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The Second Advance

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thesecondadvance1The Second Advance

Meet The Band:
Brett – Guitar/Vocals

Dan – Bass
Chad – Drums

Location:  Danbury, CT

Let’s start with the basics, you’re based out of CT, how and when did you guys find each other and come together as a band?
In 2007 we found Brett naked and curled up in a balling the middle of a field after a meteor shower. Chad and I rescued him and showed him the ways of the guitar.

What are your backgrounds in music? Formally trained, self-taught, etc? What made you want to be involved with music?
Formally trained except for Dan who had only a hand full of lessons by Craig Fairbaugh of the band (+44)

You’re currently a three piece, is that by design?
No we just couldn’t find any reliable musicians so we did it ourselves and knighted Brett as the singer. By our design – no; by the universe’s design…perhaps.

What section of the record store would we find your album Hollywood filed under?
Bargin bin!

Describe your sound in three words?
Awesome awesome awesome!

In listening to your music the first comparison that comes to mind is Blink-182, were you influenced by them?
Who isn’t influenced by Blink-182?  They are incredible, not for the fact that they are unbelievable at their instruments, but the fact that they are normal guys that make up the catchiest music.

The album is called Hollywood which is also a track on the album, do you feel that that song is the best representation of the band as a whole on the album?
Yeah it’s a fun summary album and Hollywood does sum up our album into that one song, loud fast and fun.

The Second Advance in the studio

The Second Advance in the studio

What’s the most difficult part about being an indie band in today’s music industry?
Getting on the effing radio! If you’re not independently wealthy it’s tough, and if you’re not bringing in a ton of money already then no one wants to take a chance on you.

What do you think defines a great song?
It’s all about the hook.
My favorite song on the album is After-Thought, can you tell us a little bit about the song and what inspired it?
It was written after Brett’s close encounter of the 4th kind. The meaning can be taken however the listener seems fit.

What is the writing process like for the band, is everyone involved?
Yes one of us has an idea or a riff and we all just run with it.

I’m sure you get asked this all the time but what’s the significance behind the name of the band?
It’s when you make a move on a girl and get shot down then think, “let me try that again”.  Plus we just didn’t want anything long and gay like a fall out boy song title.


For fans who want to know more about you where can they check out your music, find out about upcoming shows?
Not many people know about this site but we are trying to make it a big thing, it’s called myspace.

When considering the future, what are your goals as a band?
Keep moving forward.

In honor of the king of pop, we’ve been asking everyone what their favorite Michael Jackson song of all time is?
Thriller/ Billie Jean


Catch The Second Advance Live:

Sep 17 2009 Hot Topic In-Store Acoustic Set/CD Sale Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 19 2009 he Cutting Edge Theatre@City Ale House Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 19 2009 Brooklyn Fundraiser Brooklyn, New York
Oct 10 2009Big Giant Extravaganza! (w/ BAYSIDE SOCRATIC) Jermyn, Pennsylvania
Oct 13 2009 Hollywood Remixes Available on iTunes Worldwide
Nov 7 2009 Studio Recording Union, New Jersey
Nov 8 2009 Studio Recording Union, New Jersey

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