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Spotlight Band: Oh No Fiasco

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Oh No Fiasco Is:
Lindsey Stamey – Vocals
Kamryn Cunningham – samples., keyboards
Colin  Cunningham – Drums
Thomas Boyd – Bass
Seth Rowlette – guitars

Oh No Fiasco is an up and coming band hailing from Knoxville, TN.  Their debut self-titled EP recently came out on May 10th.  We caught up with the band’s leading lady Lindsey Stamey to find out all about it!

We’re new your music but I really like what I hear, and am becoming addicted to “Weight Of The World”. How would you describe your sound?
We’ve been called Alternative/Dance Rock. I would say that’s a pretty good explanation. It’s hard to describe something you’re so close to since you are inside of it. It’s almost like trying to tell someone how others perceive your own personality.

Where did everybody meet, and how did Oh No Fiasco come together?
We met through the Knoxville music scene playing shows together in different bands. We came together one fateful night one month after my band Vertigo broke up. It was the night of Thoroughfare’s last show with their singer. It was well known that he was leaving the band so I approached the guys and asked if they needed a singer. A few days later we got together to jam and wrote “Where You Used to Be”. That was January 2010.

Your self-titled album debuted on May 10th – can you give us a little run down of the EP?
We’d like to throw out the names of a few of our favorite tracks and ask you to tell us a little bit about the song musically/lyrically/whatever comes to mind – let’s start with Stand in Lover”?
“Stand in Lover” is the only song on the album that doesn’t lyrically come from my own personal experiences. We knew we wanted the song to be kinda sexy and possibly about a one night satnd…which I have no experience with. So I had to kind of just imagine myself as a different person. Someone actually daring and almost self-destructive. Most of the time I just tried to get in the mind of a guy haha.

How about “Clarity” – what can you tell us about that song?
“Clarity” is a song that makes my heart ache. I know exactly where I was writing it when I am performing it. I was in a pretty low place. There’s something about being on the road that can become an addiction for most musicians. If we are stuck in a place too long we feel like caged animals. That song is about dreadfully needed the road and to feel like I am living rather than just passing time.

And one more, how about “Fly Me To The Moon”?
Fly Me to the Moon is just a sweet song about running into an ex somewhere and all those feelings just flooding in again. A lot of people don’t notice, but the chorus lyrics are all titles or phrases from popular love songs. See if you can catch it.

Were the songs chosen for the EP written specifically for the EP or songs you’ve been writing since you came together?
They were chosen from about 20 or so songs that were specifically written for the EP and also songs that we’ve been writing since we were together. We really wanted to hone in on our sound, but also make sure that we weren’t playing the same 7 songs each time.

What’s the general writing process for the band, is everyone involved?
Everyone is involved. Someone starts out with an idea and the group adds.

Being a female fronted band – what do you find to be the advantages and disadvantages?
I think more people stick around at shows if they know there is a female singer mainly because they don’t see it that often. As for disadvantages, I’d say getting lumped into one category where there are only a handful of bands for people to compare you to…and boy do they. A lot of people will just think you are a rip off…which if they could really listen they would see there actually are a lot of differences.

The band changed its name from The Few to Oh No Fiasco. Did you get tired of being another “The” band? What’s the story behind the “Oh No Fiasco” name and the name change?
We actually loved the name The Few, but we were virtually un-findable online which just does not fly in these times, so we knew we had to make a change.

The band is planning to shoot a music video in  May to be released in June. Which song are you shooting it for and what can you tell us about it?
We actually shot it a few days ago and it’s for the song “Stand In Lover”. As for telling you anything about it, we’d like to keep it a surprise for the most part. I will say that I am a nurse in it and that the set blew me away when I walked in.

Oh No Fiasco has toured with the likes of Finger Eleven, Sevendust, 10 Years, Red, Saliva and others. What would a “dream tour” of bands past and present be for Oh No Fiasco?

What would each of you be doing if you weren’t making music?
I think we would probably be locked away somewhere or six feet under.

What’s the best piece of advice (music or non-music related) that you’ve ever received?
Take your time, but hurry. It totally makes sense to me in this business.

Given the current state of music – what do you think sets Oh No Fiasco apart from the rest?
I’m still trying to find that out myself.

Your live show has been described as something everyone should experience at least once in their life – how would YOU personally describe an Oh No Fiasco show?
Fun with a dash of sad. We wear costumes and never ever stand in one place. And you might even look down to find me crawling between your legs at some point.
Thank you so much and best of luck! Any parting words to fans new and old?
We love you.


For more on Oh No Fiasco:
Official Website


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