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MayOrWest is:

Adam Ramsden – Vocals/Bass
Eric Lewy – Vocals/Guitar
Pete Cataldo – Guitar
Jimmy Dowell – Drums

MayOrWest is:

Adam Ramsden – Vocals & Bass
Eric Lewy – Vocals & Guitar
Pete Cataldo – Guitar
Jimmy Dowell – Drums

Pete Cataldo – Guitar

As a Punk/Indie group from Hoboken, NJ, tell TWRY what you believe you bring that is new to the music scene and why we should listen to your music?
You know, we get asked this type of question a bunch and I can easily embrace an answer that pinpoints the reasons to why we think you should do this and that but at the end of the day neither our band nor our music should be telling anyone to do anything they should or shouldn’t. Doing so would be the antithesis of all that is punk rock, right? All you need to know is that we’re a band with heart. We live to write as well as play our tunes on stage with goals of moving people both emotionally and physically. So if you dig us, killer! Let’s get down together!

 How did you all get together and form the band?  Have you known each other for a long time?  Find each other on Craig’s List? 
We’ve all know each other for pretty much the better part of our lives. Eric, Adam and Pete all grew up together. Jimmy knew Pete and Adam from school. We’ve all been in various bands / solo projects in our formative years but connected circa early 2006 (with then bassist and still good friend, Dylan) and we’ve been hating on each other ever since!

You recently released your debut full length LP titled “We, The End”.  How do you think you’ve grown since your prior release “The Mark and the Memory” in 2008? 
Oh it’s been ten-fold. We’ve all grown both musically and mentally as band. Individually our player skill-sets have sharpened immensely (especially during In-Studio sessions) and collectively our mental game on what it takes to be in a band has broke through new levels. To crack it down to the bare bones, it’s not ONLY about writing or performing live better but smarter. This as we have learned is our Holy Grail. We rode the train for far too long on wanting to make things better or tighter that we never stopped to think how and with what tact we should be going about it. This, essentially has become our catalyst to the band and sound you hear today.

Your sound is punk with intense metal meat added in, how did you come up with this unique sound?
It’s really a culmination of what sounds good to us. We all write collectively as a band and feed off what connects well musically between the four of us. Sure, we have an endless spectrum of artist influences and inspirations but our writing method is to weigh in these influences not try and copy them. That and each musician in this band writes for the good of the song. We leave the egos at home which helps to create a unified sound.

 Tell us a bit about the chemistry within the band.  Do you get along well or fight like brothers?
Ever see “Grumyp Old Men”? No, it truly is a family. You can rest assure we have our creative stand offs, but it never reaches to a storm off.  As mentioned earlier, we’ve known each other for years and know the “ins and outs” to each other’s personalities. To be real, with bands (both signed and unsigned) breaking up just as quick if not quicker than formed, it’s a blessing to have chemistry like ours for sure.

Give us a little synopsis of the background experience that you all have, how did each of you get started in music? 
We all come from a variety of musical backgrounds, shapes and sizes. At one hand you have Jimmy spurting his roots with Thrash Metal and Hardcore and at the other end you have Eric with early decade pop punk and jazz. As musicians (be it drums, guitar, piano, etc) we all started very young and green. But through self-practice and the help of our individual influences, we each started to discover our own personal music style. Eric is a classically trained guitarist, which is really sick. 

Growing up, who did you look up to in the music business?
We’d have to say the underground bands hitting our favorite local all age music clubs. These were the guys and gals putting up the ‘fight’ that really stood up for their creativity. The scene had such a less agenda back then.

The website Eat Sleep Breathe Music  featured “Icarus” as their song of the day on February 22nd, what kind of feedback have you seen from recent media coverage?
Since “We, The End” was released, the feedback has been our strongest to date. We’ve been featured, spot-lit, reviewed, etc on many many amazing sites, blogs, zines and podcasts. As a band, we absorb and respect all feedback thrown at us. Even the haters. We’ve learned early on in our career that there are many forces that be out there, each lock-loaded with opinions and judgments. You simply have to embrace it all (both positive and negative) and never let it pierce through the core. This mentality has certainly helped us grow as a band.

For our readers, if you had to compare yourselves to other bands out there, what artists would you say you sound most like?
Well based from the feedback we’ve been receiving to date, we’d say there’s a lot of early Thursday in us as our music is heavy and melodic but gritty (some even say dark). For us, our current sound is what MayOrWest wanted to / hoped to sound like when we first started four years ago.

If you could create your own band commercial, what would you say?  (also known as Any final parting words?)
It would be a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for sure. The scene would be 2 kids arriving to a show, paying the admission fee, watching only one band on the bill and then leaving the venue only to be stopped by the four of us at the door with the following message: “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS LEAVE SHOWS EARLY”


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