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The Beatards

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To start introduce yourselves and tell us what role each of you play in The Beatards.

What’s up.  This is DJO aka El Beatardo aka Dick Victory and uh, I’m the DJ.

Ayo. This is the Universally Talented Kid aka UTK the INC (which depending on the day can mean incendiary, incorporated, incredible or incapacitated) and I’m an EMCEE.

Whatagwan Padowan this is Chuck Wild aka Chuckles Tsunami aka Chalooch Buttafooko and I have feelings.

Describe your sound in three words.

Chuck Wild: Magic Mushroom Mayhem
Joyful Unabashed Exhuberocity
Chicks Dig It

How did the three of you come together to form The Beatards?

Chuck Wild: It was divine intervention.
: We were all separately visited by the spirit of a shark-faced buffalo who told us to follow the scent of the unbroken egg.
: But really me and UTK were in a hip hop spoken word play together. We started partying together and then we put together our own event- Mixtape Riot! We weren’t making music yet, just doing live remixes and DJing. UTK and Chuck were both dating girls who lived together, so they’d share coffee and cereal in the mornings.
Chuck Wild
: Yeah we had to hear each other sexing through the walls sometimes, not fun.
: We pulled Chuck into the Mixtape Riot! party and from there we been together ever since. Those girlfriends are ex’s too by the way, we listened to the voice of the shark-faced buffalo over the scolding of our moms.

Clockwise from top: DJO, UTK, Chuck Wild

Clockwise from top: DJO, UTK, Chuck Wild

You all have a wide range of music influences but where to your music roots lie?

DJO: I’m a punk rocker/ hip hopper.  I started out djing and collecting funk/soul records from mainly the 70’s and progressed from there.
: I only have two great influences in my musical life…make that three…Motown, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony…and the all mighty New Jack Swing…and i also like John Mayer. seriously, he’s a pimp…and ScatMan John…unappreciated genius.
Chuck Wild
: I got my start as the drummer in a punk band, then got really into hip hop, but honestly you can find me listening to old Jamaican and African records, crazy Bollywood soundtracks, and pygmy nose-flute music from the congo on the regular. I DJ one of the illest latin nights in NYC too, so the roots spread FAR.

How does your songwriting process generally work?

DJO: That’s a good one.  Sometimes I will have an idea, make a sketch, then bring it to the other fellas.  Sometimes I will basically do the entire song then bring the idea along with the basic theme of the song to the other guys and have them write on it.  Other times, I just add in various “heys” and “hos”.    This is how it basically works for the 3 of us.  In the end we all collaborate to finish the product but there are many different ways on how the song first starts.
: He’s lying I write everything
Chuck Wild
: They’re both lying Babyface writes all our shit. Babyface and Hammer.

What is the history of your musical careers?

DJO: I’ve been a DJ since my college days and I never stopped because that is all I have ever really wanted to do with my life.
: I am by origin a Freestyle Emcee and Spoken Word artist. Began with a guitar at a party and then I started taking it seriously which meant I had to battle so I battled and I won a ton and lost a bit and then decided I didn’t want to just freestyle cause I like writing actual songs and here we are. Don’t try to battle me tho. grrrrrr.
Chuck Wild
: I’ve been in bands and DJing since I was 15, and I also came up through the spoken word circuit. I was on the NYC teen slam team and would freestyle at parties all through school. I make beats almost everyday just to stay sane. On top of The Beatards music, I put out solo stuff under the name Captain Planet. That’s more on the funky Afro-Latin tip, check the new Speakin’ Nuyorican EP coming out next week on Bastard Jazz records.

Chuck Wild and UTK

Chuck Wild and UTK

Your music is licensed on MTV, how did that come about?

UTK: I did it.
Chuck Wild
: Gary Coleman saw us perform and told Tyra Banks who told Verne Troyer who told Da Brat who told Jermaine Dupri who called me and I put it on.
: Our music is published by BMI…  One of the music supervisors @ Bunim Murray  (The Producers of The Real World) got a hold of our cd and the rest as they say is history…

What else to you all have going on?

DJO: I do what ever pays meaning you might see me djing, or you might see me bartending @ Niagara, or you might see me making deliveries for my fledgling kimchee company, Mama O’s Premium Kimchee. (peep the full page spread in the New York Times w/ me and my moms)
: uhhh I act. I got nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award for Best Featured Actor in a play for portraying a (gasp) kid who raps! You can see me in the films Rocket Science, Spinning into Butter and After.Life, and as an improv-comedy-emcee as a member of Freestyle Love Supreme(peep the skits on …and I’m in this Mcdonald’s commercial where some dude goes around the city asking what he can get for a dollar…and I’m the employee who sells him a dubba cheeburger…for shame.
Chuck Wild
: I have a few records out under my superhero alter-ego Captain Planet and I’m also always doing collabos with other artists and making remixes. Check for hot fire tracks that I’m making with Jasmine Solano and Nola Darling coming soon!

What are you currently listening to that you can’t get enough of?

UTK: Busy Signal and more Busy Signal.
Chuck Wild
: Just got the new Kid Cudi and I really can’t hate. Feelin the new Donnis mixtape, too. Also feelin’ some of that Major Lazer craziness.
: Lady Gaga
: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
: Her too.

Where would you like to see yourselves in say five years?

UTK:  Married to Christina Aguilera and Salma Hayek…and Eva Mendes…and Meryl Streep (what can i say talent’s sexy…and so is polygamy)
Chuck Wild
: Curled up next to the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa, a great romance novel and my favorite blanket.
: In the reflection of my sunglasses by the pool next to a couple topless models, sipping a daiquiri while getting my feet rubbed by a swedish nanny with strong hands.

"BIG BAD BEAT" EP  available now on iTunes!

"BIG BAD BEAT" EP available now on iTunes!

Best options for fans to check out your music, get in touch, etc?

Email us at

And our BIG BAD BEAT EP is available on iTunes!

What would you like to say to music fans who are checking out The Beatards for the first time?

DJO: Bring your boogie shoes and a towel.
: Free your mind and your pants will follow.
Chuck Wild
: Hold me.


Sept 16, 2009 – Mixtape Riot w Team Facelift & Retro Kidz @ Sutra – NY, NY
Sept 18, 2009 – Get Beatarded! @ Hope Lounge – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 19, 2009 – Stop Wack DJ’s @ K&M – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 19, 2009 – Booty Crisis w Planet Rump @ Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 25, 2009 – Grimey Time @ Beauty Bar Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 15, 2009 – Royal Flush Film Festival @ Hiro Ballroom – NY NY

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