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Three Minutes With…Phil Varone

If you think back to the early 90’s, do you remember a band called Saigon Kick?  Of course you do. Fast forward to 2000 – can you name Skid Row’s drummer at that time? And for those reality TV junkies, you may know him from Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Yep.  The one guy who was part of all three of these things is none other than drummer/comedian/internet talk show host Phil Varone. I recently ran into Phil at Green Valley Ranch casino in Las Vegas, and he was cool enough to take on the Sack o’ Questions…

Do you have any preshow rituals or supersitions?
Well, when I was on tour, a half hour before we played, I’d have a beer, then I’d have to stretch, we’d put something heavy on, music-wise. Like Pantera or something to get you in the mood…Van Halen… One of those things. We called it The Ritual, all of us did it together in the dressing room.

 Any plug you want to make?
Well… Damn, I can’t talk about what I have, ’cause I’m gonna break the news on Stern. I can’t talk about it, but there’s good stuff coming up! It’ll be better in about a month from now, because I can really talk about it. I just moved to Las Vegas, I’m doing my Sex Stand Up Rock N’ Roll Show in town in the next few months, I just don’t know where yet. So, that’s all I’ve got. And

Allright! And when do we tune in to Stern?
 I won’t go on it for like two months, so I can announce this… this thing. I can’t announce it before then.

Yer killin’ me! The suspense is killin’ me!   

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