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Electric Six

August 15, 2008 by  
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e6Electric Six
August 15, 2008
Rocks On Concert Cruise – Boston, MA

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Sally Feller

What sounds better than a concert on a ship in the Boston Harbor? An Electric Six concert on a ship in the Boston Harbor during a crazy thunderstorm.

Electric Six is a Detroit-based band that mixes genres like hicks mix relatives. I was nearly certain that I could categorize them as a new spin on glam rock, then I second-guessed myself and called them disco, then kind of dance-punk. Clearly, my attempts to nail down the Electric Six sound failed miserably. I can say with confidence that they’re a riot and provide an alluring change from the indie rock norm.

I can’t say they were fun to see as I couldn’t stay in my spot in the front of the stage for long for fear of being drowned in the waterfalls of beer being sloshed on me. And if you’re not up against the “stage” on this boat, you’re not going to see a thing. If you wanted to just party with your friends on a boat and hear great music, it would be perfect—however, if you want to actually see the band perform, you’ll be out of luck unless you’re a large, intimidating guy with a lot of beer in him. Also, a moral to this tale: if you are on a boat, and you’re drinking, and there are significant waves, do not overcompensate by leaning into the motion of the waves as you will fall over and spill your expensive beer and you will be sad.

I recommend that you check out some of the Electric Six videos as they’re strange, hilarious, and wildly entertaining. You’ve likely heard the song “Gay Bar” before and its video won’t disappoint. From what I can tell, the guys gave a fabulous performance, they sounded great at least, and are definitely worth checking out as they continue their tour.

I might also add that opening for Electric Six was the “heavy metal Bee Gees cover band” Tragedy. I freely admit that I am a Bee Gees fan and these guys are as crazy as their description implies–it was fun to see people head bang to “Night Fever”…crazy.


Electric Six Website

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