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Three Minutes With…Louie Merlino

Three Minutes With…..
Louie Merlino

With a musical resume that reads like an encyclopedia of rock n’ roll, Beggars & Thieves vocalist, “The Voice of Vegas”, Louie Merlino recently set a brand-new record when taking on the Sack O’ Questions. He went not one, not two, but three rounds – something that has never been done before!

Your question is – what drives you to do what you do?

Okay…. That’s your prime motivation? Care to elaborate?
It’s motivated me my whole life! It’s brought me more pain and more joy than anything else. If I wasn’t a singer, I’d be in deep trouble. It’s the only thing that’s kept me out of trouble! It drives my passion.

Wow. Well, since we’re under time, you want to draw another question?

Here goes Round Two. What is the wackiest question you’ve ever been asked?
What drives me to do what I do…


That’s pretty funny!
Wow… That’s a hard one to answer….. Nothing sticks out in my mind… <pause> What do your songs mean? They mean a lot of things!

They mean something different to everybody!
That’s exactly right. Allright! Let’s try one more!

Okay! You’re setting a new record! Your third question is – what are three albums you think everyone should own and why?
Oh God… Wow. First Beggars & Thieves record…. Because it’s mine! <laughs> Second one, Love It To Death by Alice Cooper. Third one, Smokin’ by Humble Pie.

Why on the last two?
‘Cause they’re great records…. Great singers. I mean Alice Cooper was  the first concert I ever went to, such charisma onstage. Him and Sinatra are the only two that could walk out onstage, not say a word, and have the whole audience captivated.

 Now you can plug whatever you want!
The ne
w Beggars & Thieves record We are the Broken Hearted is coming out hopefully this May…

Tour to follow?
God willing!

Stay tuned to They Will Rock You – if we get word of any Beggars & Thieves shows, we’ll let you know!  Otherwise, you can catch Louie doing some gigs with Jimmy Crespo around Vegas, and word has it he’ll back to fill in with the Sin City Sinners for some shows in July.

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*Super huge THANKS goes to Jason Green for setting this up!

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