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Are You Metal Enough To Be The Mayhem Fest Tour Reporter?

January 22, 2010 by  
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Mayhem Fest is looking for their official tour reporter.  Think you’re metal enough?  Here are the deets:

Send us 5 of your best photos, a 60-second video about yourself and your passion for metal music and 500 words or less on why you think you should be the 2010 Mayhem tour reporter. You must be over 18 years of age You have to be ready to travel to travel between 7/10-8/15.  You’ll be on the road the entire time so no quick trips back home.  You have the know the difference between Dig and Digg.  Basically you have to be comfortable with all aspects of new media and social networking.  The 60-second video needs to showcase your on-camera video and editing skills. The job will require you to capture, edit and post videos from the road.  Experience in editing video on your laptop is a must and you’ll need to have your own laptop. 

Attach a resume which includes your contact information.  If you have a site or blog, include a link to those as well.  All applications and video link must be sent to: and they will be reviewed by the Mayhem team and the new Tour Reporter will be notified via email and/or phone. We are looking for applicants who are serious about this assignment.  You must be comfortable interviewing artists and fans alike. You’ll have a great time, meet lots of people, hear tons of great music and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity but we have to re-emphasize that this is a real job which you’ll be paid for.  You’ll be required to hustle everyday to convey the Mayhem experience to all the visitors on the Mayhem site and the entire web universe. Good Luck !!

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    New on TWRY:: Are You Metal Enough To Be The Mayhem Fest Tour Reporter?

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