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The Rocklahoma Files: Sick Puppies

June 8, 2011 by  
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The Rocklahoma Files:
Sick Puppies

With Shim Moore on guitar, Emma Anzai on bass, and Mark Goodwin on drums, Sick Puppies brings cohesive musicality to the power trio format. A self-described “natural frontman,” Shimon takes lead vocals in a band that offers two excellent backing vocalists.

Popular Sick Puppies videos include All The Same, Maybe, and Riptide. The band was in the midst of a multi-date tour when I caught up with them for They Will Rock You.

New CD: Tri-Polar Deluxe.

Excerpts from the Interview:

 What’s your recent project? I know Tri-Polar dropped in 2009.
Tri-Polar Deluxe. That’s the new one. It’s got Polar Opposite on it, which is the acoustic record we did. It’s like a double-CD we’ve got out. And it’s also got B-sides, video clips, and online content you get when you put the CD into your computer on line.

Is that what you’re most excited about right now? Do you have any side-projects or something new that’s coming along?
 No, I think the thing we’re most excited about is the shows– world tour. Yeah, we’ve got the biggest headlining tour we’ve ever done, called Sick Fest 2011. And we’re still on tour with it. We’re popping over to Germany to play some festivals there. We’re top ten over there. We’re doing really well with those spots in Europe. [Sick Puppies are on tour in the States through early August, with a two-date stand in Germany June 18th and 19th.]

With the way the band evolved, it’s an amazing story, with the high school music room booking… is that legit?
It’s totally legit.

{For more, check out the video above.}

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