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Legend Of The Fall

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Get to know Legend Of The Fall


The Band:

JD Alam (Lead Guitar, Singer) Age: 21
Skyler Alam (Drums, Singer) Age: 20
Levi Alam (Keyboard, Singer) Age: 18
Madison Alam (Bass, Singer) Age: 15
CaseyJones Alam (Lead Guitar, Singer) Age: 13

Proving that you’re never too young to rock this band of brothers (literally) are bringing their brand of self-described “popcore” music to fans everywhere with their first two CDs two CDs: SKETCHES: PART I (3/2/08) and SKETCHES: PART II (9/12/09).  With comparisons to Panic! at the Disco, A Day to Remember, and All Time Low their songs are fun, catchy, and best of all, with ages ranging from 13 – 21 this is just the beginning for them!

 We took some time to get to know them and hope you will too!

Since you are a new band on the scene, tell us how you all are and where you’re from.

JD: We’re from Ridgefield Park, and we’re just dandy!!!
Madison: Wait what’s the question again?

The names JD, Skyler, Levi, Madison and CaseyJones are unique; are these your birth names or stage names?

Madison: My stage name is Mad Al!!!!!! (everybody laughs)
Levi: Mine is Lovelove!!!!!!
Sky: I’m thinking about Maurice
JD: No seriously, it’s our real names. Our parents were into those unique names. In fact our full names with the middles are John Daniel, Skyler Dane, Levi Wade, Madison Taylor, and CaseyJones Quintin.

Describe the kind of music you make/play?

Everyone: EPIC!!!!!
Madison: Cute like Levi’s face. (everyone laughs)
CJ: It’s like an epic battle on the edge of a cliff
Skyler: We call ourselves popcore because we’re really mainstream but we put in breakdowns, chaos chords, and screams

It is few and far between to have five brothers in the same band, tell us how the band formed.

JD: Well during my senior prom me and a friend stole the mic from the DJ and sang “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and one of my friends dates said that they really liked it and wanted to book my “band” for a show. Well she asked if we wanted to play and I was like….uh…sure, even though the band didn’t exist. So I basically taught Madi and Casey everything I knew, which wasn’t much.
Levi: Well we always wanted to do the band thing. This was just the kick we needed.
CJ: Yeah this actually wasn’t even the original line-up of instruments we played.
Madison: Yeah we always wanted to do it, but we never had the desire to actually practice.
JD: Yeah and basically we just started learning covers and played our first show Easter 2007 and got a standing ovation which was pretty awesome.

GetAttachmentIs there any sibling rivalry in the band?  

Everyone: OH YEAH!!!!
Levi: Me Vs Everyone, Sky Vs Everyone, JD Vs Everyone, Madi Vs Everyone, and Casey Vs Everyone.
JD: Yeah they’re a lot of fights and rivalry especially from Madi and Casey (laughs)
CJ: Imagine how much a band fights, then think of how much brothers fight, now add them together…it equals hell being risen!!!!
Levi: We work together but sometimes it gets intense.
Sky: People quit daily, but 10 minutes later they’re back and everything is fine.

How did you come about being signed by New Ocean Media’s Doug Weber who also co-manages Framing Hanley?   What does he bring to the band?

JD: Well he actually came to a show and really liked us. After the show we started talking and kinda just started shooting ideas and stuff. 
Levi: He basically does everything in spreading our name.
JD: Yeah it’s amazing how many people he knows, but we basically go back in forth with ideas and some of the ideas he kinda is just like that’s a stupid idea John Daniel  but it’s good.
Madison: He also makes fun of me every chance he gets
Sky: That’s actually the whole band.

Your upcoming release SKETCHES:  PART II was self-produced.   How do you think fans will react?

Levi: Hopefully well.
JD: Yeah most of the songs the fans have heard already because it’s been on myspace, but we’ve been getting excellent reactions. There are actually three guest singers and one plays guitar: Hannah Larson, Dave Falcone, and Chelsea LaRosa (which was on the first cd too).
CJ: We’ve actually been getting compliments about how the music has matured a lot.
Sky: Yeah, for a while we stopped playing shows and just practiced our instruments so the maturation was something we were going for. I mean Keep Your Emo Glasses On is a playful song, but we tried very hard to not be one of those “brobands” that aren’t very good.

What are the band’s plans over the next few months?  

JD: Essentially it’s up in the air. We’ve never been great at planning (everyone laughs).
CJ: Well we’re in the Break.
JD: Yeah we’re in the Break contest for Bamboozle so if you’re in the area or anyone reading this come out and show support.
Sky: We also might be playing some private parties. We have this promotion that we might be bringing back that we’ll play any party for free as long as A) there are at least 10 kids that have never heard us play B) we’re allowed to sell merch and C) if you’re more than 2 hours away you feed us.
Levi: Other than that it’s mostly practicing.

What things do you think will help your band stand out from the crowd?leg

Madi: Age and the eclectic music style.                                                                
CJ: Yeah I think the age thing is really big for us because people watch us and go wow that kid is only 13 and he’s better than some 30 year olds.
Levi: We’re modest too (everyone laughs).
JD: The eclectic music style is really big too. Like we’ll play something like Keep Your Emo Glasses On and people into pop will be like ok that’s cool, and then we’ll play Beethoven’s symphony and the metal heads will be won over but we won’t lose the pop kids for it cause they’re already having fun, and then we’ll play Carnevil and for some reason a lot of people who are into wrap like that song so I guess you could say it attracts a large variety.
Sky: Yeah the only problem is choosing a single cause nobody can decide.

What would be your dream line-up to play alongside and why?

JD: It’s kinda different for all of us so I guess going around, for me it’d be, not considering genre (laughs) Panic! At the Disco, A Day to Remember, and The All-American Rejects.
Sky: Hit the Lights, The Devil Wears Prada, and um A Skylit Drive
Levi: Mine would be Panic! At the Disco, Jason Mraz, and Switchfoot
Madi: I call mine the PLPL tour (everyone laughs) Panic! At the Disco, Lil Wayne, and Patent Pending
CJ: Blink 182, Brand New, and The Devil Wears Prada

lotWhat currently influences your music and why?

Levi: Essentially it’s just life and the things we go through.
JD: Yeah like there are some songs that are just about fun but most of our songs are about serious things that happen in our lives. Like God Heal Her Brightly Colored Wrists is about cutting and we’ve dealt with that a lot.
Sky: Yeah you kinda have to living in the time we do.
Madi: Yeah and being a Christian also influences a lot of stuff. That’s why our songs about girls aren’t really grimy and stuff.

What were your musical influences growing up?

Madi: Aerosmith, Savage Garden, and our dad.
JD: Yeah pretty basically it’s classic rock and our dad. For the longest time it was just Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and our dad (everyone laughs)

If you had the power, what things would you change about the music industry?

JD: Well obviously the most important thing is labels need to stop clinging to the past and figure out how to work with music sharing programs. Suing people is obviously not working. I think if they were to put ads on them and those companies can pay the sharing programs and the programs can pay labels, kinda like myspace did.
CJ: Yeah it’s just a matter of growing and changing.
Levi: In the NJ local scene there is a large pay to play virus go around and it’s horrible too. Like bands can’t promote because they all sell tickets to their friends, and those kids come watch their friends band and then leave.
Madi: Yeah and the scene is dying. There used to be this group of kids who just went to shows because they loved it and now every band and there fans treat it like a contest. It’s so cut throat and people look ashamed when they like another bands music.
Sky: We’ve been lucky enough to find some friends in other bands where we work together to promote each other. Most of them are on our top on myspace.

Where can people find more about LEGEND OF THE FALL?

JD: will take you right to our myspace where like I said you can hear our stuff. That’s the best way honestly because everything from upcoming shows to new news, just everything is on there. There’s also www. is a really nice one. Doug is really fond of that, you can also follow us on Twitter now at And obviously come out to show because we promise you nothing but fun!!!! 


For more info on Legend Of The Fall:


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4 Responses to “Legend Of The Fall”
  1. Chelsea says:

    Not bad, some of these kids will def have girls go ga-ga. I checked out their site, music is pretty good and looks like they have a future ahead of them.

  2. John says:

    I checked out the band’s music on their MySpace and the music is all over the place. Little Christian, little Screamo, little Pop. Seems like their poppier stuff will work best for this band but definitely this is no Jonas Brothers, I felt something is there. I can see someone like AMP or AP showing some love to this band.


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