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The Rocklahoma Files: Saving Abel

June 7, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Saving Abel

Jared Weeks, Eric Taylor, and Blake Dixon of Saving Abel stopped by the Media Tent at Rocklahoma to give a brief interview. Known for their Southern-bred good manners, I found the band members extremely positive and comfortable just a few hours before their Sunday set.

You’ve got tour dates into September, you’ve got the Miss America single, which just dropped, tell me about the album.
To tell you a little story, man, we were actually in Iraq, we had the album finished, but we did not have a name for it, we were all sitting there wondering. And I’ll never forget it, we were all sitting there in our bus, in Iraq, with our bullet-proof vests on and our helmets, and we were all on the same page for the first time! Everybody. We said, “What are we going to name this album?” And we all said it at the same time.  What better way to say “thank you” to these men and women would be to name it for them—not after them—but for them. And that’s what Miss America is about.

Listen, you’re big in support of our troops, how was the 18 Days video shoot on the USS Hornet arranged? Was that something where you approached someone? What happened?
I think the label is what got us…we knew this was our connection to the military and we wanted to make it known, so somebody brought up the idea, that ship is now a museum, so what we did is we rented it out for the day, and they brought fighter planes in and they brought, dude! It was massive. That’s the same ship that picked up Neil Armstrong. They went and picked him up after he had landed on the moon. Reagan was on it and I got to stand on the same spot where Reagan was! To be part of something like that…it’s just amazing.             

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