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Three Minutes With…Mark “Gus” Scott of Trixter

Three Minutes With……
Mark “Gus” Scott of Trixter

In 2010, we had Pete Loran take on the Sack ‘O Questions – and he went two rounds. Not to be outdone, drummer Mark “Gus” Scott also went two rounds after Trixter played a sold-out show in  Teaneck, NJ last fall.

Your question is – What is the wackiest question you’ve ever been asked?
Metal Edge used to ask some wacky questions, because she tried a little to hard to make it wacky. It was like “What was the most embarrassing moment” or something like that…one of the most embarrassing moments I had was when I ended up coming back after my first tour to this restaurant I visited in Paramus and there were these two girls that were with my other two friends, and I happened to sleep with both of them. That was a little embarrassing. It was like, “Hi. I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.” “Oh, I met her before! Kinda didn’t work out so well!” <laughs> What about you? When are you back in Vegas? I wanna come see you.

I leave Sunday (two days after this interview)
So. What, are you gonna take me to the Bellagio? Venetian? Or what?
I spend a lot of time at Green Valley Ranch and Sunset Station.
Green Valley Ranch? Is that like the Bunny Ranch auxiliary?
Ummm. No.
C’mon. Everybody’s doing it! – Okay. Gimme another one.

Okay. What is your best hangover remedy? (Thanks to Mario for the question!)
I don’t really get hangovers. It’s my understanding that Vitamin B and iced tea is very good. That’s part of it. Number one. Number two is that I think you should eat something. Two nights ago, we were in Maine and LJ (one of my friends) got real f-ed up, and I asked him, “How do you feel?” He’s like, “Dude. I feel terrible.” I asked him, “Well, what’d you eat today?” “Nothing.” KEY PHRASE!  I believe that if you truly eat something it absorbs the crap inside of you and gets your body back to normal. It may be a problem getting there, but you really have to do it. Otherwise, Vitamin B and unsweetened iced tea. Maybe a little sugar. But I do unsweetened.

Right on! Now you can plug whatever you want.
Check out
The Copper Bottom Restaurant in Florida, New York. That’s my restaurant. Zagat rated for the fourth year in a row. Very good to Excellent. It’s Rock n’ roll!

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