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Three Minutes With…Les Warner

Three Minutes With…Les Warner

Perhaps best known as the drummer from The Cult, music producer and studio owner Les Warner now resides in the hotbed of musicians known as Las Vegas, Nevada. He was gutsy enough to go two rounds with the Sack O’ Questions when he filled in with the band Beggars & Thieves one night here in Sin City. This is the scoop:

Les, your question is – What is the best and/or worst thing about playing in Vegas?
The worst thing is the white trash people and some casino people who don’t give a shit about musicians. That’s it….

What are the best things?
The best things about it…. Everything’s so close. Easy to get to. It’s always sunny. And lots of pretty women!

The other question you drew is – what is your guilty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure, oh, that could be bad.  Wow. My guilty pleasure is walking around my neighborhood naked at 4 o’clock in the morning. No telling why. I’m sleepwalking or something. I have no control over it. But I feel really guilty when someone tells me.

Oh, so you get THOSE calls the next day?

 So, is there anything you want to plug?
I’ll plug the new Beggars & Thieves record coming out soon! I plug other people’s work!

Nothing wrong with that! That’s part of the fun!
LW: Well, I can plug my studio. We’ve got a great rate at the moment – $45 an hour. It’s a great rate! We’ve got great records coming out of it!
Where’s it located?
In Summerlin (section of Vegas) It’s really cool. If you’re interested, 702-245-9276.

Well, there you have it… If you see him meandering around the streets of Sin City at 4am, don’t be alarmed, he just can’t help it! For more on Les’ studio visit his site.  Side note: since it’s been a while since this interview was conducted, there could be different studio specials going on right now than the one Les mentioned. If you’re seriously interested, I strongly urge you to contact the studio directly.

Are you or do you know a musician coming through Las Vegas that wants to give the shortest interview ever with probably the shortest interviewer ever? Forward me contact info or put them in touch with me. Do you have a query for the Sack O’ Questions? Email me at (Sorry, I can not guarantee any question to be asked to anyone specific, because it’s literally the luck of the draw, but if your question gets drawn, you’ll get props – make sure you note how you want to be thanked!)

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