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Glen Power of The Script

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scriptThe Script, the trio from Dublin, have poised themselves for their musical invasion of the United States.  Opening the show for Paul McCartney later this month at Citi Field in New York, the band couldn’t be more excited.

The band (Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power) collectively fell in love with music at very young ages and used it as a form of escapism from their less than stellar surroundings.  Now, with their self-titled debut album  their belts the band has been able to let the rest of us in on their getaway via their lush lyrics and tales of love, loss and survival.  While we may all come from different places, affairs of the heart affect us all the same and The Script have had their own share of heartache.

Melding the sounds of “Celtic Soul” with their own brand of rock meets R and B meets pop in a blender, The Script most definitely has their own unique style.   But don’t take our word for it, hear it for yourself check out the band on their very first US headlining tour with Parachute that starts on July 30th.

Recently drummer Glen Power took some time to talk to us about the band, their global appeal, and the songwriting process for the trio.

Interviewed by:  Mary Ouellette | July  2009

You’ve had a lot of success in England and Ireland and are now working on that same success here in the States, can you tell us what it’s been like so far and the major differences between the different regions as far as the music industry goes?

Luckily for us, when we play the reaction is much the same all around the world. Unless the audience doesn’t know who we are, like when we supporting Adele in America. But within two songs they were totally into it, you can actually see an audience sizing you up while you are performing to them. So in general, it’s been pretty much the same around the world audience-wise for us.

To answer what it’s been like so far, it’s been amazing! We always say it but you can’t dream dreams like this. We really are living the dream. We’ve all worked for many years trying in so many different ways to get somewhere so to have gotten to the point where we are supporting Take That in Croke Park in Dublin Ireland to 80,000 people and then supporting U2 in Croke Park, followed with supporting Paul McCartney in America! We really are living the dream! It’s sometimes like being in the eye of this great big tornado.

Can you tell us a little bit about growing up where you did and how music inspired you/the path you followed to become a musician?
I grew up in Dublin. My Dad is a singer and my two uncles are in music management so I had a lot of music around me growing up as a kid. Playing drums was something that came to me very easily. I studied under three different teachers after my dad encouraged me to learn the right way and know what I was doing! It really paid off, because I learned a lot in a short space of time and through my Dad I was able to get out there and play gigs from the age of sixteen. I wouldn’t even know the band I was playing with, I would meet them in the car park and they would show me their set list and I’d go in there and just go for it! I was very inspired by Phil Collins, Stuart Copeland and Dave Weckl. And U2 really inspired me to be in a band and live the dream.

Watch the video for “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script:

Mark has said that growing up music was a way of breaking away from the bad things going around him and it was his way out. Was this the driving force for all of you?

No, the driving force for me was having a dream and going after it. I dreamed for years of being in a band and traveling the world and now I am doing that, thank God!

There’s pretty much a potluck of styles used to describe your sound – everything from “Celtic Soul”, hip hop lyic flow, pop melodies and RnB production – that’s a lot of different music styles infused into one, do you think it’s a good representation of who you are musically?
Yes! Though I think we are more a product of the Internet generation, we are not loyal to any genre in particular, we just love great songs and that’s what we gravitate towards all the time.

You’ve attributed a lot of your soul to your Irish heritage, can you explain that to us?
Irish people are story tellers, we grow up with stories all around us, in our history, in our families and in our local pubs where there’s always someone pulling out a guitar and singing a song! So in many ways we’ve picked up that story telling nature.

Debut Album from The Script

Debut Album from The Script

Danny and Mark originally weren’t interested in the band concept and were writing music for other people, and then you came along. What was it about you that made the three of you want to be a band vs. what you had been doing?

My sense of humor and my rhythmic genius!!!

You’ve described your songs as each one being a journey, can you tell us what you mean by that?

Each song takes you through an emotion. We really try to make the listener feel the emotion in the song and I think that’s what people are really connecting to. We deal with the big themes of the heart – Love, Loss, Heartache! So we try to take the listener on a journey and resonate that emotion within them that we feel while we perform/write it.

Obviously your musical tastes are quite eclectic – due to that diversity is there ever any internal struggles when it comes to songwriting regarding the musical direction of the songs?
We all move toward great songs. We all have the same sense of what that is, so there is never really any infighting because when something is hot, its hot, so we pretty much chase down a great idea for as long as we can and if there is gold to be found we find it. We have a lot of little nuggets lying around that we are dying to get into the studio and have a go at!

You’ve secured the opening spot for the Paul McCartney show at Citifield in NY. Were you big Beatles fans growing up and what does this experience mean to you?

Yes we were big Beatles fans when we were growing up, who wasn’t?!!! It is such an amazing thing to get a chance to grace the same stage as Paul McCartney, we really can’t believe it. Hopefully we’ll get to meet him. This experience shows us how far we have come and how confident we have become as a band since our first gigs back in The Sugar Club in Dublin when we were playing to only seventy people!

In closing, what do you want people to take away from your music?
Honestly and passion. And a sense of togetherness, to know that we are all the same and that we’ve all been there and maybe by hearing one of our songs and identifying with one of the songs they will come away feeling that.


For more info on the band visit their official Website

The Script on Myspace

Catch The Script on tour (With Parachute Supporting):

30 Jul 2009 – Crocodile Cafe – Seattle, Washington
31 Jul 2009 – Hawthorne – Portland, Oregon
1 Aug 2009 – Great American Music Hall – San Fransicso, California
2 Aug 2009- -Epicentre – San Diego, California
5 Aug 2009  – El Rey – Los Angeles, California
7 Aug 2009 – Fubar – St Louis, Missouri
8 Aug 2009 – Triple Rock – Minneapolis, Minnesota
9 Aug 2009 – Martyrs – Chicago, Illinois
11 Aug 2009 – World Cafe – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 Aug 2009 – Paradise Rock – Club Boston, Massachusetts
13 Aug 2009 – Webster Hall – New York, New York
15 Aug 2009 – Piedmont Park – Atlanta, Georgia *supporting Paul McCartney
16 Aug 2009 – Cats Cradle – Carborro, North Carolina
17 Aug 2009 – Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington DC, Washington DC
19 Aug 2009 – Dallas Cowboys Stadium – Dallas, Texas *supporting Paul McCartney

The Script on Myspace:
Official site:

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  1. Emma says:

    OMG I Love Glan Power He Is The best Drummer
    Ever I Wish HE Cud Teach Me How To PLay The Drums because
    every day i sit at home and mess about playing
    And dont even really know how to play them .

  2. Meee__ says:

    Me too Emma, I just mess about with beats but thats how it all starts. I remember Glen when u told me how u first got into the drums on kyte… will never 4get! lol



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