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Three Minutes With…TJay

If you’ve been around the New York music scene for the past several years, you’ve probably seen this guy – either opening for Blues Traveler or one of his solo gigs or in a local cover band that he used to be in. If you haven’t seen him – I don’t know what you’re waiting for! I recently caught up with blues-rock musician TJay by phone for the latest “Three Minutes With…. ”

Q: Is there one song you wish you had written, and if there is, what is it and why?
That’s a great question! I’ve never been asked that before. It’s not really the most popular song, but it’s a Counting Crows song, it’s one of my favorite tunes, it’s called “Einstein on the Beach”, and it’s one of those songs that, every time I turn it on, especially if I haven’t listened to it in a long time, I just turn it on, and I’m like “I just love this song!” It’s probably one of the more not popular songs that I wish I wrote.

If you want me to go in a more popular direction, I guess I’d say “Your Song” by Elton John. It’s always been one of my favorite tunes. I love performing and connecting with people, whether it’s two people, or fifteen in a small venue, or a few thousand at a festival like we’ve played. I would just want to have written a song that connects with as many people as possible. I have a few favorites, but it’s always about what the crowd wants to hear. If you can write a song that connects with those people like that, that’s amazing. I keep playing,I keep writing, just to find a way to connect with people. In short, I just wish I had written any song that connects with as many people as possible. And that’s just the commentary aspect of it. I mean, that’s the reason I perform. That’s the reason I play. The connection to me is better than anything.

Anything you want to plug? You earned it – and then some!
I have a bunch of stuff! If you want to check out the music, it’s, or you can check out or If you’re on Reverbnation, or pretty much any social networking site, it’s /tjaymusic. I have two CDs out now. One’s an acoustic-y one called “Plan B: Ignition”, and the other one just came out recently, in December, it’s called “Take a Seat”.  (look for a review of “Take A Seat” on this site soon!) They’re both available on iTunes, “Take a Seat” is with a full band: guitar, bass, drums, organ. I even had a famous saxaphone player by the name of Bill Evans play on it. If you don’t know Bill Evans, he’s played with Miles Davis and others, and it was a real pleasure to play with an A-list guy like that. I’m recording right now, and will have another CD or EP out in probably May or June. Just a couple of shout outs to close: I’ve gotta thank the guys from Blues Traveler, ’cause they usually have me open for them when they’re in the area, I’ve done a couple of shows with them and they’re just the coolest guys in the world. And they wanna have me back this year, and I’m looking forward to it. Last, but not least, I want to shout out to all the people who keep me going! The people who keep coming out to shows, for spreading the word, and all that. It’s just amazing.

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