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How did you all come together to form “Volunteers”?

Volunteers have been around in different formations for at least four years, but this seems to be the definitive line up. The group has always had singer/producer Dan Goddard and is currently backed up by John Cave guitar/keys/backing vox, Dave Smith bass/backing vox, and Joe Spinnela drums/backing vox. John joined about two years ago and has been friends with Dave since 2000 when they met at college (conservatory of music at Cincinnati) and Dave volunteered for the job starting last October. Joe was the original drummer but left for several years only to return in late 2008.

Is there any special reason you chose your band name?

We are all Volunteers in some way (not slaves), and it works well with the NYC scene which has a rotating cast of sick musicians. Plus c’mon the name rolls well off the tongue.

What are the highlights and challenges of being a rock band in Brooklyn?

They are kind of one in the same in that there are tons of amazing bands based in Brooklyn/NYC so to stand out you really have to be fantastic. That being said there are so many other great people to work with so it keeps the creative fire burning.
Another minus to being here is that on any given day there are a million great shows to check out so people tend to be a little jadded when they come out… People in Allentown PA go crazy when they hear a great band, and here everyone acts too cool to have a good time.
Honestly though having lived around the country there is no where else we would rather be to do what we are doing.


Volunteers – Spectrophilia

What’s the best venue and band you’ve played with so far in your career?

As stated earlier this line up is fairly new, but our favorite venues thus far have to be Highline Ballroom and Mercury Lounge in NYC and Middle East in Boston… Very cool venues and if you aren’t familiar you should def should be. We are also looking forward to SXSW this week, Cannabis Cup in November, and at least 6 weeks of touring we are setting up over the summer.

What are your songwriting inspirations?


What is your favorite song to play live and what gets the crowd most amped up?

There are so many… We enjoy playing all of our songs or we wouldn’t play them anymore. Our fans seem to like “FckmyGhst”, “Rock and Roll Will Kill You”, and “HoogaBooga”… but who knows.

You’re playing SXSW this year; what are you most excited about? And which bands are you psyched to meet?

We are mostly stoked to get out of the cold Northeast and visit some old friends down in Texas. We are looking forward to seeing so many great performances it would be unfair to name only a couple, but for sure all the bands that we are sharing showcases with, and some of the bands that we are personally friends with.

Let’s say you could ask anyone in the world to come to contribute on your next album (and they were to give an enthusiastic “yes!” response), who would you choose?

We have been bouncing the idea of getting Alex Lifeson (Rush) to appear on a track or two on our next album which we are formulating now. Although our music is simple the band is composed of damn solid musicians so hopefully he would get the irony of him appearing on a cut or two… In fact on occasion we pull out “Tom Sawyer” as an encore for our fans just to melt brains.

Anything else you want to add for TWRY readers?

Feel free to reach out to us directly on Facebook, Myspace, etc as we are always looking to meet more cool people, and keep reading TWRY!


Upcoming shows:
Apr 3 2009 Blackstone Providence, Rhode Island
Apr 4 2009 South Street Stage Waterbury, Connecticut
Apr 17 2009 Hanger 84 w/Lights Resolve Vineland, New Jersey
Apr 18 2009 Broadway w/Lights Resolve Amityville, New York
Jun 13 2009 Red Star – S.E.G. Presents Showcase Brooklyn, New York
Jun 13 2009 Red Star – S.E.G. Presents Showcase Brooklyn, New York
Nov 20 2009 English Breakfast Radio Show 99.4 Amsterdam, NL, Zuid-Holland
Nov 22 2009 Cannabis Cup!!! 2009 Nov 22-26 times TBA Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland

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