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EP Review: Jaded / Higher


Rating: ★★★★★ 

Reviewed by:  Roger Scales

Jaded is:

Katy Reign – Vocals, Keys
Britt Lightning – Guitars, Vox
Laurel Wolff – Bass, Vox
Hillary Blaze – Drums, Vox

I was really looking forward to hearing Higher, the new release from Jaded. I have seen them live in different incarnations over the years in the greater Boston area and was hoping for some new tunes before the end of 2010. What I didn’t expect was the instant impact it had on me, the CD hasn’t left my car rotation since I got it. The formula for Jaded is simple: hard rock, catchy hooks, great harmonies, and high up tempo fist pumping anthem type arena rock. My guess is this was the girl’s intent, if so they delivered big time.

“Higher” starts off crunchy with some great guitar work from Britt (especially the lead in the bridge) and the vocals from Katy are some of the grittiest on the entire EP. The ending of “Higher” is a bit off base with the tone and tempo of the rest of the song but does not take away from it in any way.

“Gear in A Machine” starts off a bit slower than the first track but shows off some great drum fills from Hilary throughout the entire song. I think this one has greater potential live than the final studio version with a chance for the band to showcase an even harder edge to the jam that fades out as the track ends. I liked it and I’m looking forward to seeing it performed live.

“Tonight” is my favorite track. I enjoyed how the song builds from a slow brooding tune to an over the top rocker with an edge to it. I think the bass work from Laurel Wolff really shines on this one, loved the harmonies on this track more than any other on the EP. Another one I’m looking forward to seeing live and in person.

“Missing You From Boston” was intended to be a mid tempo ballad and it works but I think the girls should record this song acoustic with just Katy and Britt. I believe the impact would be greater. The track is meant to be played unplugged and I think it could be a big hit, but that’s just my thought.

“Hear Me Now” is similar to “Tonight”, more terrific harmonies and guitar work from Britt. It provides my favorite lead vocal and it showcases the best vocal range from Katy. I think a video should be shot for this one at Gillette Stadium in full Patriots gear!!! Forget the cheerleaders let’s use Jaded as the house band!!!

HEAR ME NOW rock fans Jaded is destined for some great things in 2011. Looking forward to more original music, more touring and maybe a DVD with live tracks and videos possibly?? Jaded is definitely easy on the eyes but even easier on the ears.


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4 Responses to “EP Review: Jaded / Higher”
  1. Keith says:

    I found out about this band back in 2002 @ the KISS expo in NJ. Back then, I was blown away by how good this band was. I have seen many many bands over the years & when I began watching them, I was wowed by the fact that JADED was really really good. These women can & do ROCK – they have what it takes to really make it big. They DEFINATELY are worth going to see live. and also its worth picking up their cds.

  2. Three Legged Dog says:

    Been following this band for some time now and this new EP seems to be a breath of fresh air for the band. Leaps and bounds from past to present. One of the best live unsigned bands around, even out of the male gender acts. This band needs support and will soon take off to the next level.


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