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How did the two of you meet and come together to form “Under”?

Jen: We met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. From the first note…
How would you describe your music?

Jen: It’s very moody and mellow. Like a cloudy day, but in a good way – I hope.
Eamonn: Someone described it as pop noir – which I like.

Your song “Under” was featured on an episode of “Ugly Betty,” as well as the CBS show “Moonlight” (which has since been cancelled since I was the only viewer!) How did that come about?

Jen: We had the pleasure of working with Morgan Page, who did a fantastic remix of ‘Under’. It was through him and his amazing manager that we were able to get these spots on TV.
Eamonn: We’re both fascinated with the combination of music and visuals and we’d like to really explore that in the future. Plus it really gets people interested in your music that wouldn’t normally hear it. It’s surreally cool to hear your song being played as the heroine stares into the mirror, torn between her vampire lover and her non-vampire fiancé.

How does your writing process normally work?

Jen: There is nothing contrived about it. It just sort of ‘happens’. Usually Eamonn and I email tracks back and forth late at night and add to the other’s idea. Luckily we are blinded by love for each other’s songs so this works.
Eamonn: We both have little recording set ups at home. Most of the work happens late at night. Sometimes Jen comes up with a complete song, sometimes I help finish something, sometimes she takes something I’ve come up with and works her magic with it.


You’re currently working on your first album “More Pleasant Grey.” Any idea when that will be released?

Jen: It will be released this spring.

What can people expect from the new album? Any guest musicians helping out?

Jen: I am hoping each person has their own experience and interpretation of the record. I don’t want to put ideas in their heads. In a way the record is an expression of the past few years of my life/our lives, but I would love it to become the listener’s own expressions instead. Because of this I’ll say, don’t expect anything – just go from your first listen.
Eamonn: I think it’s an honest representation of who we are. We tried to stretch, keep things new and explorative. We had some great people help us out including Milosh and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud.

Any hope for your fans that you’ll go on tour in the near future?

Eamonn: Yes. We are going to start out with some west coast dates first and hopefully expand on that.

Speaking of touring, who would be your dream band to go on tour with?

Jen: Since we are dreaming, I suppose Radiohead for the genius, Kruder and Dorfmeister or De La Soul, for the kick-ass time we’d have, or maybe Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn because I can’t imagine what that would be like (if he weren’t dead).
Eamonn: Air.

The music scene in San Francisco seems ideal for your sound. I’m thinking of bands like “Devics” who are successful there due to their ethereal sound. Do you think San Francisco appreciates what they have and that “Under” will be well received elsewhere?

Jen: Thank you! I hope we are well received here. As far as appreciating what they have, I’m not sure how to answer that. Mostly I think they do, otherwise they wouldn’t try and park for 45 minutes each night after work. It must be worth it! I think we could work in any city actually – providing it’s the right venue. I think there is a time and place for our sound – perhaps after a night out, or while enjoying a smoke on your stoop in the rain, these are the more obvious choices. But in reality, I think anywhere where alcohol is served will do.
Eamonn: We kinda just do our own thing and hope people like it.

What are you currently listening to that you can’t get enough of?

Jen: The Pakistani house music on Pandora. For real.
Eamonn: De La Soul – The Grind Date.

Is there anything you’d like “They Will Rock You” readers to know?

Jen: We aren’t as serious as our music makes us out to be. We are actually sarcastic bastards.
Eamonn: That we are not really going to rock you. Unless it’s rock you to sleep.


Keep an eye out for the upcoming album and, if you’re in California, check their myspace page for upcoming tour information.

George Lynch of Souls of We

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sowbandMeet Souls of We, the latest brainchild from guitar great George Lynch. When George Lynch puts together a band, he takes the time to get it right. It took him five years to put the final pieces together on his latest project, but the result, Let the Truth be Known, is a modern rock album that combines the musical genuis of Lynch with London Legrand’s (Brides of Destruction) unique lyric stylings.

The two hit it off immediately when they met years ago but unfortunately other commitments kept them from working together at the time. Both going their separate ways they met up again a few years later and the timing fell into place. They headed into Lynch’s studio and the rest is history. Rounding out the band is Johny Chow (Systematic, Fireball Ministry) on bass and Yael (Tom Morello, Alex Skolnick) on drums. The album also boasts a bevy of guest appearances including an all star list of drummers including Morgan Rose of Sevendust and Mike Wengren of Disturbed.

George recently dialed in to TWRY to talk to us about the making of the album, how the band fell into place and his thoughts on music and guitar icons through the years.

Interviewed by: Mary Ouellette | January 2009

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