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Spotlight Band: Since Forever

August 30, 2010 by  
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“Remember that time you liked that boy and all you could think about was what it would be like to kiss him and your friends told you that it wouldn’t work but you knew in your heart of hearts that it would be perfect. That is Since Forever.”

I recently had a chance to talk to the band (Zach Easterwood on lead vocals, Jason Friedman on drums, Brendan Johnson on guitar and vocals, Eric Woodie on bass and Taylor Easterwood on guitar and vocals) about how they met, their innovative ways of getting themselves out there and their new L.O.V.EP due out on October 19th.

Interviewed by:  Stacie Caddick-Dowty

I read that you all met in college and formed the band to add some pop to the Nashville music scene. Tell me a bit more about your beginnings, how long you’ve known each other, and been together as a band. How did the madness that is Since Forever nurture into what we see and hear now?
Brendan: Well, the Hendersonville gang (Zach, Taylor and Jason) have known each other for a long time, but we’ve known each other collectively for about a year and a half now. None of us knew Eric very well until he joined the band in March of ’09. This madness formed with a different sort of sound a little over two and a half years ago, but we started full-time in summer of ’09. Our sound has definitely changed from what it was initially. We honed our songwriting a bit more and tried to create honest and emotional songs with a pop sensibility.

On 8.10.10 you released a new single “Coast and You” on iTunes. How has the single been received so far?
Eric: It’s been amazing with all of the positive feedback we have been getting from the fans, in person and online. Especially with Twitter, it’s awesome to see #coastandyou over and over in our mentions feed with comments about how much they love the song. Along with the single, we released a video to go with the song, and it has definitely been supported by our amazing fans.

For our readers who haven’t heard the single, tell us a bit about it.
Zach: “Coast and You” represents the excitement and fun that we bring to our live show. We are giving it to the listener with every ounce of passion we could muster, and its high energy and lyrical story help do that. We think it’s a great summer song as well as the perfect opener to our EP.


Brendan: Well, it’s everything we thought an opening track should be: loud, fast and passionate. It is basically an anthem for the past year of our lives. We’ve been traveling and making a ton of sacrifices to pursue this dream and that’s what the song is about. It’s about the choices we make and the balance between the people we love and the band we love.


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With a plethora of other pop-rock bands out there, what sets you apart from the others and makes you stand out?
Zach: For one, our fan interaction is one of the most important things to us. Any band can write catchy tunes, but we want to be the band that has friends and fans to share those songs with on more of a personal and relational level. Secondly, a Since Forever concert is something that you will not soon forget. We give 134% when we are on stage because we are so excited and so passionate about sharing our music, and our love for music with our fans.

Brendan: We like to think our fan interaction sets us apart from other bands. We do everything in our ability to stay connected with the people who share our passion for music. We do a fan hang out time called Forever Fridays and I can’t even count the number of times that we’ve overstayed our welcome in venues while trying to talk to the people who support us. We also try and stay as connected as possible with our fans through the internet with a ton of videos and chats. The other thing that sets us apart from the other bands is our stage presence. You don’t know Since Forever until you see us live.

It’s quite an honor to be selected by your local fans to play on the Ernie Ball Stage at Vans Warped Tour. What was it like to play to the kind of crowd that the VWT attracts when you played in Atlanta, GA this past July?
Eric: It was definitely a dream come true for all of us because we all grew up going to Warped Tour and getting to play it was incredible. The Warped crowd is diverse, but there are a lot of bands in our genre playing it these days and that really worked for us. I remember encouraging kids to come over to our stage and thinking this is the perfect platform for our band.

Every fan girl’s dream is to have her favorite band play in her back yard or on the deck at her house. Tell us a bit about “Forever Fridays” and where the idea came from, and how many of this type of “show” have you done?
Brendan: “Forever Fridays” is a thing we do with our local fan base here in Nashville where one Friday each month we set up a meeting place (park, ice cream, pizza, etc) and just hang out with our fans one on one. It originated from the thought that we wanted to be close with the people that make us who we are. I guess in a way it’s our attempt to give back for all of the support that we have been given through the years.
Eric: House shows are the best thing we have ever done as a band. We had been playing birthday parties around town since the beginning and decided that we love parties too much to restrict them to birthdays. So in the fall of 2009 we booked a house show only tour called the “Homecoming Tour” which took us from New Hampshire down through Florida. That tour was something very special for us because it allowed us to have that relationship with fans that we have in our hometown and expand it to people all over the nation. We have always understood that the fans are the reason we get to do what we do and we felt that this was the best way to really get to know them. To this day we still are booking house shows and I don’t think that will ever stop-it’s just too much fun!


Another fan based activity you do is “Cover Song Sunday”, where you let fans choose a cover song they want to hear you perform. You then record and share on YouTube. What has been the easiest and most challenging cover you’ve done for them?
Eric: I would have to say the easiest song was either “Burn” by Usher or “Fireflies” by Owl City. Both of those guys are amazing songwriters and had a killer melody that I loved singing in the car to begin with. The hardest was definitely Justin Bieber’s “One Time.” Taking a song from a 15 year old kid who is so talented and trying to make it your own was definitely not an easy task.

As you prepare for the release of the L.O.V.EP and start planning some tour dates, where can we expect Since Forever to pop up next?
Eric: Actually, next month we are going to take a visit down south through Florida where we’ve played some of our favorite shows in the past. Then, the week of our EP release, we are heading north to NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon and of course planning house parties along the way.

In closing, what is one point of advice about being in a band, touring or the music scene that you’ve had to learn the hard way, that you could share with a band who is just forming and starting their quest to be recognized?
Eric: If this is really your dream, you have to pursue it with everything you have, which means doing it full time. Suck it up and live with your parents, stay up until four in the morning on the Internet connecting with fans, give your heart and soul to this thing. The most important advice is to learn from the professionals and constantly be perfecting your craft, whether it may be songwriting, playing guitar, lyrics, etc. And along the way, always respect the people who are making your dreams come true- from the people you work with to the guy that sells you guitar strings.

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