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First Listen: Roms / Can’t Stop The Sound

February 22, 2011 by  
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Okay, we have to admit, we’ve been looking forward to this!!!  Roms makes their debut with the release of their first song “Can’t Stop The Sound” from their  (much anticipated!) upcoming full length album.  Roms takes influence from dark electro pop, post-punk and stylish garage rock. You can listen to “Cant Stop The Sound” on their Facebook page here.

About the song:
Can’t Stop The Sound” is a self confession about the consequences of failure,” according to  vocalist Charles Salvaggio. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing to fail at something.  When you do fail, and when you hit the very bottom, a lot of your shadows disappear and you are able to take a look at who you really are.

About the band:
As a band, we admire people who love music, so if that means that people buy, steal or trade our music or come out to a show, our music is our gift to anyone that is willing to listen to it.” – founder and guitarist Johnny Royal.

Who is Roms?: 
The band features former Filter and Loser band member Charles Salvaggio (vocals), Johnny Royal (guitar), Christopher Royal (bass), Jaison Karner (keyboards) and Josh Fresia (drums).

Roms will be performing with  Semi-Sweet on Thursday, March 10 at the Viper Room in West Hollywood, CA and on Friday, March 11 at La Cave in Newport Beach in support of Semi-Sweet’s CD Release Party. (This may be the ONE time we wish we lived on the West Coast!)

Roms will debut their music video to “Can’t Stop The Sound” in early March with other live performances to follow.

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