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Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes

September 18, 2009 by  
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69eyescoverThe 69 Eyes are a Finnish rock band who truly ROCK.  Influenced by a variety of killer artists as well as vampire films, fans describe their music as “goth n’ roll”.  One of the select few bands that’s kept the same lineup (Jyrki 69 on vocals, Jussie 69 on drums, Archzie on bass, Bazie on guitar and Timo-Timo on guitar) since their inception (many lifetimes ago), they’ve evolved over the years improving with each subsequent album they put out.  Then they tour like madmen around the world.

Their tenth studio album is called Back In Blood, and they are indeed BACK!  Back In Blood further illustrates the band’s strong songwriting ability and Jyrki 69’s always-excellent vocals.  From start to finish, fans old and new will likely find something to sink their teeth into.  TheyWillRockYou had a chance to hang out with the band (or whatever vampires do) and ask them a few questions before the blood sucking begins.

Interviewed by:  Justin | September  2009

I know describing The 69 Eyes in one word is tough, so how would you describe the band in seven words or less for the uninformed few who were born under a rock and are not familiar (or obsessed) with the band?
Elvis meets Dracula in Helsinki!

The video for the first single off of “Black In Blood”, titled “Dead Girls Are Easy”, was directed by Bam Margera.  What’s the story behind it?  How did you end up working with him?
He’s an old friend of ours and did a video for our song “Lost Boys” with us five years ago. Since then we’ve been talking about doing another one, finally our schedules matched and we did this sort of sequel for the previous one. It’s a tribute to all those hot 80’s rock videos that we all miss so much! I love the result, it represents The 69 Eyes and naturally making videos with Bam is like a long, lost Halloween weekend.

The music video for “Dead Girls Are Easy” premiered on on July 17th.  Did you at least get the ultimate perk of them all… visiting the Playboy Mansion, if not hooking up with a few hot playmates?
That’ll be the next move for sure! We’ve got the coolest address EVER for the video:!!!

Which song off of “Back In Blood” did you enjoy writing the most?
“Dead Girls Are Easy” because it’s always funny to see the other guys faces when I came up with some strange lyrics, the chorus and the title in this case!

Are there particular songs on the new album that you already know are going to be staples of the live show?
“Dead Girls Are Easy” rules already! We even performed it acoustically and it rocks!

“Back In Blood” has been hailed as a latter-day, vampiric horror version of “Appetite For Destruction”, which sounds absolutely epic.  Speaking of Appetite, were you influenced by Guns N’ Roses?  Was “Chinese Democracy” worth the wait?
Of course! It’s not so far away to say that Guns N’ Roses was one of the main inspirations for us to start the band back in the day – like it was for so many others, though we’re still here.  Having been patient enough to wait for “Chinese Democracy” – I think it’s a cool album: get drunk, put it on, it rocks!!!

The main inspiration for “Back In Blood” has come from the vampire realm, focusing on your favorite flicks like “Lips of Blood”, “The Hunger”, and “Night Watch”.  What do you think of the Twilight craze?  Are you caught up in it?
“Twilight” brought some fresh blood into the vampire scene – I think that’s just healthy, why the hell not, you know?! Naturally The 69 Eyes lurk in the same shadows as The Lost Boys and Sir Cristopher Lee but even we are looking for some new breed and fresh blood – “Twilight” works perfect for us in that way.

Which band (aside from you) should be bigger today, and which band had no business getting signed in the first place?
Naturally HANOI ROCKS! Somehow in the history of rock the bands that show the way, they become cult bands and never really break it really big – just like Hanoi, N.Y.Dolls or Ramones. I guess that will be the case for The 69 Eyes as well. I don’t mind anyone making music and being creative, just don’t bring that antisexual Radiohead crap close to me!

What’s one album that you wore out listening to while you grew up?
Elvis Presley: ’68 Comeback Special! As a cassette tape!

You’ve stated that you’d rather concentrate on the music than break sales records, and Vinnie Paul (Pantera/Damageplan/Hellyeah) even invited you to his Dallas home to listen to music.  Were you able to meet Dimebag Darrell before he left us?
We’re naturally huge fans of his, those brothers’ musical legacy lives on forever! I never met Dimebag, saw his shows few times. We’ve been privileged and honored to get to know Vinnie – he’s a great host for parties, let me tell you!!!  I hope we have a chance to collaborate musically with him in the future.


The 69 Eyes are notorious for being road warriors.  Since you’re almost always on tour, what are the things you miss the most while on tour?
Seaside jogging by the Baltic Sea! You’re kind of trapped in the tour bus – going into nature in Finland is something that my blood starts asking for after a while.

What’s the latest on Christina Death?  Is she still alive?

She’s alive and hotter than ever! She’ll be in the audience as we’ll tour with Christian Death in Europe early next year.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give somebody (about anything)?  What are your “Words To Live By”?
“Luke, trust your feelings!” like what Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi said!

It’s time for TheyWillRockYou Word Association (or TWRYWA, pronounced “Bob”).  We mention a name and you give us your uncensored, impulsive thoughts, just like an ink blot test:

Axl Rose: Would be cool to meet!
Barack Obama: Would be cool to meet!
Bam Margera: Genius & a friend!
Nikki Sixx: Mr.Nice Guy!
Bret Michaels: Would be cool to meet!
Butch Walker: He’s cool, would be awesome to make music with!
Howard Stern: Would be cool to meet!
Megan Fox: Would be *hot* to meet!
Stevie Rachelle: Mr.Nice Guy!
Ville Valo: Can’t wait for the new album!

Any famous last words you want to tell our readers?  What’s coming up for you next?  Either in the next few minutes or the next few months.
We’re back in the US in October!!! Come to party with us for Halloween 2009 – that’s the only way to do it, babe!


Catch The 69 Eyes on Tour:

Oct 05 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA
Oct 06 Key Club Los Angeles, CA
Oct 09 The Door Dallas, TX
Oct 10 Zombie’s San Antonio, TX
Oct 11 Meridian Houston, TX
Oct 14 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
Oct 15 The Social Orlando, FL
Oct 16 Ground Zero Spartanburg, SC
Oct 18 Recher Theatre Towson, MD
Oct 20 The Gramercy Theatre New York, NY

Fore more info on the band visit their official website

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9 Responses to “Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes”
  1. codi says:

    That was the dopiest interview ever, no wonder 69 eyes is outta the loop. These guys are so over the hill, its sad! Just stay N europe or finland or wherever, but the U.S. … no need your not cool enough for it here… by far. Ive saw some video, and pics, weird, and twilight, pleaseeeee, you weirdos are not twilight material….UGH

  2. T.M. says:

    Awesome interview…the 69 Eyes are so underrated that its sick. Been a fan from way way back so nice to see them getting more recognition. And the playboy mansion… nice. 😉

  3. Gllie says:

    i think theres hope for bands like this if for instance, i was chilling in my car the other day listening to the album blessed be and this random trendy jock sorta guy came up to me in the car park of my uni and said ‘dude that musics awesome whered you get it” lol fuck myspace i hate all those bands everywhere sending you friend adds. 69 eyes rock.

  4. Karla says:

    I have listened to the entire album, and even read several interviews this jyrki has done. I believe him to be, one who is obsessed first with himself, second with Elvis, its ok so is nicolas cage, but not normal, but as for you getting super giddy and allowing your hopes to soar to heights unknown, for a career takeoff at your ancient age, its a NO go. America, is sadly very vain when it comes to such things, look at the music industry, the t.v. they dont do old, they do DO age, and sorry bro, you dont fit the bill 4 the look, or the age, personally I dig ur tunes, but I am not the execs and I fear you will not garner a following that will get you that platinum number you need. You must have made the wrong person really angry, karma, Im a strong believer…do something really super and pay it forward..maybe it will turn around good wishes~K

  5. Tracey says:

    Would be nice to meet Jyrki69 from the 69 eyes band I would love to meet them too also I always listen to his voice.


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