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Loren Taylor of Terra Terra Terra

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terra2Having conquered the central Florida music scene, Terra Terra Terra is poised to charm new fans nationwide with the release of their label debut, “Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child.” Led by singer/guitarist Loren Taylor, who also serves as the band’s primary songwriter, Terra Terra Terra also features guitarist Matthew Hagelberger, John Dye on keyboards, and drummer Isaac Eisenhauer. Together, the band aims to present a positive message through their lyrics, while also empathizing with the struggles young listeners may be experiencing in their daily lives.

In our recent interview, Terra Terra Terra’s Loren Taylor share details on the new album, as well as insights about their own struggles, including their sometimes conflicted involvement with the Christian music community.

Interviewed by: Heather Kobrin | September  2009

You’ve expressed that there’s a positive message behind all of your songs. In these difficult times, are there days when it feels like a challenge to come up with lyrics that will prove uplifting for your fans?

It’s not really hard for us to stay positive. We have the best jobs in the world, and we love what we do. But if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s not all feel-good music. We’re talking about a lot of rough stuff, and we hope that people see that we deal with the same struggles as everyone else.

You’ve said that the title of the new album, “Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child,” signifies that “life is a conflict of self-interest and faith.” How did the concept of this struggle influence the record?

I feel like it affected our lives, and as a result it definitely affected the album. We are torn between the super-religious ways of the church and the business mindset of the world. And for the majority of the people we know, including ourselves, it’s hard to live in both worlds. The concept made the album a very emotional and hopefully appealing record to a lot of people.

I’m wondering about the meaning behind the band’s name. What can you share about it?

There are a lot of meanings behind “terra,” but I guess the most popular would be “from the earth.” It has a lot of biblical meanings for us, but we like to hear what the fans come up with.

Terra Terra Terra “Transmission Lost” from Visually Inklined on Vimeo

I know that you began work on the album in Orlando, but were then subsequently signed by Round Kid, so you ended up finishing in New York. How was it shifting gears, location-wise, and how do you feel this s impacted the final record?

Well, when we were recording in Orlando, we had no idea that we were recording an album that would be released nationwide. So, we went in with the mindset that we were going to record a good indie album. In the middle of recording, we were contacted by three or four record labels about signing for the new record. We chose one and they sent us to New York to record the two singles, “Transmission Lost” and “Taking Her Home.” When we got to New York, we knew that a lot more people would be hearing the album, so we stepped up our game. But yes, the recording was night and day as far as New York and Orlando.

Loren has said that the first single, “Transmission Lost,” is about his teenage years. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song?

“Transmission Lost” is about a girl who is living a sheltered life and wants to get out and experience the real world. But it goes a lot deeper into the teenage plight. I think that’s why it’s being so accepted in the younger crowds.

You seem to be especially proud of the song “Paradigm” — I know Loren has described it as his favorite on the album. What makes this track so special?

Lyrically, there is nothing really special about this song, but musically, this is everything I would like my music to be. It’s up, it’s down, it’s catchy, and it’s musically intelligent.

Tell us about your connection to the Christian music community.

Our connection is a strange one. We tend to offend a lot of Christians who are living very legalistic lifestyle. They don’t like that we play bars, and we don’t care. We love Jesus and we know he has no problem with our ministry. On the other hand, there is a very loving side of the Christian community that we get along with. They understand where we are coming from and help us out in any way they can.

Terra Terra Terra

Terra Terra Terra

I know you’ve toured extensively in the South, but I’m wondering what other areas of the country you’re especially looking forward to playing in the future?

I think Boston and anywhere on the west coast. But we’re just excited to be playing anywhere.

In thinking about older bands who have been around for many years, is there one in particular that you look up to? A band whose career path seems in line with your ultimate goals?

We all look up to Incubus. They’ve been around for a while and never cease to amaze us. They’re constantly re-inventing themselves but still somehow remain catchy… wow!

You recently asked fans on your MySpace page if they could change anything in the world, what would it be? How would you respond to the question?

We really want to change the image of the Christian community. It’s in a bad spot right now, and we want people to know that there is love here.


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