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Ace Enders & a Million Different People – When I Hit the Ground

February 5, 2009 by  
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Ace Enders & a Million Different People
When I Hit the Ground
Drive-Thru/Vagrant Records

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Justin

I was able to get hooked up to the advanced promotional stream from Vagrant Records to check out Ace Enders & A Million Different People’s upcoming album “When I Hit The Ground” that is scheduled to be released on March 17th.  Having not been too familiar with his solo work or what he did as the frontman in The Early November, I was looking forward to checking this out… something completely new to me!

A little history for those (like me) who are new to his music: This is Ace’s new band which was named after one of his favorite songs, “Bittersweet Symphony,” which he also covered in December for VH1’s Save The Music Foundation.  Great choice of a cover, so I know the man has good taste!

I ended up really digging the opening track “Reintroduction”, which starts out as a slower song.  Right when I was thinking that it was an odd track to have as the first song of the album, the triangle or train bell at 1:25 changes up the song, and another 21 seconds later, it kicks in and ROCKS!  Now THIS is much better (even if a slightly ADD-addled track), and my premature sqawks have been silenced!  This is a song of surrender; I like the line “I’ve been a ghost for the best eight years of my life”, because who hasn’t felt that way at times?

The album has depth throughout, instead of other bands that put all the best tracks at the beginning of the album and filler for the rest.  My favorite tracks were actually toward the end of the album.  There were several highlights on the album for me, tracks like “When I Hit The Ground” (the title track, a ballad that will satisfy fans and radio execs alike) and “New Guitar” (a short acoustic song, reminding me of “Acoustic #3” by Goo Goo Dolls) for starters.

I REALLY like track 9 (“Over This“), an excellent piece of songwriting:

“We need to think that our hearts beat louder than shotguns sing
And we need to feel that our minds work harder than factory wheels
And we need to know that we’re worth much more than a credit score
Yeah we need to know, yeah we need to know”

That’s one thing I learned from this album, he’s an excellent songwriter.  My favorite song on the entire album is “Bring Back Love”, which has a lot of potential to be a song that will last long after the album is released, in this listener’s opinion.  I don’t want to call it an “anthem” or put expectations like that on any song, but it’s a song of hope about how he wants to see the world in 2020.  We’re going through some difficult times now, and this song seems to cut through the heart of our world.  I can tell right away when I hear a song that might not be the “standout track” on an album the first few listens through, but I know that it will be the track that grows on me and sticks with me the most, even years after I hear it.  THIS IS THAT TRACK.

Ace told a crowd at New York’s Blender Theatre in November “when I started, I said I wanted to make music that changed the world.” That’s a big task for any artist to undertake, but he certainly has that potential.  This is a great album by an artist that apparently works hard and is always on the go when it comes to music.  I like this post on his page:  “He never stops does he? I like it that way.”


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