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Age Of Evil

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The vintage metal sounds of yesteryear are alive and well in the modern metal generation.  Don’t believe it?  All you have to do is check out Age of Evil –  the fast rising quartet out of Scottsdale AZ,  for the supersonic proof.  Keeping it all in the family the band is comprised of two brother tandems-singer/rhythm guitarist Jeremy Goldberg (age 19) and bassist Jacob Goldberg (18),  joined by lead guitarist Jordan Ziff (18) and drummer Garrett Ziff (20).  Friends and blood brothers since childhood the foursome have a natural chemistry that leads to the perfect recipe for metal mayhem. 

And look out metal veterans, Age of Evil is rapidly becoming a metal outfit that can do battle.   This is especially evident by their simply ferocious six-track EP, “Get Dead” which will give music fans a one way ticket to the future of metal.  Ready for the ride?

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the band prior to their recent performance at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA supporting Hail! On the 2nd night of a brief Northeast run. 

Interviewed by:  Roger Scales  | January 2010

Age of Evil makes no bones about bringing back ‘old school” metal with your music and live shows.  Do you think there is a void in the current US metal scene?
It seems so.  All the bands that are coming out now just sound like every other band but watered down.  They basically hear something and say let’s try and make it heavier but no real feel for writing songs and that’s what they are all doing right now. They feel as if the heaviest thing a band can do right now is play really fast, hit a shit load of notes and put out an album.  But as a band that’s an approach we want to avoid. We feel that approach is very un-metal. It’s unfortunately what the Metal scene has turned into,  a bunch of screaming fast beats and something that really doesn’t sound like music but just a bunch of noise.

In Europe 2009 it looks as if you played shows with some very established acts like Jon Oliva’s Pain, Tesla, Manowar, WASP what is it like sharing the stage with legends of this music genre?
Fun.  It’s just fun and really cool to play with bands that we listened to growing up.  We learn something new from almost every band that we have played with.  You see how they interact with the crowds during the shows and the fans afterward.   It’s important to us as a band to make sure we listen to the fans because we want to share and give back to them what they want in metal music.

On your current EP “Get Dead” you included a couple of covers –  Slave to the Grind (Skid Row)and Electric Eye(Judas Priest). Was it a difficult choice to narrow down your choice of bands or songs ?
A little of both really.  We knew we were going to do the Priest cover when we started to record because we were in London early last year supporting Girlschool and knew we had to play either a Priest or Maiden song.  After having played Electric Eye we could sense from the crowd reaction that this was the song for us.  The Skid Row cover was really not planned at all.  In fact we were in the studio on the last day and our engineer suggested we cut another track and Garrett came up with Slave to The Grind.  We took out our phones, played it off our speakers and a few hours later just recorded it.  It was recorded in one take. It was so last minute that we were sitting in the studio and the engineer said that’s it we are using that.   it’s usually the songs that you don’t think are going to turn out great that end up being the gems of the album.  The thing about covers is you really either nail it or completely fuck it up.  We were not trying to imitate, just to record it with our own feel.  

What is the biggest difference between playing to US crowds vs. European crowds?
It kind of depends on where you are in the States and what kind of show you are going to. If you’re going to Ozzfest or an energy drink sponsored tour then the shows in the US can be pretty wild. Bigger crowds bring sicker fans.  In Europe they pretty much live and breathe heavy metal. They seem to be really open to listening to newer music and its then up to the act to gain their respect.  In the US especially Arizona.  it’s not at all like LA. There are a few really good up and coming bands but then everything else is just sort of generic sounding.   Lots of local bands just seem to be following the latest trend and don’t attempt to separate themselves from the pack. In the US the fans tend to mosh and go ape shit through the whole set where at shows were in Europe they tend more to listen to the whole song and watch. First time we were in Europe we played to a German audience and they were not moving at all.  Standing there with their arms crossed just listening.  We were a little concerned thinking do they like us?  As soon as we finished a song we got the applause.  We then realized at that point that they showed us their appreciation by actually paying attention and watching while here in the US people just go crazy during the whole show.

I heard that you guys met through each other’s parents and that they would often run into each other at different events and eventually the kids just started to hang out together?
Very true.  Our folks just decided that because the kids were roughly the same age why not just hang together?  We have been best friends from about the ages of 3-5 and have been like 4 brothers ever since.   It’s funny,  we see our parents now buying an Iron Maiden t-shirt or a Motley Crue album and we just laugh.

How do you guys feel about games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero bringing older school metal and hard rock to a younger fan base?
We have mixed opinions about it.  On the one hand you’re getting younger kids involved in discovering older bands and music but also it’s nothing like playing the real instrument.  Parents will now bring their kids to Guitar Center and claim their child has a real feel for Guitar Hero or Rock Band so suddenly they should really be good at guitar or drums.  It’s really offensive to us because we spend so much time preparing our craft as musicians.  What sucks even worse is that these games now have built in recording devices which encourage kids to record music using essentially a toy.  Look it’s a fun game and it’s great for bands to get extra exposure that they may not ever get but the direction this could take could be really bad for music in the future.  Will there be Guitar Hero players going out on tour?  They are now in production of a guitar with no strings, just touch screen pads that make these strange sounds that sound nothing like the real thing. The digital age brings a loss to the art because it becomes just sounds and no feel to the music.  Maybe they should develop a Guitar Hero game with an actual guitar and have to learn the notes then that would really cool.

Because the band consists of two sets of brothers do you think this helps or hurts your progress during the creative stages?
We always seem to be on the same wavelength.  We sometimes disagree but when we are writing it always seems as if one will say to the other “Oh I know where you are going with that”.  It’s a veteran sort of vibe we have going on because we have been together for so long.  Like any major act that has played together for thirty years they can just feel off each player and its shows in the songs they still are able to write together.  There is definitely a connection between brothers that you cannot duplicate look at VanHalen, AC/DC, Black Crowes, Pantera they have had huge success.  Rarely do you see two sets of brothers in the same band so we are definitely lucky.  Sometimes there maybe a little friction, I mean we are brothers and we do fight but we usually make up the next day. 

What are your plans heading into 2010?
Playing a shitload more shows and writing a shitload more music.  No tour plans can be announced at this time but there are a few things for the summer that are in the works.  The wheels are in motion and we are looking at offers for here and Europe again.

What is your message to the fans hearing or reading about Age of Evil for the very first time?
Please buy our music! Buy all of our t-shirts and thongs!!  If you request us to sign anything we might – especially if you’re hot!!  Girls please come to our shows, have sex with us but not at the same time…get’s too cramped because our dressing room is usually  a lot smaller than the acts we support.  Check out all of our websites and the social networks and mom’s lock up your daughters until Age Of Evil comes to town!  Hey mom if you’re hot come down with your daughter!!  

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