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Concert Review: MuteMath in Boston, MA

November 18, 2009 by  
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House of Blues – Boston, MA
November 12, 2009

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Sally Feller

Playing to a respectably crowded House of Blues on a Thursday night, MuteMath kept the energy pulsing through the crowd. Setting the stage with an unexpected dose of incense, the band played all of the crowd favorites and a few select songs from their new album “Armistice.” After reading about some difficulties and professional differences between the members of MuteMath, I wasn’t sure what kind of show to expect—would their performance seem stilted and disjointed, or would they pull together for the love of their music and the fans. I can happily announce that the guys came together to put on a spectacular show and I wouldn’t have known about any of their problems had I not read about them in the local music magazine pre-show.

If you’ve never heard MuteMath before, picture the lovechild of Keane, Muse, and The Bravery. They have a typical indie-pop sound, amped up with piano-heavy tunes and powerful vocals. Filled with catchy beats and fun lyrics, MuteMath creates albums for those listeners seeking something just slightly different from what they hear on the radio and those who are, perhaps, not quite ready for a jump into the more disjointed, edgy indie bands.

The crowd really got into “Typical,” shouting lyrics and trying not to slosh their drinks while jumping around. Once “Spotlight” pumped through the speakers, it seemed that people were trying to pretend that they didn’t know the words, for fear of making it public knowledge that they listened to the “Twilight Soundtrack,” but they couldn’t stop themselves—MuteMath plays catchy tunes and I dare you to not sing along at their live show; I DARE YOU.

Even the mellow ballads like “You Are Mine” came off with energy and feeling, thanks to the stellar performance by MuteMath. Often in a mid-sized venue these songs can sound a little flat and dull, given the amount of people and the open space, but MuteMath were blessed with a great sized audience and Paul Meany’s heartfelt vocals. There was even some xylophone rocking out going on, in a non-ironic way, which should sell you on checking them out in your own town during the remainder of their tour.


F0r more on MuteMath visit their official website

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