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CD Review: Blindside / With Shivering Hearts We Wait

June 2, 2011 by  
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With Shivering Hearts We Wait
Release Date:  June 7, 2011

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Reviewed by:  Ryan Labbe

I had the pleasure of discovering Swedish rockers Blindside back in 2002 via their release Silence, an album that to this day, remains a classic to me and still garners regular play on my iPod. Since then, I have eagerly awaited every release, from the stunning About a Burning Fire to the dark The Great Depression, and all the way to the short, but sweet Black Rose EP. But never have I anticipated a Blindside album more than their new album With Shivering Hearts We Wait (herein referred to as WSHWW) set to be released on June 7, 2011.

The opening track, “There Must be Something in the Water” is a jarring introduction to the album, sporting a riff that pulls no punches and grabs the listener by the throat. Christian Lindskog’s voice has not lost a step over the years, as he flawlessly switches between smooth vocals and furious screams, aside the thunderous bass lines of Tomas Näslund, screaming guitars of Simon Grenehed, and impeccable drumming of Marcus Dahlström. This is classic Blindside. The orchestral accompaniment adds a layer to this song, but in no way takes away from the heaviness.

The album’s first single, “Monster on the Radio” doesn’t sound like your typical Blindside track; however, in the context of the album, it fits. The song opens with programmed drumming, and is joined a by crunchy guitar riff.  “We hold our flag high with blisters on our hands,” sings Lindskog.  The chorus is heavy, but catchy, and is appropriate for the album’s lead-off single. “I’ll give everything I have and more to the monster on the radio,” sings Linkskog in the chorus.  Overall, it’s a good rocker, but nothing special. This will never be my favorite Blindside song, but I won’t necessarily skip over it either.

“Bring Out Your Dead” is another tune that opens with a heavy, loud meandering riff that really gets the listener’s attention. The verse is highlighted by a distorted bass rumbling over Lindskog’s vocals. “Heavy like 1,000 pounds, what if I told you know” he sings, “to carry the smell of death is harder than it sounds.” The chorus is explosive, with the intro riff providing a backdrop to furious vocals. “Pull out the speakers now, “screams Lindskog, “What comes out I will allow/I didn’t come here to die!” This song exemplifies the type of intensity that I have come to expect and love from Blindside.

Other highlights on WSHWW include the hook-laden “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending,” the dark anthem “Our Love Saves Us”, and the wonderfully haunting and heavy “Cold.” The production on WSHWW, courtesy of Howard Benson, is flawless and Blindside’s musicianship and lyrical content are top form.

The one other criticism have is that we have waited since 2005 for a new full length from Blindside, and while I am grateful for new music, I am disappointed that WSHWW has only ten songs and clocks in at only 38 minutes.

With shivering hearts we have waited for new music from Blindside, and they have not disappointed. WSHWW, while not a perfect offering, is a great album, and arguably their most eclectic mix of songs yet. This is the type of album that will please existing fans, and may win over some new ones as well.

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8 Responses to “CD Review: Blindside / With Shivering Hearts We Wait”
  1. kk says:

    I too, discovered blindside when Silence came out and to this day, there has NEVER been a more jaw dropping album. WSHWW comes close but nothing will ever beat that album for me. I am a huge blindside fan and love the new album! Here is my review:

    (full review)

    Blindside is notorius for opening albums with amazing hard rock songs. “There must be something in the water” follows that pattern and does NOT disappoint! I love this song…I’ve longed for a “Caught a Glimpse” type song since Silence and TMBSITW is on the same track. Great song, one of the strongest on the album!

    “My Heart Escapes” is a great upbeat song and I’ve loved it ever since i saw a youtube video of them playing it live way before the album came out. Super catchy riffs, Great chorus, another solid track…

    “Monster on the radio” is obviously not your typical blindside song. I do like this song a lot but to me it doesn’t fit as well with the other songs. I had a hard time believing that was actually blindside when i heard it for the first time…I did set my alarm for 2 am to listen to the first play of this song on a swedish internet radio stream…

    “It’s all i have” a great ballad type song with great lyrics and great melody…love this one

    Bloodstained Hollywood Ending is a great song and has a catchy chorus…the verses are great, super catchy and is a solid song on the album

    Our love saves us is one of my top favorites and is very melodic…great keys intro and a very passionate song from Christian

    Withering is by far the best song on the album along with TMBSITWater. The intro riff is astonishing and catches your attention right from the start…chorus is one of the strongest chorus they have ever written in my opinion. Love this song!

    Cold is probably my second least favorite song on the album even though i do think it is a very good song…the other songs are just so amazing they overshadow this track. Guitar riff is great, chorus is haunting and nice but I would have liked to have heard a different track since they did record so many songs for this album…B sides please?

    There must be something in the wind….I figured this song better be just as good as it’s counterpart and it was….great melodic chorus…wasn’t crazy about intro riff but it grows on you and the effects are great too…kind of a longer song but such a great one too! This reminds me of Anberlin and how they end each album with a long melodic song…except this song is much better than any Anberlin ending album song.

    I don’t think i have to mention that blindside followed the “10 song album” trend that a lot of popular christian bands are doing recently…disappointing but okay since this band is amazing and we all wanted new music from them. Overall, the album gets a solid A and is just as good as AABF but just under silence. I hope this is not the last blindside album but if it is, it is a great way to go out! No band captures my attention quite like these guys…I wish everyone knew about this band and i look forward to hearing new blindside music in the future!


  2. kk says:

    …whoops, forgot about “bring out your dead”….shame on me, that is one of my top favorites on the album….the chorus is so powerful and reaches into your soul and pulls everything out to the surface! When i realized Christian was talking about showing some of your true inner skeletons / inner self…i was in awe of how he worded the lyrics…such brilliance…best lyrics he’s ever written…possibly best song on the album….how in the world did i forget to mention this song originally…wow…oh well….another amazing track from blindside….it should be illegal to sound as good as they do!

  3. Madison says:

    A Band to be reckoned with!

  4. Calle Lannemyr says:

    I´ve counted the days to the release of this album and ive followed Blindside during the last years of silence, some times a month popping into their twitter only to discover more silence.
    Now, sitting with the cd in my hand i´m very pleased. It was worth waiting for for me. Now I´m sitting in my car on the way to the university, screaming along with Christian with goosebumps in my heart and feel like they´ve never been gone at all.

    Favourite track so far: Withering, reminds me of an other swedish act, Khoma.


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