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CD Review: 10 Years / Feeding The Wolves

August 30, 2010 by  
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10 Years
 Feeding The Wolves
Universal Republic
Release Date:  August 31, 2010

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Justin Bartz

Let me be honest, this was my first exposure to 10 Years. For whatever reason, hroughout all my musical flings and obsessions they’re one band I somehow missed along the way. Their new album, Feeding The Wolves, is their fourth studio album and their third major label release. The band said this will be their “heaviest material” to date, so let’s jump right into it and see if that’s true.

“Shoot It Out” is the first single off the album, and it definitely starts out heavy. It reminds me a lot of Manson’s “Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag”. If you’re looking for a really heavy album, unfortunately for you this track is as heavy as it will get, but that’s not a bad thing at all. I was able to listen to the entire album a few times without skipping any tracks. I’m just hoping that since “Shoot It Out” is the first single on the album and is heavier than anything on the rest of it that new fans like me won’t get the wrong idea or assumption about the band’s sound.

I dig the promotional idea behind 10 Years streaming of the album on their site. You can preview the first three tracks on the site. If you like what you hear and you want to continue listening to the rest of the album, posting a Facebook status about the album “unlocks” tracks 4 through 6. Track 4, “One More Day”, is one of my favorites off the album. I love the lyric “we can’t stay in a place we don’t belong, for one more day, I’m not afraid to fall.” Who hasn’t felt that way at some point in time?

The song “Fix Me” would be a great choice as the follow up single to “Shoot It Out”. It’s a sharp contrast from the “heaviness” of “Shoot It Out” but the mid-tempo track has the makings of a potential hit, or at the very least, an excellent live song:

“It’s taken a lifetime to lose my way
A lifetime of yesterdays
All the wasted time on my hands
turns to sand and fades in the wind”
(Fix Me)

So far so good, 6/10 songs into the album. If you want to hear the last four tracks and like what you hear, tweeting that you’re listening to the album “unlocks” the rest of them. After the first few listens of Feeding The Wolves, “Waking Up The Ghost” is my early favorite. I’ve played it four times in a row, and yes, it still holds up. I LOVE the energy of the chorus and like I said about “Fix Me”, I think this will be an excellent live song.

Since wasn’t a fan of 10 Years prior to hearing their new album I think my review may be more unbiased than somebody who’s a huge fan and would give the band 716 stars even if the album was filled with fart noises. I LOVED the album through the first few listens as there are no filler tracks and a few definite stand-outs.

I give Feeding The Wolves four strong stars and recommend you check out the tracks on their site and/or check out 10 Years out when they come through your city.


10 Years Official Website
10 Years on Facebook
10 Years on Twitter

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3 Responses to “CD Review: 10 Years / Feeding The Wolves”
  1. MG says:

    I’ve been following 10 Years for about five years now, and they are in my top 3 favorite bands. I have to say, this album is not what I was expecting at all. When “Shoot It Out” was released, I was truly excited to hear a fast and heavy song with catchy melodies. However when the rest of the album came out, it was far from heavy and sophisticated like all of the reviews had said. The mix makes Jesse’s voice sound overly distorted and phased,the guitars are too subtle and often have a twangy, cheap sound, and the drummer is clearly no better than an intermediate high school player. Some of the riffs are extremely catchy, yet the drum beats are way too simple and far from creative. I’m not sure why people are saying this is the heaviest 10 Years album yet; “The Autumn Effect” blows this album out of the water. Some of the songs are simple and definitely “poppy”, opening the band up to exposure on a greater level. But with Sevendust’s Cold Day Memory being substantially heavier, complex, and faster paced, I can honestly say that 10 Years has a lot of catching up to do on this tour.

  2. OrionPax says:

    Well this new album of 10 Years is as good as the previous ones, lyrics are no so complex but these contains the spirit showed at this time for this band, my favorite song is “Fix me”, and the other songs are good i have listen the complete album 5 times by now, 10 years is not my favorite band but is one of them


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