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Concert Gallery: Bootsy Collins at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

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Bootsy Collins is not a man who holds back. and if you need any proof, look no further than his live show.  With at least 13 people on stage at any given time and several wardrobe changes with enough sequins to clothe The Rockettes,  Bootsy brought his blend of bass-slapping, groovalicious, funkadelic to The Palladium in Worcester, MA on June 29, 2011.

People who attended obviously knew that their ticket to the show was a VIP card to the hottest party in town and that’s exactly what the show was from start to finish – a party for the ears, eyes and soul.  Bootsy hit the stage with a smile so wide he had to wear shades – star bespeckled shades of course!  Drawing inspiration from his jaw-dropping outfits, concert-goers showed off their best Booty impressions with hats, sunglasses and shiny fancypants galore.

With his star shaped bass Bootsy pounded out the funk with his supporting cast of guitar aces, trombone players, keyboard players, and backup singers a plenty.  While Bootsy was the main attraction, everyone had their chance to shine from Jimi Hendrix salutes to sing-a-long songs, it was a truly interactive affair.

Collins started his career in the late 60s with James Brown and then in the 70s with Parliament Funkadelic.  It’s not hard to see why he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, his spirit oozes all that is right in the music industry these days – a raw passion for delivering live music, a childlike spirit that is nothing short of infectious and of course…who could forget those duds!

Check out our gallery from the show below!

Bootsy Collins
June 29, 2011
The Palladium – Worcester, MA
Photos by: Mary Ouellette

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