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Catching Up With Maika Maile of There For Tomorrow

August 23, 2011 by  
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There For Tomorrow have the world at their fingertips.  Their new album, The Verge, came out last month and the band spent all summer on Warped Tour showing off the new material.  We tracked down front man Maika Maile to catch up on what the band has been up to.

Interviewed by:  Mandi Loranger

Your new album, The Verge, was recently released and it seems to have pretty good response so far. How have the fans been reacting to it?
Our core fans are just loving it. We’re finding that people who are just finding out about our band are primarily gravitating toward the new stuff. That’s a good sign. I think we’re pulling in different people that we wouldn’t have before so it’s nice. It’s cool.

Can you tell me how it differs from the last album (A Little Faster)?
It’s just further down the path of what we were going towards. I think now it’s a little bit more crystal clear on what we are and what we’re going to become one day. We needed to make this album in order to really solidify our style, our meaning, the feeling behind the band. It really does that because it feels like a really cohesive unit primarily because we wrote it in 7 days. In the live room together as a band people don’t do that. It’s too crazy to do that now a days. You’ve got to work behind a computer but we worked with the computer.

Do you have a favorite track off the album?
I can never pick favorites. It’s kind of like picking a favorite child if you’re a parent. There are definite gems for different reasons. I would go ahead and say one of the craziest things we’ve done is the piano ballad called “Blu.” It’s different, very different.

How about a track you really enjoy playing live?
I love “The Joyride” and “Hunt Hunt Hunt” everybody really seems to cling to.

People always say There For Tomorrow has a very distinct sound both with your voice and the band as a whole.Can you describe the band’s sound in 2 words?
Passionate and empowering. I always use those words because they’re like the go to words for our music. When I listen to it I feel a sense of identity because A: it’s me and B: it’s talking about something. I fall in the story because it’s almost like I’ll write the lyrics sometimes and not necessarily know what I’m getting at right away but it will become something over time when I revisit it.

How have the Warped Tour crowds been treating you on the smaller stage?
The best part about being on that stage is we’re really able to pick out our core fans because that’s all that would take the time to go find it in the jungle with the treasure map. It’s pretty great to have a couple hundred kids everyday just loving what we’re doing and totally backing it. We make an arena out of that little [stage].

What sets you apart as a band from the rest of the bands on Warped Tour?
I’d say the way we apply our energy live is a lot different than how others do but that’s because there’s so many different styles, so many different variations of music out here. We’re one of the only honest, straight up rock bands so it’s kind of good to hold down that fort. If you just want good, honest emotion that’s where you’ll find it, through us. There’s a lot of great bands out here doing similar things though; our friends The Dangerous Summer are really doing awesome, The Wonder Years are killing it and our friends Moving Mountains are really just an amazing band.

Is there a typical day when you’re on this tour?
Each of us has our own niche things to do. For me it’s coming over here and blabbering my mouth off. We’re always stopping through our tent and hanging out every now and then. Signings and set times are the two main things because we get to interact with our fans. Those have been going great. Our signing lines are probably double what they were in 0-9. For being kind of exiled in the corner it’s turning out pretty good.

Do you have big plans to support the album in the fall?
We’ll be doing some U.S. stuff that I can’t talk about yet. Definitely supporting the album. We’re going to get as creative as we can while we’re home to kind of support what we’re doing. We have live sessions online of us playing. [They’re] very cinematic and it’s done well. We try to stay creative with our content; we have a webisode series…it’s coming. Our wifi on the bus isn’t so hot so we’ve had a little dry spell.

I have a staple question I like to end with: if you could have any band or artist follow you around and perform the soundtrack to your everyday life who would it be and why?
Hans Zimmer, the guy who did Inception and Dark Knight and everything. He’s ridiculous, just how dramatic he makes everything. I want it to be like that, I see the world in that way.


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