the posse. It turns out that 3 days earlier drummer Joey Jorgenson had broke his ankle (an injury that would force the band to cancel their European tour.) but if it weren’t for Corey making mention of it, there’s no way anyone would have known. Even with 3 broken limbs the band has never sounded better; raw, tight and inspired.

Visually the band looses a little of its animals-running-free-through-the-zoo nature with Sid’s injury. When healthy, he seems to channel into the psyche of a crazed Orangutans hell bent on killing itself or anyone in its way. One can only hope that a healed Sid will see him swinging from the keg/percussion risers once again.

Mayhem Festival - Slipknot Mayhem Festival - Slipknot

The inclusion of their latest single, “Psychosocial”, fits seamlessly between “Disasterpiece” and “The Heretic Anthem”. The fact that the crowd sings along to a song that is on a CD that wouldn’t even be released until 10 days after the show is testament to the loyalty of their fan base. A fan base built on word of mouth and endless touring. Slipknot has never been a fad or radio-friendly band so the Maggots (as their fans are known) afford them the luxury of playing whatever they want. They can get away with dusting off a song like “Prosthetic” and not playing the more popular “Wait and Bleed”.

The set draws to a conclusion with their anthem to the disenfranchised; “People = Shit”. For their encore they choose “(sic)”. Complete with a levitating drum set and exploding backdrop it serves as the perfect end to an hour of musical chaos.

Once again Slipknot proved why they are the Kings of the Nu-American Metal scene. Hell, it’s hard to think of another band -period- that can stand toe to toe with Slipknot. Musically, they are unique to the point that it’s impossible to think of a musical sibling. They are a Heavy Metal Tom Waits. Visually, it’s as if G.G. Allin and KISS (circa 1974) mated…and had 9 really messed up kids. They take something that could very easily come across as hokey and they make complete sense of it – even to someone who thought they’d seen it all.


Check out TWRY’s Slipknot Live Photo Gallery here.
Slipknots new album All Hope Is Gone dropped on Tuesday August 26th.

Good Charlotte – Lowell, MA

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Good Charlotte
Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour
August  15, 2008
Tsongas Arena – Lowell, MA
Photos by:  Mary Ouellette

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Electric Six

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e6Electric Six
August 15, 2008
Rocks On Concert Cruise – Boston, MA

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Sally Feller

What sounds better than a concert on a ship in the Boston Harbor? An Electric Six concert on a ship in the Boston Harbor during a crazy thunderstorm.

Electric Six is a Detroit-based band that mixes genres like hicks mix relatives. I was nearly certain that I could categorize them as a new spin on glam rock, then I second-guessed myself and called them disco, then kind of dance-punk. Clearly, my attempts to nail down the Electric Six sound failed miserably. I can say with confidence that they’re a riot and provide an alluring change from the indie rock norm.

I can’t say they were fun to see as I couldn’t stay in my spot in the front of the stage for long for fear of being drowned in the waterfalls of beer being sloshed on me. And if you’re not up against the “stage” on this boat, you’re not going to see a thing. If you wanted to just party with your friends on a boat and hear great music, it would be perfect—however, if you want to actually see the band perform, you’ll be out of luck unless you’re a large, intimidating guy with a lot of beer in him. Also, a moral to this tale: if you are on a boat, and you’re drinking, and there are significant waves, do not overcompensate by leaning into the motion of the waves as you will fall over and spill your expensive beer and you will be sad.

I recommend that you check out some of the Electric Six videos as they’re strange, hilarious, and wildly entertaining. You’ve likely heard the song “Gay Bar” before and its video won’t disappoint. From what I can tell, the guys gave a fabulous performance, they sounded great at least, and are definitely worth checking out as they continue their tour.

I might also add that opening for Electric Six was the “heavy metal Bee Gees cover band” Tragedy. I freely admit that I am a Bee Gees fan and these guys are as crazy as their description implies–it was fun to see people head bang to “Night Fever”…crazy.


Electric Six Website

Boys Like Girls – Lowell, MA

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Boys Like Girls
Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour
August  15, 2008
Tsongas Arena – Lowell, MA
Photos by:  Mary Ouellette

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Slipknot – Mayhem Festival 2008

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Mayhem Festival 2008
August  2008
Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA
Photos by:  Mary Ouellette

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