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Three Minutes With…Kristy Majors of Pretty Boy Floyd

August 2, 2010 by  
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He’s one of the original Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. He’s the guitar player from the band that set the bar for glam rock in the late 80s/early 90s. Kris took on the soon to be iconic Sack O’ Questions when Pretty Boy Floyd played at Feelgood’s in Las Vegas. Here’s what happened:

This question was submitted by Tracy: What is the strangest item on the tour bus?
Well, we don’t have a tour bus on this one, we drove here in myMercedes but it’s cool. The strangest item we ever had on the tour bus was this crazy sake bottle. It was maybe about two feet high, and it had a looooooooooonng neck and we used to make girls do some bad things with that. We used to make little markings on it and… <chuckles> That sake bottle, it used to go in many different holes. <laughs> Yeah, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever had on the tour bus.


Now you can make your plug – whatever you’ve got going on:
We have a n
ew Pretty Boy Floyd record coming out in September and a new Kristy “Krash” Majors record coming out in September as well. Whole world tour starting in October.

Are you or do you know a musician coming through Las Vegas that wants to give the shortest interview ever with probably the shortest interviewer ever? Forward me contact info or put them in touch with me. Do you have a query for the Sack O’ Questions? Email me at (Sorry, I can not guarantee any question to be asked to anyone specific, because it’s literally the luck of the draw, but if your question gets drawn, you’ll get props – make sure you note how you want to be thanked!)

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