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TWRY Reader Review: Katy Perry / Teenage Dream

September 1, 2010 by  
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Katy Perry
Teenage Dream
Review submitted by:  Jennifer Gray

Katy Perry’s sophomore release Teenage Dream has debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart and is nothing short of spectacular!  I think it may even be better than her debut album One of the Boys. The nonstop dance vibe will have you moving to the groove and singing along to every song, I know I was! From the very first single “California Gurls” you could tell it was going to be a hit! Having Snoop Dogg sing with Katy adds something special to the invigorating 2010 summer anthem. I can’t stop playing it on my iPod. I love the entire CD!

 The second single release of Teenage Dream reminds us all what love was, when love was fresh and new and what it was like to dream about that one special love. This is a CD you can listen to from beginning to end without a lousy song in the mix. It is a must to add to your collection. I couldn’t wait to get it! This is a girl who knows what people want to listen to and how to entertain them. She is upbeat and current. She is a real trend setter. I love the fact that she isn’t afraid to be herself. 

 From the time I started listening until the end of the CD, I found myself dancing in my seat. The song Hummingbird Heartbeat’s metaphorical lyrics are wonderful. In the song, Katy expresses what it feels like when you lose your virginity. How your heart beats so fast when you are with that special someone. The song Last Friday Night describes getting wasted and having a ménage à trois!  I’m sure many of you have had a crazy drunken Friday night. Maybe not all have gone as crazy as the song lyrics, but one that was completely fun & unforgettable. There are many songs that will definitely make hit singles. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins many Grammys for her wonderful second CD release. 

 Katy is singing about the things we are all thinking. There is a song on here for everyone. You know, that one song that relates to your life at just the right moment. While listening to the lyrics I understood every feeling she was singing about. The fact that Katy writes all of her own songs makes listening to them even more intriguing. One thing I would like to add is a Parental Advisory. Parents will probably shake in their boots when they hear some of the lyrics. They are filled with sexual innuendos and overtones. However, it isn’t a reason to not buy her CD. I would still feel comfortable buying it for my teens.

 Katy has been quoted as saying “If you ever want an answer about how I felt about something or what I was going through or what I believe or my convictions or my love,” she says, “You just have to listen to the lyrics.” She has connected with her audience in such a unique way. The songs on this CD will not let you down. This girl has come a long way from her Christian pop/rock radio-friendly songs. Get out and get your copy or download it on iTunes now! 


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