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CD Review: The Coming Weak / Are We All Letting Go

February 9, 2010 by  
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The Coming Weak
Are We All Letting Go

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

 Reviewed by:  Mary Ouellette

The Coming Weak have spent the last few years really defining their sound and etching their name into the New England music scene’s landscape.  In a day and age where “local” bands seem to get caught in a revolving door with a very short shelf life The Coming Weak have been able to amass a local loyal following that is rabid to the core showing a true testament to their perseverance and dedication to their craft.  While some national acts would be hard-pressed to sell out a club in Providence, RI put The Coming Weak on the bill and you may be looking for tickets on ebay if you wait too long.

Their latest release “Are We All Letting Go” is a certifiable earful of how much the band has progressed since their early inception.  They’ve not only matured as song-writers but they have really forged their own sound and have written a collection of songs that should catapult them to the next level – catchy tunes that appeal to a broad array of music fans with lyrics we can all fall right into without missing a beat.  Lyrically the topics are nothing you haven’t heard before but The Coming Weak add a level of intensity that takes a typical relationship song to the next level.  Any band can write a break up song but with their track “Two.Thirteen” The Coming Weak wrote a song that will leave a lingering fear in the minds of all come mid-February.  Don’t answer your phone if you know what’s good for you.  The candor of the lyrics and the delivery of the vocal really transport the listener into the moment and strike a personal chord that will ring familiar to most.  Let’s face it, we’ve all received that call right?  The Coming Weak just wrote a song about it.

Another standout track on the EP is the anthemic “Every Waking Moment” which is a call to arms to young and old alike.  The chorus boasts an inspirational musical command to mobilize the troops “We shout we can do better, but things will never change.”  The rally cry is a reminder that we all individually hold the power to cause change; it’s what we do with this power that’s up to us. It’s one of the more up-tempo songs on the album and one that is probably best heard live for the full effect.  “Now’s the time, take action, tear away your doubt.”  The guitar work on this track makes quite a raucous statement, in fact, they probably deserve their own review.

 “Vacant” is seemingly a song of love lost but that’s one of the magical things about a lot of the songs on this EP, the lyrics can be applied to a multitude of situations in life; vague enough to make them your own but without losing any of the raw emotion, it’s a fine, fine line but The Coming Weak seem to walk it with ease.  Love, longing, loss, and despair – The Coming Weak have hit a grand slam on the field of heartache.

The album cruises through “The Rescue” which has a distinct spiritual feel to it, “This Crusade”, an ode to love lost and then the album closes with the balladesque “About You” displaying the softer side of The Coming Weak.  “I think I could spend a lifetime chasing after you.”  The Coming Weak has the astute ability to write the kind of songs that every girl dreams of playing a starring role in.

The band has gone through a few line-up changes since their early days but it seems as if the current line-up may have been what they’ve been searching for all along.  The level of musicianship throughout has undeniably improved since their earlier releases and it’s evident that this band has unrelenting passion and drive for what they’re doing.  With their vastly different musical backgrounds, their collaborative writing process has benefitted the band as a whole and that can be felt throughout.  Citing bands like Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World and Saves The Day as influences it’s easy to hear some similarities from song to song but The Coming Weak still make everything their own.

Alt rock, punk pop, post-hardcore – whatever your favorite flavor is The Coming Weak will leave an everlasting taste in your mouth. While their name harkens back to the human weakness and inherent vulnerability that exists deep inside of all of us, it’s hard to find a discernible weakness on this album. 

 Track Listing:

Every Waking Moment
The Rescue
This Crusade
About You


For more on The Coming Weak visit their website

Check them out on their Spring Tour:

Feb 26 2010 Legend’s Rock Bar Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Mar 1 2010 Anchors Up w/ Therefore I Am Haverhill, Massachusetts
Mar 5 2010 Spring Tour- Jerky’s w/ SAOSIN Providence, Rhode Island
Mar 6 2010 Spring Tour- El N’ Gee new london, Connecticut
Mar 8 2010 Help us Book in NJ/NY/Pa Jersey City, New Jersey
Mar 9 2010 Help Us Book- NY/NJ/PA new york, New York
Mar 10 2010 Help Us Book- NY/NJ/PA Allentown, Pennsylvania
Mar 12 2010 Spring Tour- Knapp’s Underground w/Settle (Epitaph) Bennington, Vermont
Apr 16 2010 East Bridgewater High School East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Apr 23 2010 URI – Memorial Hall Kingston, Rhode Island

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5 Responses to “CD Review: The Coming Weak / Are We All Letting Go”
  1. Rick Demchak says:

    I recently saw The Coming Weak @ Ground Zero, in Suncook, NH on saturday, 2/6/2010. Their performance was incredible, and I purchased the EP. Every song, from start to finish,was sooo good, and , aswith their 1st EP, “Consider This”, will not be put away for quite a while. I know the band, and love their music. Keep up the great work, and if you get a chance, catch their live performance. You will surely be amazed !!Keep on rockin’ …


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