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CD Review: Ryan Star / Last Train Home

September 30, 2009 by  
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ryanstarcoverRyan Star
Last Train Home

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by: Stacie Caddick-Dowty

I knew Ryan Star’s music sounded familiar when I saw him open for Collective Soul in Newport, RI.  I had heard OF Ryan Star and knew he was a contestant on Rock Star Supernova.  Hell I even saw him perform a couple of times on the show but it wasn’t until I had his EP Last Train Home in hand, listened to it and did a bit of searching to find out the reason why I seemed to know his music.  It turns out, one of the songs on the EP, Brand New Day, is the opening song on one of my favorite shows on Fox, Lie To Me.  No wonder everything sounded so familiar to me.

Please be aware that my review of the album may now be skewed by the fact that his stage performance was riveting and complete from start to finish, it did not lack a single element.  He gives an arena-like performance to a club crowd, and wows every single patron.  I have to admit I was quite surprised by his performance, and wondered why I hadn’t heard more about him!  Any time a live performance can inspire you to purchase an artist’s recorded material, you know they’ve done their job!

Ryan Star’s EP Last Train Home captures that big arena sound and feel that often lacks on recorded media and is only something experienced at a live show.  In reading more about it, I gathered that this EP was released as a gift to his fans, while they await a full length release due out this fall.  You can now count me in on the list of those anticipating the release of that full-length album.  On first listen to this EP I sensed a familiarity to David Cook.  Emotions drip from every pore of this man’s being.  He just toured with Cook, so I guess I’m not that far off of the mark.

Ryan Star - Live

Star carries over his live essence to his recorded material as well.  Take the song Brand New Day for example, it emotes escape, resurgence, and new beginnings;  Quite inspiring to listen to.  Go on, break free from the monotony, start anew.  This Could Be the Year speaks to the power within and greater things coming.  The power behind this tune is unmistakable, if you don’t feel it, you must be made of stone.  Stand tall and erect and reach for those stars, this is your moment.  While Ryan’s lyrics and music on this EP inspire each of us to reach for the stars it is he who seems poised to reach them before any of us.  Shine on Ryan.


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5 Responses to “CD Review: Ryan Star / Last Train Home”
  1. Joseph Tremdmont says:

    Ryan Star is a superb musician. Not only does he put his heart & soul into everything he writes, but his stage performances are unlike any I have seen in past years. I agree with this review…RIVETING!!!. You leave feeling like you wish he could have gone on for another hour. RYAN STAR is a TRUE star. Check his FB page & website for a list of his performances. Don’t miss it if he is performing in your area. and


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