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CD Review: Finger Eleven / Life Turns Electric

November 1, 2010 by  
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Finger Eleven
 Life Turns Electric
Wind-Up Records

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Reviewed by:  Justin Bartz

Finger Eleven is back with their 6th album Life Turns Electric and first since 2007’s Them vs. You vs. Me. Will the band that brought us “One Thing” and “Paralyzer” make it worth the wait? It’s no secret that Finger Eleven has changed their sound since their debut album. That’s not a good OR a bad thing; it’s life, and nearly every band does that. Bands aren’t as hungry or aggressive as they were starting out, and I think Finger Eleven is one of those bands. For fans of the band (and not just a particular or two), going along as they progress on their musical journey, you get to experience the different sound. While some fans can’t take that and wish every band sounded as “good” as they feel on the first album, people grow up and evolve. Plus, a band’s gotta pay the bills!

For those who are fans of earlier Finger Eleven, perhaps you won’t like this album as much. It’s nice, radio-friendly, rock music. However, for what it is, Finger Eleven certainly does it better than a lot of other generic, Top 40, radio-friendly bands. They’ve always had a little more substance to their music, and you still get a taste of that on Life Turns Electric. It’s no surprise at the prevalence of the guitars on the album since it was self-produced by the band’s guitarists James Black and Rick Jackett.. The album starts out strong with guitar-friendly tracks “Any Moment Now” and “Pieces Fit”, so that’s definitely a good thing. “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me” is a really beautiful track and narrowly an early favorite of mine. “Living In A Dream” sounds like an attempt to make the sequel to “Paralyzer”. “Stone Soul” is another stand-out track that could be a potential hit on the album.

Definitely listens are “Any Moment Now”, “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me”, and “Pieces Fit”, but if you like that radio-friendly sound, you might enjoy the CD for the most part. One of the negatives is that the album is only 10 tracks and clocks in at just over 32 minutes. A slight disappointment, but then again, there are plenty of bands that put some filler songs on a CD just to make it longer, so it is what it is. Fans of the earlier sound won’t be happy (so what), but those that are coming along for the ride will enjoy a solid effort from the Burlington, Ontario quintet. While a few tracks are early favorites, it’s nothing that’s going to make any big waves. You’ll probably end up hearing more than a couple of these songs on the radio though, so… enjoy.



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