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Three Minutes With…Athena Lee

Photo: Peter Dokus

Three Minutes With………..
Athena Lee

Some may know her, others may not. You may recognize her name, and wonder why it’s familiar to you. Think back a bit…. Remember a band called KrunK, which later became Kottak? She was the drummer. If you were around the LA music scene once upon a time, you might remember the first female drummer to be nominated for Best Drummer at the LA Music Awards. That’s her. Follow Rockett Drumworks? She’s joined their ranks as a sponsored drummer within the last year. Oh, and there’s her brother, Tommy. Athena recently sat down with me for a bout with the Sack O’ Questions here in Vegas….

The question you drew is… What is the most memorable point in your career? Good, bad, or both?
Good. One really awesome night in San Diego. Opening for Motley Crue.

What band were you in?
Kottak. That was awesome.

Is there a bad one?
Bad one…. A bad one was a night that I stayed in the car and refused to play a show because I was pissed off at someone. So I literally stayed in the car and did not do the show. Like an unprofessional loser.

And now you can promote whatever you want to talk about! Product. Place. Project. It doesn’t even have to be yours!
Let me see, I’m doing a TV Show right now called “Ex Wives Rock”. Doing a book called “Coming in Second”. Doing a record, but that’s not promotable yet. It’s too far out. At least a year.

When do the show and the book come out?
The show comes out in January (2012) and the book will follow probably within a month.

What network is the show coming out on?
It’s starting in Canada, Tricom is a Canadian production company, so Canada has to have it first, on the Slice network first. Whatever their laws are, it has to run so many days there then it can come here.

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Check out Athena Lee on Facebook here.

Side note: Barnes and Noble doesn’t have it yet. Neither does Not even an anticipated release date yet. As soon as I see one, I’ll be ordering my copy! Hope you will too!

Big Thanks to TPF for setting this up!!

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  1. Cory Draper says:

    Jessica really is the shortest interview in the United States!


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