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Catching Up With Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way

July 13, 2011 by  
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Catching Up With…Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way
Interviewed by:  Justin Bartz

With the recent release of their sophomore album Home School Valedictorian and their upcoming tour run as part of the “Carnival of Madness” Tour we recently caught up with Adelitas Way frontman Rick DeJesus.

What is Adelitas Way currently up to? I know that Home School Valedictorian just came out in June, charting at #4 for Hard Rock albums. How are fans responding to it so far? What songs are going over the best in the live show?
We are out on tour with Sevendust right now getting ready for Carnival of Madness in August, so far the response has been unreal the CD is getting great feedback, the fans love the new live set.  This album has taken our live show to another level.

Aside from Adelitas Way, Las Vegas has churned out a handful of rock bands in the last decade or so, including The Killers, Panic! At The Disco, Escape The Fate, and recently, Taking Dawn. What’s in the water (or liquor) in Vegas? Are these bands the cream-of-the-crop, or is there a genuinely-solid rock scene there with more to come?
I think that’s the cream of the crop. The Vegas music scene lacks a lot of support there aren’t many places to play in town. It’s hard to fill rooms in Vegas there is just too much to do.  Radio stations like KOMP are saving the Vegas music scene.

What was the songwriting process like for Home School Valedictorian? Is it a collective effort between the entire band, or do the other band members work on the music and you write the lyrics, for example? Walk us through it.
It was very natural not a lot of pressure I just wrote what was going on in my life and put it on a disc, we have some songs like “Hurt”, “I Can Tell” and “Cage The Beast”, that were a band collaboration, I write lyrics and melodies and we just kinda jam it all out.

Let’s talk about your personal history for a moment with baseball. As a huge baseball fan, I was equally surprised and impressed that you’re a former baseball prospect. I’m curious which position you played and how good you were! If you stayed with baseball, do you think you could have had a career in pro ball?
I was a 3rd baseman and a pitcher, I was pretty good. I think if I would have stayed dedicated I had a shot, I was definitely a dominating player (ha!).

In the world of Rick DeJesus, aside from Adelitas Way of course, who are your three favorite bands right now? How about your favorite bands of all-time? Do you have much free time to kick back and check out new music while you’re on the road?
Linkin Park, Metallica, and Shinedown, I’d say they are both. We definitely listen to lots of new music on the road I have a ton of new stuff on my ipod. I like a lot of the bands we tour with: Framing Hanley, Madam Adam, Taking Dawn, Me Talk Pretty, Digital Summer, there are a ton of great new bands breaking out.

The music industry (especially rock music) is full of talented artists that left us too soon. If you had the power to bring any of those musicians back to life, who would you choose and why?
Layne Staley or Kurt Cobain they both were genius.

Adelitas Way is also on the Carnival of Madness Tour starting in August. That looks like an AWESOME lineup!  How’d does a package tour like this come about?
We have a great management team who put together an amazing lineup, I’m so excited for this tour.

Speaking of touring, if you could have Adelitas Way could go on tour with any three bands, past or present, what would your “Dream Lineup” look like?
Metallica, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Adelitas Way!

Finish this sentence. One thing not many people know about Rick DeJesus is that…
I’m obsessed with sports and MMA.

We’ll finish you off with some random Word Association. I’ll list a name and you respond with the first thing that comes to mind:
Axl Rose – stubborn
Roy Halladay – Best Pitcher in baseball
Nikki Sixx – Amazing guy
Tyler Connolly – Funny as hell
Barack Obama – undecided
Chase Utley – needs to stay healthy
Kim Kardashian – untalented Slut (who married a great new basketball star)
David DeJesus – Relative
David Lee Roth – Waste of talent
Zakk Wylde – Madman in a fun way


Adelitas Way is on tour through September! Hit up their official website for the dates.

For more on Adelitas Way:

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